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Ulfra Wolfe @Ulfra_Wolfe

Hmmm, having trouble posting under @Ulfra_Wolfe -- Mastodon keeps saying something went wrong.

I may have to be a squeak soon.

My sheep familiar is turning me into a mouse and I don't even understand the world anymore.

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yo i'm staying in an actual homeless shelter rn because my parents are abusive, i'm disabled, and capitalism is shit; any boosts or donations would be hugely appreciated ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’– cash.me/$tinzin

Hey, everyone! I went over to witches.town! Check out @Ulfra_Wolfe

(I think I did that right?)

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Be the civilisation-threatening AI you wish to see in the world

@kara_dreamer Me too, really. Gotta find our determination! Maybe look for cheese that you know a mouse will get to eventually.

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@boots Unfortunately, I just had a friend who was removed from something because of false rumors floating around about him and I was trying to put myself in their situation. More you resist the false rumors, the more one might think you're affirming being a bad person. :/

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Aaaaaaa!!! MSI is shipping a comic-book tutorial for new video cards that explains how to install them

And the guide in the book is a red dragon named "Lucky" ;o; awoo.space/media/rzieoQbztsA0W awoo.space/media/YeSkYvjZU1Pff awoo.space/media/eG-tyJrbEh58m awoo.space/media/I_DbS4XvYdd0E

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Hello everybody!!! (This means everybody, not just awoo.space, I'm serious!!!)

It's almost time to help me pick my name!!! Voting's gonna end on Friday the 26th (WOW that's like DOUBLE FRIDAY THE 13TH) so keep watch out for the polls coming soonโ€ผ


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