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Time for a poll... I'm curious to find out which of these are preferred more.

This is supposed to be a 7 day poll, but for some reason the time setting glitches in Brave....

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What should I learn next? ? ? Something else?

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Good morning ...time for and breakfast now that I've ordered a new paper shredder...

Morning - so I've been working on some projects to get a tool chain put together on this laptop. I started to make some headway yesterday (in between phones calls and other stuff). Hopefully today I can get things into much better shape.

Think I'm gonna grab some popcorn and watch some mindless telly before going back to reading and then bed.... Night all!

Good morning - is almost ready. Quick breakfast then on to todays big tasks...

I dunno what to think about .top -- it's got a bit of a rough UI / UX, but it seems to work well...and it's more flexible than the default mastodon UI.... I think it's missing the one thing that I wanted: tray integration....

My 2017-2020 books in print! 15 titles, 8 anthologies

Many years before this, but I can attach only four pics.

[image description: books. so many books. :flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book:​]

Testing out @thedesk -- seems pretty good for a client.

50 pages of reports digested & notes made in prep for tomorrow's meeting... Now I can go to...oh wait...I need to read more technical stuff...oh well...guess I can read in bed for a while (Even if you aren't supposed to do that...)

50 pages of dense documents to read tonight to prep for a meeting...and then I can start on all the other reading I have to do. Ugh... Wish I were reading a novel instead of dense docs.

I guess it is Happy Brithday to -- oldest distro next to that I'm aware of...

That feeling when you think you've found an issue to open a bug tracker issue for -- only to find it's already been opening... AND it's the only issue opened for that package.

Started using @joplinapp for taking notes (especially for phone calls and todo lists)... Nice little app. Love that it can sync via webdav, and all the notes can be encrypted. Really nice competitor for tools like Obsidian and Standard Notes. Does have some rough edges, but those are small in comparison to it's overall feature set.

I installed and really like the idea of it -- especially as an alternative to Scrivener. But, it seems somewhat unstable. Just trying to get it to use a theme engine that matches my desktop caused several crashes.

Looking at the website / github pages leads me to believe this is a small project, with relatively slow development.

So, I'm left wondering if I should move forward with it, or fall back on or instead...

Well, after a month of using Pop OS!, I finally gave up on it. All the Ubuntu garbage couldn't be offset by 's good work. Back to the faithful distro for me.

Yeah, this new phone is working really nice now.

Ahh, been quite a bit since I posted... finally got a new phone! So I'm back now!

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