I don't need the sexhaving royalty, release the gay angels

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Can't wait for that Gamer Thrones show to come out so HBO can get it out of their system and start promoting His Dark Materials S3

I'm reviewing an anime comedy right now which got me thinking about my favorites in the genre. What are your all-time top 5 anime comedies?

Mine (very hard to choose):
1. Inferno Cop
2. Azumanga Daioh
3. gdgd Fairies
4. Shinesman
5. Teekyu

Quartz is excellent, you definitely should take advantage of this

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3-day giveaway of my , the punishing platformer QUARTZ on in effect. support an , add it to your library now and suffer!


Looking to chat with manga fans for some user research. All types of fans are welcome! If interested, email contact@azuki.co with subject "Manga Fan Interview" and a sentence or two about what kind of manga you read and how. Please RT!

This is riveting. Soon Daryl might even be cooking meals with vegetables in them

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The number of hours I've put into Vampire Survivors is upsetting me.

It's time to unite the country by resurrecting Richard Nixon

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お誕生日おめでとう @virtualboys@twitter.com !

Can't wait until these new manga cover designs are approved so I can show them off.

A new and improved Evan who has opinions about Nico Robin and the skeleton guy.

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Thinking about reading all of One Piece. Becoming a One Piece guy again after 10+ years out of the game.

Heading back to NYC after a lovely trip to San Jose (and a little bit of SF) for Crunchyroll Expo! Got to see a ton of old friends, including local music buddies and so many current and former CR staff.

It's all theater but I can't even fathom what the ostensible security purpose of this is. Why not just pour out the water? I guess that doesn't properly discipline people who screwed up.

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Just went through TSA and forgot to empty my reusable water bottle. Motherfuckers make you go back on the line from the beginning rather than just empty the water.

Otanjoubi omedetou to @crazynabe@twitter.com! Great seeing you at Otakon!

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