I just found out City College of San Francisco has an "Anime & Manga Studies" course. One of my Japanese classmates showed me this test.

How many would you get right?

Somebody at Spotify thought it would be a good idea — in the year of Cambridge Analytica — to make a campaign using what appears to be actual user-generated playlist titles and songs.

Last night I made a dumb joke game for a Smash release party, and with some help from a friend I polished it up a little.

Play as Waluigi as he takes out his anger on his fake friends in Waluigi Simulator 2018: evanminto.com/wahhh/

My order from the Sentai Black Friday sale showed up!

The direction/storyboarding in this week's Gridman is pretty incredible! The way it shows things then quickly cuts away, the variety of visual styles, the recurring imagery.

Looks like it's Kai Ikarashi's first time on storyboards. What a debut!

Shigeru Mizuki's Showa: A History of Japan is filed under non-fiction (specifically, Japanese history) at the library. Pretty cool! I don't know a ton about library categorization so I figured it would be in graphic novels.

Some of the illustrations for my Japanese class look like a Shintaro Kago manga...

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My post about the Free Music Archive going away has been my most boosted ever. So here's a reminder that the Internet Archive is not only hosting FMA's archive, but has millions of other audio files and streams available.

Click the 'More' under the 'Collection' filter on the left; there are 50 PAGES of collections to start with.

#music #audio #OpenAccess #InternetArchive #lectures #AudioBooks #podcasts #SpokenWord

The wildfire smoke in San Francisco this weekend gives the whole city this eerie, apocalyptic feeling. Would be cool if it weren't really scary.

Day 30: Jolt. Did a quick one with a single marker.

Day 29: Double. Finishing out the last three drawings.

Day 27: Thunder. I miss watching thunderstorms.

Tons of people out here for the last lit drop for Prop C. If you're in San Francisco, vote Yes on Prop C and Prop 10!

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