I finished MGSV, meaning I've now played all the core Metal Gear games. If you held a gun to my head I still couldn't explain the Metal Gear timeline.

The Mitchells vs. the Machines stars two kids who are basically me at their respective ages: a little kid obsessed with dinosaurs and a young adult obsessed with film and weird internet stuff. I had to draw these two goofballs.

Also: watch this movie! It's fantastic!

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New colors just dropped:

Reverse purple
Green 2

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First time eating Mexican in NYC since moving here. I ordered "carnitas" that neither looked nor tasted like any carnitas I had in California.

Extremely cool thing that just happened to me:

- bought cheap mirror
- lugged it home on the train
- propped it against the railing in front of my apt.
- thought "hm is it safe to leave it there?"
- opened the door
- the wind knocked it down and it smashed into a million pieces

Saw my first lightning bolt since moving to New York. I'm officially back on the East Coast.

I'm watching The Mitchells vs. The Machines (finally). Every thirty seconds or so I alternate between laughing and saying "holy shit."

I'm planning to get a haircut soon, now that I'm fully vaccinated, and I've been spending the past few days sketching myself in different styles. Doing IRL character design over here.

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My parents ordered a cake to welcome me back. This lettering job is very uh... let's call it "relatable."

Goodbye (for now) San Francisco. I came out here for a job at Crunchyroll and stuck around for nearly eight years! SV tech culture always grossed me out, but I learned that there's so much more to the city than that, from the local music scene (Hotel Utah ♥️) to the amazing activists working to make SF a better place (please join DSA SF 🌹).

Now, off to New York!

This morning I stopped by my favorite café in my neighborhood (Pebbles in Glen Park) and they made me a custom açai bowl on the house as a going away gift!

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Drew a clownsona for my partner who's a big time 🤡 fan.

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