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Hearing that Rurouni Kenshin author Nobuhiro Watsuki has been charged with child porn possession. Burn it all down, everything is bad in 2017.

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Mastodon, for new users:

Masto is great because there was an instance called oulipo.social, in which nobody who made an account could use the letter "e"

This was followed up by the creation of dolphin.town, in which you could ONLY post the letter "e"

Can’t find my headphones so it’s time to record music with my speakers at 10:30pm. Just how my neighbors like it.

Today I attended a cool anti-oppression training run by DSA SF comrades. Happy to see so much commitment to creating a safe organizing space, especially considering recent events in other chapters.

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@photopuck This worked for Wikipedia. People went on strike early in Wikipedia's history, and it was forced to be a non-profit when Wales intended for it to be a for-profit venture.

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Remember folks, if you abandon Twitter, Facebook or Google, it's not a boycott, it's a STRIKE.

Because you're the [unpaid] workers that earn them billions of dollars in capital.

When you don't post, they don't get the benefit of your labour. And when you don't use, they lose money.

Social Media STRIKE days should be a thing.

Original Gundam vs. Turn A Gundam

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1st brain: qwerty
2nd brain: dvorak
3rd brain: furry bondage stenographic power glove system
4th brain: abcdef

Oh cool a socialist card ga— Oh

I interviewed manga legend Fred Schodt for Crunchyroll! We talked about working with Osamu Tezuka, the rise of manga in the 1960s and '70s, and meeting the Crown Prince of Japan


Hit me with the funniest accounts on Masto for Follow Friday.

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Twitter is so behind Mastodon. Our account verification system was a joke way before theirs ✅

Uh Richard Stallman and the founder of Snopes just showed up for lunch at work today.

Land of the Lustrous is really good at conveying story without over-explaining. It’s startling how rare that is in anime. Erased was great at it too, which is one of the things that stuck out about it. It shows respect for the audience.

It’s not just about literal “show don’t tell.” It’s about knowing when to show only parts of things to let the audience fill in the gaps (the running scene in the latest LoL does just this). Little things, but they add up.

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People keep asking why my bag's so heavy.

Well obviously because I'm keeping my personal android bodyguard in there, what did they expect ?

#art #drawing #characterdesign


🎶Online may change me🎶

🎶But I can’t change Online🎶

That's what it's called when your editor tells you write a clickbait headline.

So... I made a thing for yesterday. Day 26, "Squeak"

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