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Evan Minto @VamptVo

@Gargron Yeah I should have some time this week, sorry! Summer is anime con season.

I tried so hard / and got so far / but in the end / Fort Minor was better than Linkin Park

@Gargron Yeah I took a look (forgot to leave a comment). I wanted to test it out on my VM before approving the PR but I can't seem to get Vagrant to work anymore...

Welp, that sure was a 13-hour work day.

We're hosting a birthday party for Ted Nelson, the inventor of hypertext, at the Internet Archive tonight! (That's him on the left)

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@shel What's the context for the Manning talk? Is she considering moving to Masto?

How would I describe my neighborhood?

Well, I just saw an elementary school girl wearing a Sub Pop hoodie.

@Gargron Oh snap, awesome! I can take a look at the changes if you need another pair of eyes.


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LWA TV is a great example of how important character design is. The animation and BGs don't live up to the ONAs but the designs carry it.

Clear silhouettes, contrasting colors, exaggeration. So much personality before you even see them move.

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FYI if you call Weekly Shonen Jump "WSJ," I will always assume you're talking about the Wall Street Journal.

Akira Himekawa, author of almost every Zelda manga adaptation, is a pseudonym for two women.

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Still surprised by the huge crowds every panel gets. Are there THIS many people who care about Akira Himekawa (who aren't me)?

Even after you get your badge, simply getting into the convention center requires its own line.

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@VamptVo I guess the strategy is to make it impossible to get anywhere so people just give up on attending panels?

LACC's solution to overcrowding seems to be to close off perfectly usable stairways and even streets. It's absurd.

Giant line to order food, giant line to go the bathroom. They get ya on the way in AND on the way out down at

Animated on the plane to AX 🛩

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