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MGS Peace Walker is something else


I put on Mad Bull at anime club.

SakugaBlog has a translation of a great interview with Pop Team Epic's producer, Kotaro Sudo. Really cool to hear about the creative freedom all the studios and animators have in their segments. blog.sakugabooru.com/2018/02/1

Jesus-lovin' Candy Candy spotted in the window of my local dry cleaners.

This karaoke place has Japanese songs but no songbook, no ん on the keyboard, and no Cruel Angel's Thesis. I want my money back.

We went to a Chinese place for lunch and they made me pour the tea myself.

I wrote about Studio Trigger, the studio behind Kill la Kill, Little Witch Academia, and Inferno Cop, for Anime News Network. I’m really proud of this article!

animenewsnetwork.com/feature/2 mastodon.social/media/HFpmBE65

Cool decentralized web event at the Internet Archive tonight.

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"What if we made a game that was intentionally basically impossible to play?" asked Frontier Developments.


(don't @ me, I don't care if you have time to play it as a whole second job in order to do anything and get anywhere, most adults don't and there's literally no reason to make a game as difficult as E:D is)

Marched with DSA SF for reproductive justice and against the Walk for Life today! ✊

Ani-Gamers Podcast #090 – The Yuasa Disrespecter

@20XX and I talk Nintendo Labo, Pop Team Epic, gdgd, Metal Gear, Castlevania, and yes, Devilman.


At a DBZFZ day one tournament. I got owned.

Writing about animation makes me want to animate, so here I am doing bouncing ball exercises at 1:30 AM. mastodon.social/media/xNNrFnho

me: Takes two weeks to write an article about my favorite anime

also me: Takes two hours to write an article about a bad anime

, the federation standard that powers Mastodon, is finally a W3C Recommendation! I got my fingers in Mastodon’s AP implementation for a tiny bit early on, so I got to see the incredible amount of work @cwebber @Gargron and many others did to make this happen. Here’s to many more implementations going forward!

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ActivityPub was basically 3 years of my life, and there were points were I wasn't sure if the time and energy I was spending on it was worth it. I'm sure it was today. Thank you everyone who participated in the standards process, have implemented... or are going to implement! You made it all worth it!

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I’m collecting data about Web users who use page zoom and/or change their browser font size, to help make better accessibility decisions at work. Please fill out this survey and boost!