Drew three of my favorite villagers: O'Hare, Tangy, and Agnes!

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I'm playing a song at this virtual open mic tonight! Looks like I'm up sometime between 7:45 and 8:15 Pacific. Drop by and check out some music! fb.me/e/xfeWNxLZ

"And then she heard a low thunder-like rumble, which was hard to locate until she saw a cloud of dust moving along one of the roads. [...] What she saw made her head spin."

Mary Malone from The Amber Spyglass.

Final project for figure drawing: a self-portrait. Due on my birthday, go figure.

Conté crayon, charcoal, and ink.

Gonna start cross-posting my art on Mastodon again I think.

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i supported socialism but i just realized it would use other peoples mpney.. damn... oh well

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my dad got mad at me for making a joke about soldiers dying in the spaghetti wars???? What the fuck

I’ve been a bit disappointed in the lack of detailed crits in my animation class, but today we did storyboard pitches, running through rough boards and getting feedback from the class. Immensely helpful.

Jaywalking to the median while the cars have a red light. A guy drives past me and whines "it doesn't quite say 'walk' yet." San Francisco: truly a city for babies.

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