We got locked out of my friend's apartment while co-working, so we MacGuyvered our way in with some trash we found on the street, a pen cap, and some packing tape.

Showing your friends the Daicon IV animation for the first time is one of the most sublime experiences you can have an as anime fan.

I'll make up my own mind about vegetarian thank you very much

Turned on my PS4 and I guess something was up with the HDMI because I got this sick-ass glitch.

I just rewatched the Speed Racer movie and now I demand that for all future Hollywood anime adaptations they just give the Wachowski Sisters Avengers-level money and let them do whatever the hell they want.

Showed up to my friend's fancy tea party wearing my big goofy burger t-shirt, feeling slightly out of place but also very on-brand.

I made Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki (my favorite Japanese food) for a potluck in Japanese class today. So much work but they turned out really delicious!

We're watching Lupin at anime club tonight! Rest in peace, Monkey Punch.

Aaand there goes another manga legend. Lupin III creator Monkey Punch has passed away.

His comics have issues for sure, but it's a testament to his talent that we're still watching his characters, who somehow seem just as fresh as they were in 1967.

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Helped out at DSA SF's brake light clinic. Volunteers fixed brake lights for free to help black and brown folks avoid traffic stops by the cops! Still going until 8 at B&J's Burgers.

Totally forgot Bernie was coming to SF today so now I'm racing across the city to catch at least part of this rally. Why on Earth is he at Fort Mason though? Who goes there?

Cuphead on Switch! I really wanted to play this when it came out but I didn't have an Xbox or a Windows PC so this is pretty exciting. kotaku.com/xbox-gem-cuphead-is

Last-minute decision but I'll be doing some GDC coverage this year! See you around friendos

Found this gem for $15 at Pegasus Books in Berkeley. Kitarubeki Sekai Kousou Note, a book of Osamu Tezuka's story notes and concept sketches for his pre-Astro Boy sci-fi manga Nextworld!

Any karaoke place that has Komm Süsser Todd but doesn't use the End of Eva scene as the backing video is run by cowards.

Practicing inking by copying some of Kishiro's Alita art. She's fun to draw!

Trying this again with some hashtags.

I’m researching manga reading habits! If you read manga (even a little bit), please fill out this survey: s.surveyplanet.com/cOWKQYlMT

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