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Huge election night party for Yes on F (right to counsel for tenants facing eviction) and No on H (stopping cops from using tasers on anybody they want)!

Finished my Ludum Dare game! I had to make the entire thing, including code and art/sound effects (not counting the engine code) by myself in just 48 hours!

I give you... Friendship Fighter, a fighting game visual novel about beating people up and making friends, with multiple endings: ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/41

Ludum Dare game is coming along surprisingly well, but starting tomorrow morning I’m probably going to need to make some tough choices about what to cut so I can make the deadline.


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I heard a little bit of the @switter news but didn't realize they were a Mastodon instance! Really glad this network has proven so helpful at such a crucial moment for the sex worker community. The ability for communities (especially marginalized ones) to self-organize online without corporate oversight is exactly why I got into decentralized social networks in the first place.

My Ludum Dare Ren'py game is coming along nicely after I spent an hour or two last night agonizing over whether the design would actually work as a game.

Managed to carve out some time in my schedule for Ludum Dare this weekend. Excited to be doing some more gamedev!

Switched Ani-Gamers over to use a system font stack. San Francisco really is much easier to read on screens than Helvetica now that I look at it. Nice job, Apple.

Bikes are just cars for nerds

In particular, it’s been frustrating to me that my coding day job gets my brain stuck in coding mode even at home. Being more strict about how to allocate my time has made it easier to make time for creative work!

I recently took on a lot of new freelance gigs so I started up a Trello board for the work I do outside of my day job, with kind of Scrum-y week-long "sprints." So far, despite it being incredibly dorky, it's been great for keeping me on task and preventing me from wasting ~10 hours a week on half-assed spur-of-the-moment projects.

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my fav thing about activitypub is that when you delete/unboost/unfav a post, your server essentially sends a message saying "oh fuck wait," across the fediverse

My vinyl copy of Sloan's "12" came in! Looking (and sounding) extremely good. Lots of good tracks if you're into power pop, but check out "Don't Stop (If It Feels Good Do It)" in particular: sloanmusic.bandcamp.com/

Still hard to believe that I live right next to this park.

Need more people to follow on here. Feels a bit lonely with just 88 Follows.

Hit me with your recommendations, friends.

Dude just walked onto the bus with a kitten on his shoulder like it was nothing.

Ani-Gamers Podcast #094 – The PUBG of Arcade Sticks

We talk Celeste and @20XX's new PS4 (he's playing Bloodborne), the parties and wacky indie games of the Game Developers Conference, game dev unionization efforts, and our most anticipated Spring 2018 anime.


Met up with some friends for lunch and they brought along their libertarian techie co-worker who won't stop complaining about how he has to subsidize his co-workers' parental leave. 🤮

Ani-Gamers Podcast #093: Neo Yokio's Three Most Eligible Bachelors

We talked about Neo Yokio, Kim and Kanye's favorite anime, and "the pineapple pizza of anime."