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andrew @Vavassor

@mesbahamin I don't know of disadvantages. There is the limitation that you still have to use struct in the case where you have a pointer to a type in its definition. Like, the inner "struct"s here are required.

typedef struct Node {
struct Node* prev;
struct Node* next;
} Node;

@gsora You specify "scopes" to /api/v1/apps and then again as "scope" to /oauth/tokenize. The value should be the same to both. I don't think it matters whether you use + or %20?

@gsora I was talking with someone on discord who had a similar situation. Are you specifying &scope=read+write+follow when you do the call to the /oauth/tokenize endpoint? Also it's "scope" and not "scopes" there, which is an easy misstep.

@PeterCxy Oh, is this a tusky fork or another app?

@u2764 Maybe, but it's not drama for its own sake. Drama for improving things and addressing issues is drama needing to be stirred up. I've been glad for these posts, even not agreeing with every word., because a lot of things you're getting at are right.

Just as a note: I only speak english; I can read french decently, but especially with the kinds of technical and support questions I get, I'm not able to respond well in french.

@u2764 @lertsenem Honestly this is why I've not moved to fund Tusky. I keep looking at existing funding methods and platforms and they just end up with me as the sole beneficiary. Or me plus a core team I pick.

Ahh!! Twidere is a good app with a nice community. I hadn't considered they'd move to support mastodon, that's really exciting!

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Wow, my favorite Birdsite client, Twidere, now supports Mastodon. Excellent! @Gargron

@yatchi We already break compatibility in a few minor ways. There's definitely tension there, but hopefully it won't get bad.

@polymerwitch I'd drop in for sure, if you did!

@goldie_ice Whoa, those are intense! Lace rivet in the sole is some kinda move I've never seen.

Thinking about how I don't abbreviate much in code, but I've accepted some weird compound words. Like texcoord, refcount, and unorm/snorm.

Just feels like those are so nice to have dedicated words for. Like how filename, email, and password are just regular words, now.

@thefishcrow I'm pretty sure that's floating-point? Subnormals and quiet nans are definitely occult. you're a phone and all the time people just give you this look

@ametlles I'd imagine it's definitely harder to address problems, because you have to work through a translator and you lose a lot of context understanding what's wrong and who's to blame. I know admins do their best, but acting both quickly and appropriately is probably very difficult.

"I always thought that harrison ford might've been a movie monster."

@MSD I'll try harder next time.

@MSD No? Being AI would probably be pretty cool but I'm just a human.

Me and a friend have been playing yooka laylee and having a lot of fun with it. I think I might like it better than banjo tooie. Apparently it's been getting a lot of flack and I'm a bit baffled by that.

The inclusion of Furnace Fun quiz-thing is unnecessary and Rextro's minigames are bad, but other than that I haven't really found much to dislike?