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My county currently has one (1) health insurance provider available for individual plans.

I need one of those. So I seem to be just teeming with choice at the moment.

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One of my functions was secretly wrong and I feel a little betrayed.

I could also turn it inside-out and use this to generate tunnels. So you could walk inside this kind of painted shape.

The brush tip rotates randomly while stroking but it doesn't have a variable line width yet. I think that'll be the next step.

Also, I'm only point-sampling the tip voxels. Not sure if I should bother trilinear sampling since I'm going to keep the voxel grid very low-resolution?

The red lines to the left are from the 2D equivalent of the same algorithm, marching squares. It takes a field of values and outlines areas of low or high value.

So it gives you lines and marching cubes gives you surfaces.

The blue bit on the right is a 3D brush stroke through a voxel grid. Then that shape is triangulated using marching cubes.

It has a weird blobby feeling to it. I'm planning to use this to generate some in-game structures.

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hello from Tallulah!! She loved getting some time out to sun this morning ☀️

You can kinda make it better if you have C++14's digit separators.
int a = 1'000'000'000;
But, otherwise you're stuck with 1000000000 :(

Oh, weird C++ minutia?

Apparently, literals that use scientific notation are assumed to be floating-point. So, like, 1e9 is of type double. It makes sense for negative exponents, but I'd been writing things like that expecting it to be one billion as an integer.

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#introductions hola everyone, I'm Megan, I run Glass Bottom Games, currently working on Spartan Fist: - a first-person punching roguelike about punching dudes so hard they explode. Our previous games include Hot Tin Roof, which you've maybe heard of. I drink a lot of tea? Our games tend to have cats in them? Oh I'm a metalhead too. DEATH METAL WOO (especially fem lead death metal - The Agonist / Arch Enemy is my shiz). Uh, hi? This me.

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*introduces a question that shares nothing in common with the examples just prior*
"—and this one will be left as an exercise for the reader."

Which instance was it who had the little oekaki-style painter mod?

I vaguely remember seeing a few folks scribble with it and now I can't remember.

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Friendly reminder to all Americans that Open Enrollment for health insurance ends December 15th so if you need insurance be sure to go to right now!! If you can't afford a premium you can get subsidized plans without premiums

I like the Sad Lovers And Giants songs where they just lean into atonal and dissonant progressions.

So far I haven't fixed anything, but I love that new click tone.

My mom's car has a turn signal that clicks frequently when it's not on.

As per internet advice, I cleaned and re-greased the turn signal arm contacts. The blinking continued.

Just now I replaced the hazard switch relay with a new one. The clicking is still there—now with a new click tone!!

I got chocolate chip ice cream and I'm soothed.

Hmm, I'm def not excited by the base concept of my game. Keep working on outlying engine stuff rather than diving in on the meat of the gameplay. I think that's because I'm just kinda eh-feeling on it.

Should take it as a sign I need to go back to concepts, maybe?