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andrew @Vavassor

@u2764 I think what you were mostly getting at anyway is something like "should coders think of themselves as artists".

Which I basically agree with you is a no.

@u2764 There's also the underhanded C contest, esoteric programming languages and the entire demoscene which are different manifestations of code as art.

Mostly these are thought of as novelties, but it's worth mentioning that there are people who do genuinely try to create art, even small bits of it, in the code world.

@u2764 has a lot of winning entries like this, either difficult to read or runnable ASCII art type things.

@u2764 Certain programs definitely try. This is a good example: a nonogram solver that is itself a nonogram. It's a valid running program.

@maloki @Tusky Tbh I don't even use hashtags enough, so I hadn't noticed they did that on twitter. But yeah, sure that wouldn't be hard to add at all.

@shel I'm always glad when my dates put in zero effort into communicating with me. It's what I look for!!

@eurasierboy @eggplant Hey, I don't remember if either of you were using the tusky-api server for notifications. But @tateisu made pair of two servers for Subway Tooter to replace it that you might be interested in taking a look at:

@wryk Tbh, I'm probably going to work slowly anyway, but I'll accept an invitation if you want, thank you!

@wryk Hey, I put a couple of issues on your tusky-api, but I should ask: Do you want to keep maintaining it?

I'm probably going to try to fix some things tomorrow. I could either make pull requests or keep to my own fork.

this performance by jizue is so good (jazz rock, a bit salsa?)

I posted this on twitter last night, but I'm still digging it.

Y'all I don't know what's going on anymore. I'm calling it a night.

I was getting a crash on posting and then I went in with a debugger and it stopped happening and now it just doesn't happen.

What am I even supposed to do with that information.

@KonomiKitten Well, shoot, my phone missed this reply so I guess I can just check my own log.

@KonomiKitten It just sounds like it's dropping notifications after a certain amount of time, just trying to determine why.

@KonomiKitten Very prompt, my tests were usually less than 5 seconds. So either it dropped a notification or filtered out favs for some reason?

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Starting an open beta on Google Play beginning now with version 1.1.4-beta.1.

Beta versions will also be available in .apk form at

Testing a new possible push notifications system is the particular goal at the moment. But I'll be keeping the beta program open from now on. So feel free to join/leave if ever you want to check out in-progress versions.

Uploaded the beta and it's in-progress rolling out to 0 users.

I mean, I guess it still has to roll out to their store servers and such, it's just funny.

@u2764 It's easy to forget words, commands, and function names. Also sometimes it's trouble reading your own code from years ago. Like "What is this doing again? Why didn't I put more explanation comments in?"

@u2764 someday I will make a good competent app instead of an exploding fire