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Eh, I didn't get much from the hairdryer. I think mine doesn't get quite hot enough to do much.

I definitely think I'm going to need to build a frame to shore up the nose. Maybe a bit of thick card stock or wire mesh.

The eye-bulbs I think I can get away with stuffing bubble wrap up in there and taping it in place.

Haha, apparently I'm very much not the first one to have this issue with latex masks. Yeah, most suggest filling out with plastic bags or foam inserts. Also if there's creases or bends from shipping to fix them by filling out the whole mask and running a hair dryer over it to heat it up and reshape it a bit.

Gonna give that a go after dinner and see how it works out.

Yeah, the biggest part ruining it for me is the nose I think. Needs a rounded shell of some kind so it doesn't collapse and look so weird and thin.

My lizard mask for my halloween costume came in and I'm trying to sort my feelings about it. It's … misshapen.

It's a latex mask and parts of it don't hold shape when worn. They cave in. Maybe I just need to add filler material in places?

today is officially ~~sweater weather~~!

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Hello Mastodon, here is @ConnyDuck, the new maintainer of Tusky :)

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Ok, I'm going to use this place more too, and my first post should probably not be an "angrily yelling at the internet" one...
so I guess I should um... myself!

I'm alienmelon!
I'm bi (they/them).
I make games and interactive art like Tetrageddon Games ( )
and (more recently) "Everything is Going to be OK" ( )

I really like games and interactive art a lot so I'll probably post about that most of the time here.

@charlag @ConnyDuck
@daycode @theZacAttacks

I'd just like to ping folks who've contributed to Tusky to make sure you're aware of this:

Sorry for keeping things dead in the water for a while and being unresponsive on the @Tusky account. I'll let you know anything more as it's decided, I guess.

I on vaguely posted about this prior, but, I haven't developed since august. I've been doing a game project and am going to be doing outside work soon and I don't see myself coming back to it.

I feel like the best move would be to hand it off to another maintainer. But also it's free to fork, of course, as the source code is open.

sometimes 30 people roll up on a seventh day adventist church on a saturday afternoon, park, get out, stand around outside for five minutes, and then all leave

I converted everything except the effects now! It's very smooth and I was able to move the check that regenerates the track of notes out of the inner loop where it generates all the samples.

Which … it shouldn't have been in there anyway! But when I'm running on "just get it working" mode I make silly decisions.

Ugh, all my modulation effects use it, too, instead of their own phase accumulators.

I have a bunch of my audio stuff that's running on a time variable that's floating point and adding indefinitely. I knew its precision would decay and I'd have to replace it eventually because something or another would start drifting.

I just don't want to! It's used in too many places, blehhhh

"she's got one of those memes where, like, if—"

My friend gave me a bad habit where if I forget a noun I replace it with the word "meme". It's getting kind of bad.

That and really ring-y ride cymbal seem to be the hardest for me so far. Hi-hats, bass, toms, and even bongo-ish sounds have been pretty attainable.

I just want to ting and PSHH, please

I've been trying to synthesize a snare drum and it took me on a wild goose chase.

Ended up with a better sound just hacking something together, but it's still bad. Makin me mad how garbage this snare is, dang.

It's just like … plunk-shh

Oh my godd, I'm listening to this tutorial on youtube and this dude pronounces flanger with a hard G.


A lot of it has been opaque to me. But especially the sections on tapped delay lines, allpass filters, and "Time-Varying Delay Effects" have given me places to look for other articles to fill in the gaps.

Feel like with all the stuff it has there it's a good index of things to look up more about.