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@eazysprech oh, wow. I'm in the USA and there's young spiders in the webs, so I'm assuming just a lot hatched here and built webs in the same place. This story's pretty interesting though!

@bea what I expected: cyberpunk future
what I got: tips for highly successful social media content creators

I'm going to a local gathering for the in-game event tomorrow and I'm a little excited! Gonna be doing the catch challenges and hang with folks in between~

@sydneyfalk "I'm so used to having to deal with overwrought messes that simplicity makes me suspicious" is a pretty damning admission about my profession, isn't it?

Also, this request for chrome orca support has been standing since 2009.

@sydneyfalk Yeah, I do like it!

It just gives me sort of an underlying uneasiness. Like, usually when there's an interface that's been used a lot others run into situations where they need tighter control for a particular thing. And the interface is changed later to be a little more complicated, or an extra version of a function is added or something.

So when I don't see much evidence of that, it makes me nervous no one's touched it.

Also I went into an old test game I had, to take a look at what interfacing with it is like on the developer side. In C it's actually really clean and straightforward code? The system there is called "speech dispatcher". I got it spouting french and english on key presses pretty quickly.

I didn't spot anything important missing, but it did seem kind of basic.

Some earlier @shel posts got me wondering what the screen reader situation is on linux mint (my desktop OS day-to-day).

Orca, uh, works? The speech synthesis sounds REALLY bad, like, microsoft sam-level low bitrate samples with lots of popping artifacts. Chrome doesn't support it, so you have to get a separate chrome extension screen reader or use firefox.

@shel I've been trying to think of it like … if someone can't use my app because it's crashing it's just as useless when all it does is repeat "button unlabeled" over and over. They're both serious problems.

Honestly, I preface sentences with "honestly" even when there wasn't an underlying assumption that I might be joking.

Only pet glowing dogs you do trust.

Could someone explain to me why Getty Images has such an extensive collection of stock footage of baboons in a red-walled conference room doing office-related shenanigans?

"At least one dimension has to be positive number."

@bram I've always liked the idea of a editor & language that just worked on an abstract syntax tree. But the only similar things I've worked with have been node-based editors. Which always end up being slower and clunkier than if I had just typed it.

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@mkosler Yeah, sorry about that. I introduced a thing in 1.1.4-beta.5 that caused most folks connections to fail entirely. I tried to improve it in beta.6, only kinda helped? But I'm removing it for beta.7. That's what this post is referencing