So if I have the option to move from to a different instance, how does that work?

Memory: Knowing I really liked to hear George Michael sing, then finding out Aretha Franklin did a duet with him. This told me two things:

- I have great taste
- He had great talent

I miss them both very much.

How can I tell everyone is leaving Twitter in a huff? I keep getting followed by accounts with no posts, photo, or profile. Take a sec and fill it in people, I am more likely to follow if I have any idea who you are (:

What's on my mind is that I'm very much enjoying keeping @bigzaphod from getting anything useful done right now (:

Hey timeline: If'n you're also on, how do you divide your time? Do you just xpost and let fly or do you do different stuff in different places? So far m.b is winning for me because this feels a bit inscrutable still.

We three are making a living on iOS, but debate supporting Android. So we brought on a guest that has succeeded in earning substantial revenue on Android to learn more about the platform and its users.
RT EP33: Android:


I wish I could quote to show the followup to my last that some people are just ignoring the "toot" part and that works for me (:

@WAHa_06x36 You did say to ask anyway, so here's me asking for beta info for my iPhone 8 (:

I just don't know if I can hang someplace where everything is a toot. Tweet was bad enough.

OK so what's the mobile (iOS) app situation up in here?

Well, I've dusted off my profile so let's see what we have here. If you have followed a @Verso on some other platform, that was probably also me. You probably have a good idea what you're in for.


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