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I received several dirty looks today. Still processing, but I'm happy.

Go ahead and voice your opinion. You won't piss off everybody all the time, but you will piss off somebody every time.

you make decisions like you're gonna live forever

Ever been driving along and imagine a deadly poisonous snake is under the seat?

If I actually said half the shit that I was thinking, I'd probably be without a job and living on the street.

Sometimes you're better off not knowing what someone is thinking because it could turn your world upside down.

How feeling became telling is the mystery of my life

Pretty cool how i have had everything location related disabled from as soon as i made my account and then twitter still shows me things that are "popular near you"

As we use Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp to spread fake news and hate speech Mark Zuckerberg is making billions out of it.

Happy wife, happy life.
Happy husband, suspicious wife.

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Not every toot is about me.
Not every toot is about you.
I hope one day you will see.
I’m shit at poetry too.

I’m going to take my mastodon account to the next level!

*Walks upstairs*

Ahhh! That’s better.

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I agree with every single thing that @Viddhyuth has written since they have been here

Don’t you hate it when you have an awesome sex dream and right when you’re about to climax your boss wakes you up and says you’re fired?

Seeing the potential in people is a gateway drug to heartbreak.

In a parallel universe i’m doing something better with my time

Winter’s great because it’s dark at 4:30pm and I feel like my life is over.

Welcome to mastodon. A place where the crazy ones try to act normal and the normal ones try to act crazy.

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