I so dove some buildings downtown because everywhere is empty

@dildog did you delete your tweet with that companies name? I didnt get a chance to jot it down :D

hushcon west cfp just opened
and i don't have any new material.

time to hustle, i guess.

achievement unlocked: phobos needs to figure out how to do business in france, spain, ireland and england.

and I'm now looking for folks who have some experience with that so I can pick their brains :D

ohai infosec nerds

The Grugq is now on tootsite.



@thegrugq dis all you need! people can follow you here now and you dont need to do anything besides having created an account.

i can give you a bit of a signal boost!

I replied professionally and gave them a quote and they more or less expected that I would do it super cheap or free.

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I'm 100% certain the lady who wrote in has no idea about any of this stuff at all, doesnt twitter, and is completely on the dark on who mitnick is and the horrible shit he's responsible for.

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oh boy.
kevin mitnicks company, knowbe4, has reached out to us to have us help them reformat one of their training courses because whoever did it for them last apparently just threw word spaghetti against the wall and called it a quiz?

mitnick has stolen from me directly, and now blocks me and most of my staff on twitter.

wat do?

theres a literal mountain of stuff i wanna do with regards to remote control. And you could automate it easily with arp table lookups.

your mobile phone leaves home? turn a bunch of shit off. You get near home again and get back on home wifi? shit turns back on.

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i wish all the orgs manufacturing smart home shit made "prosumer" stuff that didnt phone home to some fucking cloud. I want to control it myself, locally, via wifi. maybe a rest or json api.

i dont want tplink, or wemo or belkin or whoever to know all the specifics of when i turn shit on or off.

and if the internet goes down, so does all the control I have over said shit.

this is suboptimal.

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Breaking News:

HACK.XXX Acquires Nothing Security, The Industry Leader in Cybersecurity Minimalism


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Glad you asked!
1. Pages load twice as fast
2. Laptop battery lasts longer
3. My privacy isn't invaded by 50 different douchebro Silicon Valley companies
4. Your fucking site doesn't slow down my computer to a crawl and I can actually read your fucking articles

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Alien escapes Area 51, consumes a Bud Light and promptly dies, triggering the invasion of Earth and the end of the human species.

the oneplus trade in is a fucking scam. dont fall for it.

the reason im curious is because of this massive group on facebook (i guess? i dont have an account) thats supposedly going to go raid area 51.

on the one hand, I hope they go, so we can see what those people actually look like.

on the other hand, i hope nobody shows up, so folks can learn not to take the internet so seriously.

this shit was on cnn and other major news outlets.

trolling the mainstream media has become too trivially easy.

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I wonder if there are figures for deriving the liklihood that a huge group on facebook actually will do something in meatspace.

I'm betting the numbers are tiny, and most of what is said online is complete bullshit.

people just like to talk so they feel bigger, but few will actually venture out into the sunlight.

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