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Alien escapes Area 51, consumes a Bud Light and promptly dies, triggering the invasion of Earth and the end of the human species.

the oneplus trade in is a fucking scam. dont fall for it.

the reason im curious is because of this massive group on facebook (i guess? i dont have an account) thats supposedly going to go raid area 51.

on the one hand, I hope they go, so we can see what those people actually look like.

on the other hand, i hope nobody shows up, so folks can learn not to take the internet so seriously.

this shit was on cnn and other major news outlets.

trolling the mainstream media has become too trivially easy.

I wonder if there are figures for deriving the liklihood that a huge group on facebook actually will do something in meatspace.

I'm betting the numbers are tiny, and most of what is said online is complete bullshit.

people just like to talk so they feel bigger, but few will actually venture out into the sunlight.

did you know that ice-t started a metal band?

and that he did a refresh of suicidal tendencies 'institutionalized'?

*walking into pet store*
me: Hi, my cat died and i'd like to return this food that she didn't get to before she passed
clerk: cool, do you want store credit?
me: are you fucking kidding me?

tootsite, I am tempted to regale you, fireside story mode, on what it has taken for me to obtain an MRI. because holy fucking shit, has it been a hassle.

it took legit infosec social engineering and recon to get it done. its amazing that anybody in the US actually survives medical care with the amount of bureaucracy involved.

i want a kriss vector chambered in 500 smith and wesson just for the sheer, staggering absurdity of it.

i find it delightful british airways got fined 183 million GPB (229 million USD) for their breach. course, they generated 13 billion gpb in revenue.. so.. thats 0.014 percent of their revenue last year.

thats like you getting fined 140 dollars if you made 100k

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damn, the aye's have it, then :D

oh. if anybody out there has any advice on how to compile instagiffer I'm all ears - its a python project and it "broke" after osx mojave was released and im at my wits end trying to get it to come to life, on either osx or ubuntu.


i am super exicted to avoid everything and everyone for 4th of july.

my wife and I have this "trick" where we think of something nobody would do during MURICA DAY, and what we've discovered is that nobody goes to local resorts on the 4th of july. at all. so they're ghost towns.

zero jealousy for folks elbowing eachother for room at the beach and stabbing eachother over grills and firepits.

oh dang, tootsite has a "delete and redraft" button.
its sorta like an edit toot button, but it deletes the original and creates a new one with the text of the old one so you can fix whatever. handy, but not exactly an edit button.

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