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Does a democracy have to repeat the mistakes/atrocities of Medieval rulers? If yes then will it not be one tyranny replaced by another?
To top that it seems to have sanction of the highest court of the land.
Are we evolving as human(e) beings or regressing into the tribal divisions bygone days?

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@VivekT @pursephoney usual antics at covering up their economic fvckups

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My attempt at poetry....

Poha khate jayenge
Kagaz nahin dikhayenge

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@VivekT Cricket is a weird thing for india. None of the world cares for it! Really!
But I bet it could be WWIII and the india times would put cricket ahead on the front page!
You know it's true - I'm not kidding :-)

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This space is lacking in narcissism. So here I am wearing some hand made jewellery by a master craftsman who was perishing and was revived under a community scheme that we set up for him and some of his ilk. Cant help mentioning that he is a muslim...

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@Bloodyatheist If a Hindu is successful, he is self-made and all that. If a Muslim is successful, it's because the society let him. That's the agenda they're pushing. Fucking sycophants.

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42. The answer finally has a question


How much practice
does it take
to look away?
How many millions
of girls aborted,
How many wives
'mysteriously' dying
in the blaze
of kerosene?
How many rapes
does it take,
how much torture
in the national interest?
How many pogroms?
How many young men
reduced to ash?


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@Sicilian @wabbster @KayKap @shinjini @Iwalkalone @musafir @Poonamsharma
5. Focus on education, health care and infrastructure.
6. Bring in a more efficient system of feedback atleast at constituency levels.
7. I suppose the first to post system of elections should be looked into for alternatives like preferential system Australia uses.
( For info - ) This system for instance disincentivises hatred to quite an extent.

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@sanjayuvacha Azadi ka nara nahin lag sakte. Toh chaliye apnate hain Vande Mataram! Ko. Bharat Mata ki Jai ko. Hindi hain hum watan hai Hindustan hamara. Jai Hind ho. Phir dekhten hain Kya hota hai.

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Do you know how little farmers in India have?


In Assam, 85 villages donated 350 quintals of rice to AASU so that they can go fight CAA in Supreme Court.

If they had gold, they would have donated gold.

They have rice, so they donated rice.

Doesn't it give you goosebumps?

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This post is an interesting, eyeopener, though a long read, but worth it... do as he says, please.

I for one am bookmarking the blog. I will read it once post at a time...

@VivekT @toocleverbyhalf

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In a country where there are thousands of unsung heros of independence movement, erecting monuments for that coward British stooge, is an affront.

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I remembered this song suddenly today, an old song from yore.

I love the song for the positivity in the song, the expectation and the enthusiasm. Very infectious. And it's KK 💕

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I am not une vraie lumière as we say - I am not shining too bright myself.
I would like to offer that we need other people who are good at welding, art, medicine, plumbing, chem, electricity, poetry, phys, maths and much else... Known stuff. We NEED IT!! NEED IT to go forward
Are those what our current regimes in india, canada, uk, france, kenya, germany... strive for? No!
Why?! Why don't we all do the sensible things?!
Because capitalism and human greed. That's why! Capitalism must die

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"Protest as much as you can, CAA won’t be taken back."

~ Amit Shah at Lucknow Rally

"तुम से पहले वो जो इक शख़्स यहाँ तख़्त-नशीं था
उस को भी अपने ख़ुदा होने पे इतना ही यक़ीं था"

~ हबीब जालिब

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Surat fire building..

So I tooted . Ventilation norms not proper n saw news of same wording..

So now m bashing whoever is using my toots..let them hang the politicians n it's not just 1 standard not done..entire book of codes has not been followed.

M practicising structural engineer since 2002 with govt of India license

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Kahan hain woh log jo bade josh main mastodon join kar rahe the ..

Abbey Saale ..bolna hai unko

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