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I *do* think investigators might want to recall the fire story from October 2016 with the odd correction.

me trying to find inner happiness by eating things that glow

I have last heard from my close friend December 7th, this coincides with the release date of super smash, so I think it's safe to say he's doing pretty good.

I love when someone strictly faves a toot of mine and does not boost because it means I've connected with someone in a way that is so close to their core identity that they feel vulnerable sharing that with their peers.

Intimacy while less profitable is more sustainable than virality.

One of the worst things you can possibly do to a roommate is to throw the cap to the milk away and defend your innocence to the grave.

Today we found bite marks on our bagels and the loaf of bread. They were suspiciously kitty sized bite marks. Then we found one of her hairs in the bread bag.

I think my cat has been hunting bread in the night.

So when you're writing an ironic joke and trying to figure out whether it's going to work, try to think of meaning not as something fixed, but as a journey. Think of the different places, the different things you are inviting your reader to consider, think of where they are going to land, and of how obvious this landing point is.

Why don't we pronounce leopard like how we pronounce leotard.

me playing on easy mode but i still die repeatedly

how it feels like when you dont get notes on your new Funnie(tm) toots in one millisecond

the best life advice from Beverly crusher

What I'm saying is that the platonic appreciation of cw'd dicks in the stream is a mark of maturity.

I feel somewhat conflicted about the Dick's in the stream. On the one hand I'm so incredibly happy that people feel safe sharing their sexuality openly and without fear especially the appreciation of social masculinity, on the other hand I miss the titty pics. I suppose I'd rather see the world I value rather than get a little more of what I specifically want.

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