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Brain: Imagine the size of that cup

Speaking of accessibility:

(ofc I forgot the captions)

this is hilarious. The far-right party #afd from #germany just had press conference with all journalists solidary leaving it after one journalist was prohibited to ask questions.

So they canceld their ''press-conference without press''

radicalizing RW libertarians against the capitalists

Old fashioned hnnnnnnnghusburgus 🤔

@garrett @theoutrider I don't care how they name it. Whenever I see a new Google project I think of Google Reader and just move on...

BuzzFeed Editor in Chief, Ben Smith, mentions Mastodon as an example of a social network that "comes after the social media empires"

re: rise of Switter: "Perhaps the most striking lesson here was the technical ease of spinning a big, functional new social network up in just a few days"


drone gets taken down by a house panther

If you think "Come on Eileen" is sung by the Cure then you're both a 90's kid and a pirate.

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