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πŸŽƒ HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13th spooky friends. πŸŽƒ

yeah i believe in liberation and revolution . we can achieve this by

1. protecting my intellectual property from plagiarism
2. spreading my
3. boosting my

God says he made the world in 7 days, but that's mostly to cover up how badly he fucked up with the dinosaurs.

Would you like a tree in this trying time? It has 162 nodes, descending 39 nodes down.

Well, the good news is he probably won't steal my amazing joke about diogenes. been making the rounds on bird site, curious how we do here. Kicking it off with margaritaville vibes.

If you're doing uspol without cw I'm probably gonna give you a 3 day mute. Nothing wrong with it, I just like need to coooooool off.

we tried to paint over a clown but the this happened

i thought that this twitter post was already fairly amusing, but then i clicked to have the japanese translated and fucking lost it

Folks my 2020 resolution was to do less, and you know what? I fucking killed it.

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