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A unique hiking trail, with turquoise streams running along side you, and endless green landscapes all around. 🍃😍

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Been one year since I invested my life savings in crypto - time to check in and pull out my earnings 😎 Thanks for the advice y’all

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This is what happens when you lie about your return reason to Amazon in order to score free return shipping.

I have to submit an explanation to keep the listing active, though without the product in hand I have no idea what to submit!

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You will never in a million years guess what video this is an intro for

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I don’t know what that was and I apologize. None of that should have been streamed out live and we are looking into how it happened.

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About to go live in just a moment with Nintendo expert SWITCH CHRIS for the FUTUREPROBE 100th Episode Special!!! twitch.tv/mega64podcast

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This is definitely up there as one of the best tweets of all time for me

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I have (very) big pieces coming up soon (-ish), but in the meantime, quick repost of an old one :)

The Transatlantic Dam

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Nature takes over this abandoned industrial building but adds a rooftop pool.

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Abandoned hotel on the edge of a lake in Italy 🇮🇹.

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