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I have created a new, separate account for my Mastodon client Toot!:


Please follow it for updates about Toot!, getting beta access, and similar things.

(I'm slightly struggling to keep up with all the attention it is getting right now through my personal account. This account is usually mainly for posting utter nonsense!)

Ouch, crashed my bike and broke my arm! Don't expect to hear too much from me for a bit, unless I get so bored I start using text to speech.

Wear a helmet, kids.

i think that if you cannot do crime well you probably just shouldn’t do crime, really. if you are actually this bad at crime, it’s just not for you.

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I have, once again, made the ultimate mistake: Building something broken that ends up working in a way that I like, so that once I find and fix the problem, I have to try and figure out how to make it work in the broken way again, this time intentionally.

But these days, it very much feels like Google has completely given up on this principle, and will just try to drown you in results that vaguely match some of your input query, maybe, if you squint your eyes and tilt your head.

It's really getting to the point where it is nearly unusable for locating very specific information. I feel like information I used to be able to rely on being able to find with Google is now lost forever, as it is no longer locatable in the sea of noise Google returns.

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And this causes an incredibly frustrating situation where you have to try and game the search engine by figuring out what the smallest set of information you can give it is that is still likely to return you what you want.

The original Google won over all the existing search engines at the time it was introduced because it stuck VERY strongly to the principle of giving you less results as you give it more input.

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I feel that the measure of how useful a search engine is whether giving it more information gives you fewer or more results.

Generally, you want fewer results the more information you give it, as you are narrowing your search by giving more information.

But a bad search engine will just try to find things that matches SOME of the information you give, and will thus return MORE results the more information you give it.

I got issue number 3535 on the work Jira, so now I have a branch named "fix/ios-3535-nurse-..." and hoo boy that is not a joke anyone is ever going to get is it.

The most depressing thing you can possibly do is going on Youtube to read comments on music videos from the nineties.

@WAHa_06x36 @deneb Perhaps it _is_ a thing. In our town square we have this reassuring sign; ”Everything will be alight”.

The new office has posters with quotes from employees and founders, but this being a Finnish company, a good 50% of them are entirely sarcastic instead of inspirational.

One of my favourites, “Sorry I wasn’t listening, I was concentrating on creating value for our shareholders.”

My favourite thing about DSP is how every single thing written about it is absolutely incomprehensible, even when the things themselves are not difficult or complicated.

It's an entire field with Monad Explanation Syndrome.

We went to this old glass factory, one where the company has over the years turned into a posh interior design company over the years but they still have their glass factory. And they had an outlet shop with all their goods in, BUT, they also sold:

Plain blocks of glass, straight from the glass factory. This may be the best thing anyone has ever sold in a shop. I have been excited about this all day.

"All I have is Mandy Moore and that's not exactly murder music"

This is my favourite bit of Swedish vocabulary:

"Rivers in Scandinavia north of Göta älv and Dalälven are named älv, south thereof å or ström. Rivers abroad are called flod. Smaller streams can be called å, ström, bäck."

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