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I have created a new, separate account for my Mastodon client Toot!:


Please follow it for updates about Toot!, getting beta access, and similar things.

(I'm slightly struggling to keep up with all the attention it is getting right now through my personal account. This account is usually mainly for posting utter nonsense!)

glsl stands for "girls shading language" actually

*A reasonable person, learning about programming for the very first time in 2020*: Oh, cool, so you can put in comments to explain what it does. And pictures to illustrate the more complicated parts?

*The entire field of computer programming*: No.

Absolutely love the term "C-level executive". It's the people who are definitely not A-level, nor even manage to be B-level, but are just the absolute worst trash people dumped into LEVEL C.

Tonight's mood is remembering the absolutely powerful aesthetic of the Sailor Moon SuperS movie.

Like, that specifically wasn't satire, that was a real theory currently going around now.

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How can you ever hope to write satire again after 2020 throws up things like "Actually, Ghislaine Maxwell was on the most prolific redditors of all time".

I finally got around to doing a Disquiet Junto challenge for the first time in ages, because the challenge this time is to take inspiration from @sculpin's wonderful InstrumentBot!

Here's my entry:

experimenting with getting good highlight colours from a blurhash string

@heptapod Not sure if this is Heptapod itself or just, but editing files in the default branch seems to throw a 500 when trying to commit in the web interface?

I do think we lost something as a culture when we started processing trauma through subtweets and discourse instead of through challenging people to meet us on the secret dueling arena sitting above our school for swordfights with the blessing of the Rose Bride

No no Reuters. You can NOT neologe a cutesy nickname for 'petrochemicals."

25 years later, I finally find out that the world in Neon Genesis Evangelion is forever stuck in summer.


And the deaths from that would be staggering, but what is even worse is the prospect of an even larger fraction of those infected developing long-term disabilities from it. America has gutted its safety nets far beyond what is safe already, but the added burden of a large fraction of the population disabled would just be disastrous.

And there is nowhere near enough time to enact the change that would be needed to avoid all of this.


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I'm seriously worried about the US now. They half-arsed their lockdown, took most of the hit but got none of the benefit, and have now burned any remaining willingness for sacrifice to stop the spread. And they are back into exponential growth again.

To stop it this time would take drastic measures, and there's zero political willingness from the top to do anything remotely like that.

It's looking like there's a worrying large chance of it just spreading through the population now.

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