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I have created a new, separate account for my Mastodon client Toot!:


Please follow it for updates about Toot!, getting beta access, and similar things.

(I'm slightly struggling to keep up with all the attention it is getting right now through my personal account. This account is usually mainly for posting utter nonsense!)

So apparently Bose allows you to order custom colour headphones?

“Them” being the guinea pigs, not any non-binary type of girlfriend what doesn’t respond to human conversation.

My girlfriend also always keeps making fun of me for leaving pauses for responses when talking to them.

Just said “You do you” to a guinea pig.

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Starting to slightly lose confidence in the accuracy of these numbers.

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Just accidentally turned on the Hydraulic Press Channel music over Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, and it matched so perfectly I had to scramble to turn it off before it caused brain damage.

I Want A Dyke For President by Zoe Leonard

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Looking at the zoomed-out version in particular, it looks like each layer of leaves has twice the number of leaves of the previous. They just peel off to the sides so quickly you don't quite notice.

Also, added zooming to the ShaderToy version.

Resurrected some really old weird fractal code I'd created in the murky past, and converted it to GLSL, and added some animation. It's kind of relaxing:

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There's a new way to sign up for the Toot! beta! Click this link:

Get in while you still can, beta testing will be ending soon... ish?

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