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I have created a new, separate account for my Mastodon client Toot!:


Please follow it for updates about Toot!, getting beta access, and similar things.

(I'm slightly struggling to keep up with all the attention it is getting right now through my personal account. This account is usually mainly for posting utter nonsense!)

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imagine thinking that colour is real in 2019

You should know you're escaping some pretty bad posts today thanks to Wasabi.

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smartphone in name only, for it is neither

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Every single case of these they hide the exact information that is the MOST IMPORTANT.

Who designed this? Who greenlit it? How can they put THIS MUCH EFFORT into making something that just makes their product objectively worse?

I do not understand.

I don't think I've ever seen any service apply content abbreviation and hiding as badly as GitHub.

A file has lots of changes? GitHub will helpfully hide it from you, so you don't need to worry about it.

Lots of comments? Don't worry, GitHub is here to hide them from you so your day isn't ruined.

And just today? They added a feature to let you mark specific lines that your comment applies to? What does GitHub do with this new information? It abbreviates it and just shows the last few.

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Turns out it was Extinction Rebellion. Nine people in kayaks blocked a ship for about an hour. Nice.

Interesting goings-on. Police tweeted that someone was trying to prevent a cruise ship from leaving port. Went there to have a look, and ran into a group of people with binoculars and cameras monitoring the police boats stopping someone at sea.

The (first) ending of the Untitled Goose Game is one of the funniest things I've seen in a game.

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TERFs are just people who took “feminazi” too seriously send toot

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Bitcoin is a scam 

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@WAHa_06x36 the last panel of the first comic is a picture of me, actually

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