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gallium is my metal

is solid at room temperature

melts when someone touches

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If you're thinking of implementing an "algorithm" to "help the users" of your program/service:


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One thing I really hate about the Brazilian used market, people insist on selling everything for the original price or close to it

2012 mac book pros for the price of new-ish (2018) mac book airs

Linux people: *don't like Canonical*

Also Linux people: *continue to make Ubuntu-based distors*

With the cursed mod, Halo CE is bigger than Halo 2

Is disk cleaning time

(It's a 1TB HDD, the /home is 600 GB)

- My laptop is not very powerful at all for this kind of thing

- "Then get better computer"

- Well, I'm accepting money if you want to help

For every Plasma user trying to make it a mac, there is a mac user using a tiling wm

Aperture Science is just Valve if they actually continued to finish their projects

Kinda tempted to buy a bunch of watches and link them into a belt.
But what a waste of time that would be.

This won't age well

(from the opencore hackintosh laptop guide)

microsoft is no stranger to providing some of the worst crap

the only complaint I have for most RH songs is that they don't have an extended version

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