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I didn't share this here but I'm still absolutely in love with this piece I got from Strauss on Twitter

I'll hug the openSUSE chameleon (that's called Geeko for some reason)

Cars that have a very sporty/aggressive style at the front but have a generic silly back

When you spend a day at a place with horribly slow internet, and finally can go back to seeing stuff without waiting 5 minutes of a page to load

who even buys a serial code to activate their gender? just download a keygen lol

The neighbour's plant has grown so bit that it touches my bedroom window, every time it's windy it sounds like someone is knocking on it (my bedroom is on the second floor)

Atari Breakout is the only good Apple product

Matrix... would be cool, if people actually used it

Not that I like any of the two but...

Telegram links unofficial clients on their Apps list

Discord bans you for using unofficial clients

dmw would be interesting, but it has to be a Suckless software

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