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Me: I'd like to write some notes

Me 5 minutes later: *Compiling R to use R Markdown*

software licensing hot take Show more

developers: you can't just write a webapp and use it like a regular app, that's ridiculous, you'd have to run a seperate browser instance for every app you made
electron devs: :blobcat:

Broke: being a developer for the job perks

Woke: being a developer to give random funny names to your stuff

Friendly cute boys are my weaknesses and this is a good thing

I don't get what would lead a musician to deny an entire country of listening to their music

ᡉᡛᡉⁿ α΅—Κ°α΅’α΅˜α΅Κ° α΄΅ Λ’α΅—αΆ¦Λ‘Λ‘ αΆœα΅ƒβΏ ˒ᡉᡉ ᡗʰᡉ ΚΈα΅’α΅˜α΅—α΅˜α΅‡α΅‰ α΅›αΆ¦α΅ˆα΅‰α΅’

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