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Being devil's advocate, free to play 


β€œDon’t Play Untitled Goose Game”

The only problem is that you have to play the game to do so. And playing a game is a chore. That’s the big problem with video games: To enjoy them, you have to play them. And playing them requires exerting the effort to operate them. Games are machines, and broken ones at that. The player’s job is to make them work again.

Dirt3 works with Proton, and surprisingly at more than 2 fps

very lewd furry art 

Ok I like Formula E now

it's so fuckin' memeable

Electricity would sound a lot cooler if it was called "lightning power"

❌ An actual comment

βœ… "Who's watching in <insert year>"

Better boop me with one shot. Better make it count

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