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If you want to know more about me... You don't need a site specifically for that and even less for me to tell when you can, just ask me already

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Welp, termux can actually star a graphical session, sadly couldn't get bsp to work with it and android already assigns stuff to the mod key

today I learned there's a place called Middlesex

When in first world countries EVs are expensive and infrastructure still not that good, that's when I hate even more being Brazilian sometimes

"Italy did get a few updates and now has hospitals, police stations, things like that"

:emergency: FREE GAMES KLAXON :emergency:

You can grab a copy of the sims 4 on EA oranges for the next week or so, presumably they're hoping everyone will drop some cash on the expansions

the binary from the same hello world into C++ is over 1MB

Tried actually using Haxe, a hello world compiled to a Lua file is over 300 lines


manual that be like:

You can use foo

Now, here are 100 reasons you shoudldn't use foo

Apparently you can star an x11 server from termux

I love when most of the comments on the video have nothing to to with the theme and just glorify the channel /s

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