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There is just something so good about classic mac os

it's simple but not lacking

what's the image format for os9

or at least the patterns

what's with the 00's and this fixation for interfaces that look like alien spaceships

tried installing kaleidoscope and now sheepshaver hangs on booting, nice

My character Belinda offers you a big motherly hug.
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I'm fan of timeless settings

It doesn't show technology so you can't say it's from the present or future, but it also doesn't give a vibe of any specific past period so it may also be the present but just so happen to not show any technology



half joking, half actually curious

I mean, if you put an electric car into regenerative breaking and just push it around or put it on a treadmill wouldn't it charge

Whenever I take a nap on the afternoon I stay the rest of the 'day' in this state of only using 65% of my conscience

i.e. right now

meta on content warnings 

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