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for today. Blue-green Hybrid Dual Metallic gel pen, black ink, DoveCraft 3D pearl green drops and Prismacolor Premier pencils for the gemstone. :) On 11cm square textured beige card.

Want it? $25 including worldwide postage ^.^

Had a spam friend request on Facebook. I've found that if I delete the request but still message them, they respond anyway, so I had some fun. They blocked me after that last message. Think I scared 'em. :D

Another with my new red sparkle pen done :) Faber Castell Pitt black ink pens, Hybrid DualMetallicin black-red, UniPin Signo gold and DoveCraft 3D pearl gold drops, then Prismacolor Premier pencils for the middle gemstone. 11cm square textured beige card.

For sale! $25 including worldwide postage, or $40 for this and the previous one together as a matching pair ^.^

Oops, meant 11cm, not 21 😂

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I also enjoy drawing portraits, so will end my r&m spam for now w/ this silly thing I drew of Justin Roiland

Pentel have a new range of Hybrid gel pens out called Dual Metallics. Picked this one up today, black-red, and drew this for to try it out. It's pretty cool! Also used a Faber Castell gold pen, Dove Craft 3D gold pearl drops and Prismacolor Premier pencils for the middle gemstone. Drawn on 21cm square textured card.

I'll part with this for $25 USD including worldwide postage if anyone wants to buy it!

Masto should have a checkbox you can tick for 'this is really important please give me another 500 characters plz I promise to use them wisely and not abuse this magical checkbox'

(Yes I'm usually too lazy to split toots)

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Female friend: *comment about one way in which women encounter sexism*
Male friend of hers: "that's rubbish and you know it"

Joy. *cracks knuckles, dives into the thread*

day 13. A quick and shaky- handed one cuz I'm kinda aura migrainey. Also I did some cheeky shading with my water soluble Derwent sketchbrush and my water pen thing.

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Do I know anyone who has an Asus Chromebook 14? Friend is looking at getting one but wants one that has access to the Play store and apps, and we're both finding conflicting information on whether or not the 14 has access to the Play store (beta or otherwise).

Urgh, one of our local supermarkets has already trimmed up for pantsmas. That's it, I'm hibernating for three months. Wake me when it's over

It's my first hatch day today! AAAAHHHHH EXCITE