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Second one - .

It takes moments to look at a piece of art and digest it enough to complement the creator. If you create visual art, it's *relatively* easy to get positive reinforcement when you post stuff.

As a writer, people actually have to invest time to read what you've written before they can feed back.

If you're writing something and want readers, use this tag.

If you have some free time and want to encourage a writer, browse this tag to find stuff to read & support. <3

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I'm a m/m novella set in a world.

The content is broken into bite-sized chapters so you can read in small doses if you don't have much time to read but would like to check it out.

It's got some fun characters and amusing interactions, so I'm told. ^.^

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When I joined masto, I gravitated towards following creative peeps and noticed a thing that's pretty common to all of us: we feel guilty for promoting places that people can buy our work or otherwise support us financially. So I started the hashtag for that very reason. Got an Etsy page? Online store? Patreon? Selling a piece of art? Throw that tag on it. Do it with unfettered abandon. Everyone else: Look at that tag for artists to support. Buy their stuff. Help them create. <3

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Also, if you'd like to receive some random original signed art (from stuff I've got lying around), I'll pop the following sized pieces in an envelope for you (examples below);

$5 - A6 (postcard size)
$10 - A5 (half letter size)
$15 - A4 (USA letter size)

Prices include worldwide postage. You can indicate if you'd like a colour piece or black and white, and if possible I'll accommodate :)

Pay here > and include your post address (or DM me).

I've lost a few Patreons in the last couple of months. I get it, money flow is turbulent for a lot of people.

If you're in a position where you can support and you'd like to get some pretty desktop backgrounds, mandala art tutorials, colouring pages, and even signed original art, I'd appreciate it. <3

My friend and I went on a guided 'new moon walk' at our local nature reserve last night and it was amaaaazinnnggggg. I was pondering whether or not to take my camera because it would be dark, but I'm SO glad I did. Got photos of so much fun stuff! :D

Full album here:

CONTENT WARNING: Contains spider and bug pics.

Also saw these but I'm not sure what kind of duck they are - I think a juvenile male and a female, which makes them harder to ID because the plumage is non-standard.

I was pointing the camera straight ahead and felt something watching me. Glanced down to see this guy peering at me over the grass from the water's edge.

Whiskered terns. I've never really paid attention to them before, or perhaps not seen them properly in action, but they're very graceful birbs.

Hartlaub's Gulls and whiskered terns (latter are the smaller ones with black heads). The black blobs in the background are red-knobbed coots, and the snakeheads poking out of the water are reed cormorants.

Hanging weaver nests (trivia: the male builds the nest for the female and if she doesn't like it, she rips it down and hurls it to the ground and he has to start over!), a large white-breasted cormorant and smaller reed cormorants, and a wee bitty little grebe ^.^

Dragged @warpgate9 out to take me birding this morning. Not hugely successful, but did get a few nice shots.

Here's a pair of yellow-billed ducks.

My coffee pattern this morning courtesy of @warpgate9 is an avant-garde anteater doing a fancy dance

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I'm looking for artists on Mastodon who have digital coloring pages available for download, either free or paid. I know of the following:

Del @WelshPixie

Kristin Henry @kristinHenry

Heather G @rheall

Chris Hallbeck @Chrishallbeck

There must be more. Who am I missing?

#art #coloring #coloringbook

And the last one from this bunch, an intact sea urchin skeleton.

Random beach pics. This stretch of beach starts a few minutes walk from the house. These were around 8am a few mornings back. :)

Terns I think, possibly Swift Terns? I see some yellow beaks and black heads but the beaks look too slender to be gulls.

Lookit these wee Guineafowl babs foing for a walk

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Went to the dentist this morning and Jaco parked down a side street. On the way back to the car we noticed this place. Googled it, menu looked good and friend said they do the best burgers. Here now :D

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