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Jaco and I are teaching a friend's son some gaming stuff once a week. He's on the autism spectrum and has dyspraxia, and because of that, suffers from anxiety and low self-esteem. He loves gaming, and particularly loves collecting things and completing things, but often finds that games have online requirements for getting items or achieving things, and he can't always find 'safe' people to play with him in order to get those things. Talking with his mum today, we decided to create a group (1/?)

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When I joined masto, I gravitated towards following creative peeps and noticed a thing that's pretty common to all of us: we feel guilty for promoting places that people can buy our work or otherwise support us financially. So I started the hashtag for that very reason. Got an Etsy page? Online store? Patreon? Selling a piece of art? Throw that tag on it. Do it with unfettered abandon. Everyone else: Look at that tag for artists to support. Buy their stuff. Help them create. <3

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Hey artists! I'm looking to hire someone for cover art for an upcoming TTRPG. It involves anthropomorphic dice adventurers.

If interested, reply with portfolio/examples of your work, and we'll go from there.


But also...

Things <.< >.>

Finished this! Copic multiliners and an Aristo technical pen with white ink for the stars, on 200gm medium tooth A4 paper.

For Sale! $100USD which includes worldwide shipping. Message me to nab it :D

Painted a Ukulele for my friend! :D

Resizing that pic messed it up. Hopefully better version :)

Finished the inking. Need to add the gold dots to the outer ring then it's done :)

Will be selling this one, $200 which includes worldwide shipping. It's 40cm square on canvas board.


It's a lovely cool rainy day - my favourite kind of weather! Perfect for a bit of painting :D I'm using Diamine ink in Imperial Purple with a daVinci cosmotop spin brush on a 40cm square canvas panel.

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If you join my at the $1 tier you'll get access to a folder with over 100 high res desktop wallpapers in it, with more added every month (usually weekly, often daily). :)

That's how they behave when I've been out a while. Kitten snugs attack.

KITTENS (selfies, eye contact)

Does anyone actually enjoy getting their food served on a piece of paper on a plank of wood

Made a praying mantis friend yesterday. Pretty sure she was full of eggs and looking for a place to lay them. I put her back high up on the wooden frame, they like placing their ootheca high up :)

Made a fractal desktop wallpaper pack :)

$1, 10 lovely fractals in 16x9 and 4x3.

I found some squirls

(Made in Chaotica)

I need to stop making fractals and go to bed

*makes more fractals*

Fractal horse heads o.o (Made in Chaotica)