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Del @WelshPixie

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@KevinCarson1 Haha, yep - and our other cat who uses the very solid and un-scratchable fridge door as a scratching post o.o


*eats two bites from food bowl*
*steps over food bowl*
*forgets food is there*
"Waaaah where is my food why do you never feed me"

Finally finished my Mapdalas colouring pack! It's 10 'mapdalas' of various detail levels - mandalas filled with map detail; buildings, trees, roads, waterways, etc., in a print-ready PDF ^.^

You can grab it from for $5 or if you're a $5+ Patreon you'll have a link in my Patreon posts :D (

@awedjob Haha, yes - on the flip side :D

@awedjob It's an awesome place. There's a bunch of vineyards along the same road that have markets on the weekends. This was the one we were at - :)

Met a friend here yesterday afternoon at the farmers market :) such a chill place.

From a review I just read on Slime Rancher:

"Just be careful if you get headaches or migrants easily I had my contacts in and got a migrant from all the bright colors."

Beware the migrants! I get migrants frequently. They come into my head from other places and stay a while.

Making friends

(Galaxy Note 5, edited in Snapseed, CC0)

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#art #mastoart #creativetoots #painting #squid #illustration

Another gouache on wood thing. *coff* i might be willing to part with this guy for a reasonable price *coff*

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While @WelshPixie claims to be 'living' in south Africa our agents have discovered that she is actually a very advanced robot. These claims of 'living' are simple there to throw us off in our search for the truth.


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Today I feel like spreading rumours. So once again, if you boost this toot I will tell the world some (almost certainly false) scandalous rumour about you.

@make Just looking, we pop in there sometimes to find the bad translations on the toys ;p

Some fun discoveries at The Crazy Store yesterday 😂