If want to buy new pc focused on freedom and security with no headache of blobs and microcode and flashing your bios... Please take a look at Talos/BlackBird OpenPower CPUs. Big thanks to @RaptorEng for their hard work.


If you want to meet Whonix devs join our room on Matrix


You can create your account without the need of mobile number or active email (optional) here:


If your host Windows or Mac and you talk about having privacy i think you need to see a doctor,I recommend visiting Dr.Richard Stallman mostly he will recommend GNU/suppository. Choose your host wisely:


Many users were searching for clearnet browser but always find something like either contain privacy issues or proprietary...etc Well have you ever used Secbrowser?


This guy is really talanted and i would consider his email service the best one to be used with external email client (super easy registration, No JS, Tor hidden services support, pop/imap, free software...brilliant!!) ^TNT


ctempler have done really great steps towards better privacy, glad to see that @ctemplar, cant wait to see you supporting outside clients with pop/imap/smtp. Some notes i added ^TNT:


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