Sharing was a huge struggle and many ppl finished their lives defending it like Richard Stallman (Free Software) , ThePirateBay (Their developers arrested, seized many times, caused alot of money) , Aaron Swartz (Reddit co-founder) killed himself due to unfair charges... These ppl done all of these risks because they wanted me and you to have this right, So let us not stop & Always share. ^TN

Sharing always was and will be good thing to do , but you need to do it with best tools available to save your privacy: ^TN

OnionShare: Tor based
Muwire: I2P based
Snark: (plug-in I2P-Java)

Although Purism produces garbage laptops, but they have made a great step into porting GNU/Linux to phones market. (Dont expect Whonix or Qubes to be there because Librem5 doesn't support virtualization) ^TNT

I2P is still using SHA-1 in its networks , do you think its vulnerable to SHA-1 attacks through any process? Hope someone can research that. ^TNT

To Proprietary Companies and some of Open Source campaign and Linux foundation and all RMS haters these are the heroes which the history will remember:

RT @Whonix: Overview of Advanced Deanonymization Attacks and their development status in Whonix ™

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