Wikidata query, long URL: UK statues of non-noble women 

I came across a factoid that “only 3% of statues in the UK are of non-royalty women”; in Wikidata, we have 727 UK statues depicting/commemorating known people, of which 39 show a woman with no “noble title” (P97), for a ratio of 5.3%.

uspol/ukpol, Wikidata query, long URL 

Wikidata version of a graph by Matt Gray on Twitter ( age of US President / UK Prime Minister at inauguration/appointment and England mean age, since 1989 (left) or total (right).

(We don’t have data for whole-UK or US mean age, nor a property for median rather than mean age, yet.)

Wikidata query, long URL: programming languages written by women 

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Wikidata query, long URL: wealthiest people on Wikidata 

The query defines “queer” as non-heterosexual and/or non-cisgender male/female (we don’t seem to have any aromantic people yet, so depending on how they’re modeled when they’re added, the query may or may not include them in future); wealth must be in USD (excludes one item, Q69750156).

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Wikidata query, long URL: longest rivers that don’t feed into a sea or ocean 

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