A quick clock domain crossing post for you: projectf.io/posts/simple-fpga-

Safely send pulses between domains with the XD module from the Project F Library.

On reflection, I could have named the module ports better—something for the next version. 😀

The TRS-80 Model 100 — as featured in a forthcoming edition of A Macintosh History from August '86.

"The Model 100 keyboard is slight­ly smaller than normal size, but it has a standard QWERTY configuration and the keys themselves are sculpted and full-sized."

I’m not my sharpest for this week.

My most profound thought thus far:
Why is there no emoji for integrated circuit?


New simple sprite designs for your : projectf.io/posts/hardware-spr

Demo projects for iCEBreaker and Arty boards. Plus Verilator sims to run on your computer with no dev board required.

Naturally, they're open source with Makefiles & build instructions. 🦔

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I’m en route to Electromagnetic Field. Looking forward to catching up with old friends, nattering about , and the @FieldFX demoparty.

I've just published a quick post on display signals and indexed colour with palettes: projectf.io/posts/display-sign

Updated hardware sprites will follow later this month.

“People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.“ — Alan Kay

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