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General PSA about infighting 

I've seen what snitch/bad jacketing can do to to activist spaces irl, and it can be fuckin UGLY. We're fighters and when you've been a hammer for a long time everything starts to look like a nail. I'm not saying that you should let shit slide that you think is wrong but when people start labeling each other cryptofash/cops/
snitches/plants etc the paranoia can snowball pretty quickly and it is extremely corrosive. Just call people assholes or shitheads if you're mad.

You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you. - Leon Trotsky

gallows humor, rape 

“This whole thing smacks of harassment,” I holler as I kick survivors and turn into mmastodon.shit

Just saw a huge porcupine. Good thing the dogs didn't go after it.

Bread horror story 

I made the dough for a busy pizzaria. Their recipe called for vegetable shortening instead of oil.

It's good that nobody likes my terrible jokes. Shows that you all have good taste.

This time Chief O'Brien can't escape a dream but really discovers why the spice must flow.

I fuckin love those books that are just collections of demons because while they're cool on their own what makes them even better is that most of them are written by people like this

Imortal Technique is problematic sometimes but you can't deny how much his trac "Bin Laden" slaps. Plus it has Mos Def and Eminem.

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