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WritingPrompts @WritingPrompts@mastodon.social

You see the world in negative colors whenever something or someone near you is in mortal danger. For the past 6 months, anywhere you go, you can't get it to go away and it's only getting worse.

In the near future, Disney has gotten so large that it became a world superpower and was granted a seat on the UN, making decision making in the UN a lot harder

You loved being a vampire during the 80s and 90s, but in 2070, with all the improvements in biotech and genetic engineering, you find yourself trapped in a body that, compared to everyone around you, is short, weak, frail, ugly, horribly light sensitive, and dependent on a very awkward diet.

Like presidents, Santa Clauses are elected by elves every few hundred years from the unaware public. You've been elected as the new Santa.

A space exploration team finally finds life on another planet, only to realise it is basically the same as our own, and they are feeling pretty underwhelmed.

One morning out of boredom you begin making faces and posing in front of the mirror, suddenly your reflection stops and says "Are you trying to get me fired or something?!"

Astronomers have discovered that sunspots are uncommon in other stars, and the ones that exhibit them last a few millennia before going nova.

"I have to be the bad guy every day. When I wear the costume, I get to be the hero for a little."

Everyone knows about the frog prince. A kiss turns him back, accomplished easily enough. But what about the lesser known "dragon prince," because how does one go about kissing a dragon?

You are blind, and thought you would never find love. Until one day you find her. It’s Medusa.

You've been wearing a mood ring for the last month, but it's started to only show love. Then you realize, your ring has fallen in love with you.

Not all houses leave Milk and Cookies, some leave Brandy. You bump in to Santa early on Christmas eve and having heard of his legendary capacity for alcohol you offer to buy a drink. You wake up hungover next to the sleigh in a ditch. What happened last night!?

In your meth class, while your teacher is busy explaining the correct way to shoot up, your buddy leans over with a calculator and asks you, "hey, man. Do you wanna try some math?"

The US steps back from the global spotlight, so another nation must become the World Police, and learn how tough the job actually is.

You are a pickpocket. One day you steal a phone from a person in the subway, but when you check the phone, the date is all wrong. It says 15 December 2018. You think it's a bug, but its newsfeed is filled with things dated in the future.

Jophiel's duty is to stand before the gate to the Garden of Eden, to prevent humanity from ever returning. Due to Lucifer's scheming a young child stand before him asking, "Can I have my ball back, please?"

You reach max level in a game and lose interest for a while. Logging in months later, you find that years have past in game and chaos has spread, everyone wonders where your avatar, lauded as a savior, has gone.

Aliens are monitoring our media and 98% of the internet is porn...They're not giving us anal probes; they're just trying to speak the language.

After dying at a relatively young age, you are reincarnated as a pet and your mourning family adopts you. After living in your house again, you quickly learn that there is a lot you did not know about your family while you were alive.