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Since the beginning of time, Death had always been there to collect the souls of the dead. Today, he collected the soul of the last living human. As he stood alone, he asked himself a long avoided question... 'Who's going to collect my soul?'

In the future, World War III isn't fought with bullets, guns and tanks anymore. It is fought with a video game. You are a soldier who somehow managed to keep an outpost by yourself after your fellow soldiers were knocked out of the game. Tell us your story.

Shaking out the envelope, you found a set of keys. And a note. "'Remember, our dimension is 5424-D, and the old girl takes diesel.' -Dad." A multi-dimensional food truck was a strange first car...

Each year the elite Special Forces teams meet up to compete in a counter terrorism exercise to determine who is the best of the best. The game is determined by the host and this year its laser tag.

You are a time traveler. Your job? Go into the recent past to foil the assassinations of your government leaders. Normally, this isn't a hard job, this time though, you suspect that you've met your match: yourself

You buy a brain chip that allows you to have hyper-realistic lucid dreams. The device malfunctions while you're dreaming, making you rapidly switch between dreams and reality. It's starting to get hard to distinguish the two.

I blotted out all that I've wrote. Rubbed away distance; I smoothed out the false. Now those are honest words.

You are an astronaut. You have just witnessed the nuclear self-destruction of life on Planet Earth from 500,000km away. With no home to go back to, and food and oxygen to last you 2 weeks, you take your pencil and notepad and begin.

All those tacky statues and mascots you see in small towns, the giant thermometers and the smiling ears of corn? They're not actually kitsch, they're the central figure in each town's cult.

On what at first seemed like a suicide mission, you and your squad have managed to cross the no man's land... only to find the enemy trenches completely empty.

Youve been selectively mute all your life. So selective, in fact, you only talk in your sleep. You dont want to hear what you say in your sleep.

You wake up to a gorgeous sunrise in Montana. Which is kinda surprising, because you were at your apartment in Long Island, NYC last night night when you went to bed

The naturally blind can see the alternate, Spirit World. You're born with just one blind eye.

You have a bad habit of accidently saying code words in conversation. Because of this, you're constantly discovering secret organizations wherever you go.

Two narrators disagree about how the protagonists story should play out. They constantly sabotage each other. The protagonist is insanely confused.

You are a Nigerian prince and you decided to give part of your wealth away to a random person on the internet.

The zombie apocalypse happened. Your zombie parents love you, but you fear you could give them a heart attack if you tell them you have not been zombified. You are the last human left and lying to family and friends is every day more difficult.

Princess Sophia's instructional guide to getting R-R-RIPPED in captivity.

After you die, you arrive in a waiting room, with a banner saying "Class of 2076!". An official-looking person comes over, congratulates you on completing your training, and informs you that your universe is now ready. "Here is your license", they say, "God #2381-B1. Good luck!"