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It started normally enough: A doctor brought you back from the brink of death after an accident. Then it happened again after illness. Then again after a heart attack. Hundreds of years have passed and you can't die or age. He always drags you back.

Humanity has fallen, monsters take over the world and keep human as pet and food. You're the monster that fight for human right.

You get a job in a school for superheros with four houses. Heroes, Sidekicks, Mentors and Anti - Heroes. It is your job to choose who goes in which house.

One day, bored at home, you keep looking at the analog clock in your kitchen. It appears to stop every time you stare at it for a few seconds. Then you realize that if you keep staring at it, time itself stops.

you have been wandering the oceans for many centuries, slowly walking through the sand, worms latched at you, and algae blooming on your body , you come up to land for the first time in ages with military greeting you with firearms, and explosives.

When you arrived in this place you could certainly speak with the others, but it's harder to pin down their customs. The only clues are in the clothes. Everyone has fashion from their time, including some future times. You decide it best to journal events as they unfold...

A new gaming system allows players to turn their bodies into computer code, vanishing into the game world. Seeing the malicious potential, you, a hacker, make a virus that can alter people’s codes, changing them when they reenter the real world.

You are experiencing involuntary jerking movements. In an attempt to find out the root cause, you visit a neurologist. He tells you that you are in a coma.

A neuron has to go to the subconscious to find where that song is coming from, and how to stop it. Seriously, its been 2 days.

Humans are the arms dealers of the galaxy. They sell advanced weapons to both sides of the same war for twice the profit.

You are at a friend's house, and notice he has a piano. You decide to try it out, never having played piano in your life before. You begin playing like no one ever has in all of human history. You begin to realize that you have suddenly mastered every single skill overnight.

In a world where everyone has at least one minor superpower, you were thought to be powerless... until you nearly died. It seems that you have plot armor, no matter how ridiculous the situation, you survive unscathed due to an even more ridiculous coincidence.

While visiting your hometown you find yourself drawn to a strange, old gravestone. Peeling away the thick growth of ivy you recoil in horror as you see your full name, exact date of birth, and date of death recorded as ten years ago

In a world where superpowers are bought and sold as everyday items, you've had enough of scavenging in the garbage bin. It's time to see what else lays in the shop.

You one day wake up 10 years in the past and try to secretly use that to your advantage. Little do you know everyone else is doing the same.

A machine can tell with a 100% accuracy your day of birth, your day of death and the cause of your death with a small sample of blood. When you try it, the machine lags on the "day of birth" analysis: According to the machine you were born with the Big Bang.

After a few escapades with your timestopper you realise that time doesn't really stop. It just freezes everyone in place while you walk around with them perfectly aware and seeing you.

You’ve died, a young pro-gamer with zero defeats in any competitive game. You expected to be judged in the afterlife, only to find God and Satan look at you with pleading eyes, saying: “We need a new commander, and we deem you worthy of it.”

During a party at a friend's house, you and your crush get shoved into a closet for a game of "seven minutes in heaven." As the door slams shut, there's a blinding flash of light. As your eyes adjust to the light, the two of you find yourselves in front of the pearly gates.

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