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You are a master kidnapper, who was just kidnapped. Luckily you are in a hands of an amateur. But the problem is, the police is on their way. And they will arrest you, when they find you. You have to help your kidnapper get away with your kidnapping.

Soon after humanity makes first contact with aliens, we are introduced to the standard universal translator. The problem is that the translated speech all sound incredibly sarcastic to humans.

Endgame tops Avatar with the rerelease. Avatar rerereleases to fight back. Soon only those two movies are allowed in theatres. Humanity becomes divided. Then comes the faction wars.

You have the ability to see subtitles in your head for real conversations. You usually just use it to freak out your friends by finishing their sentences. But today you read an alarming conversation between two people trying to keep their conversation quiet.

Everyone is born with a certain spell and a number of times they can use it. The durability is directly linked to how good the spell is. You were born with an infinite durability. Most people thought your spell was useless but you’ve recently found an exploit.

You brace yourself for the worst as the witch tells you the effects of the curse she just placed on you. As she finishes, you blink. "So...what's the downside again?"

In a world of silicon based lifeforms, they have created carbon based creatures to perform tasks they don't want to waste time or processing power on, but they went too far. The creatures have become sentient, now computers face... the human uprising.

Everyone has gone far into the abandoned building and two have died already. Meanwhile you, who has watched horror movies before unlike the overwhelming majority of your world, are tired of dealing with cheap horror cliches.

You have writer’s block. You go to the library to read books by great authors for inspiration. You notice on each book the author is photoed with the same quill pen. From Shakespeare to Poe to your favorite living author, no lives intersect. Are they all the same person ? Is the pen the source?

“Only 1% can make it to level 10!” You laugh and the ad and think “Who believes this crap?” But out of boredom you decide to download it. Surprise surprise you make it to level 10. After finishing the level you hear a knock on your door.

No one gets your jokes, no one understands your references, and no one knows what your talking about. You finally figured out why. You’re somehow accessing an entirely different internet, one filled with powerful, world-changing information that only you know about, and only you can use.

A narrator tells the tale of the Chernobyl disaster as if it were medieval folklore passed on for generations.

God isn't a god, just a cosmic corporate employee. God hasn't submitted any new worlds recently and his boss is stopping by in 2 hours to check his progress. He quickly rushes to put something together and calls it Earth.

Tessa didn’t care that the wounded and dying scattered across the battlefield were on opposite sides in whatever idiot battle the local competing warlords decided to meet near her village... but she damned sure was going to make sure as many of them would live as she could.

You are the chosen one! You even have a magic sword and fantastic powers! So where the heck is the adventure? The evil that must be defeated? Despite discovered your true calling as the chosen one, nothing spectacular has happened. Life goes on as normal. Chores. School. Friends. Family. Normal.

one of the warhammer 40k lost primarchs has been found..leading his own 'legion' in a WAAAAGGGH

Turns out the devil did not go down to Georgia for a fiddle competition, it was just some rich guy with a golden fiddle. All the devil can think of is how he can salvage his reputation.

Commander Shepherd & the Master Chief are competing to outdo each other in a "I'm a badass" contest. Then they hear heavy metal & the heavy stomp of aproaching boots.

“You’re under cardiac arrest for breaking the laws of physics.”

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