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The greatest of all the gods was never the king god, it was the god of alcohol and revelry, a memory lost to his constant drunkenness. And he just ran out of booze.

You're a living skeleton out at sea, while being battered and tossed by waves for years without meeting land you finally get tossed on to a shore. Only to find that the world that should be there has ceased to exist decades ago.

You moved into your new house. You got the whole “this house is haunted” speech from your neighbor, but that doesn’t scare you. You’ve been looking for a house like this for a long time, and you can feel this one is special.

God steps down, giving his position to his younger brother, Gosh.

Death cannot reap the souls of people who have died in a way that nobody before has. Knowing this... society has got a bit crazy.

You are an HR employee who has done more good for the city than any Superhero... simply by refusing to hire employees in departments etymologically linked to their alliterative names.

After a devastating explosion, you must navigate the building's wreckage and avoid the survivor-hunting terrorist to live to see another day.

You are a wish lawyer; you help clients negotiate wishes from genies, the devil, dragons, and other wish granting entities.

Everyone in the world spontaneously changes genders, but everyone attempts to keep living life regularly because they don't want to bring it up to someone else and seem crazy.

Humans have long since discovered immortality. New births have stopped since there was no longer a reason to replenish the human race. Now, humanity faces a crisis. Every single person has hit the presidential term limit.

You are taking photos with your cell phone in a dream, nothing out of the ordinary. But unlike all the other times, this morning you wake up and the photos you took in your dream are actually on your phone.

You thought you were ordinary, until a psychic tried to read your mind and instantly started screaming in horror and bleeding from the nose.

Mortals can sell their soul to a demon for great power, fame, or wealth. What most people don't know is that you can also just rent it to a demon for small favors.

Lady Luck is real and she develops a crush on you after you pay for the coffee of the person behind you, hers. Turns out she's shy and bad at expressing her feelings making you the unluckiest man on earth.

In the year 2384, the world council releases an AI to automatically remove reposts from the internet, in an effort to advance human culture. After the internet grinds to a halt, they realize: There hasn't been original content in 400 years.

You, a call center agent, are making first contact with extraterrestrial life via a customer service call.

A girl wakes up in the midle of the night in her boyfriend's house to go to the bathroom, when she returns to the bedroom she sees herself still in bed with her bf, both looking at her in terror.

You are an imprisoned Nigerian Prince that has $100M in the bank but you need a foreigner to help access and get you out. You email lots of overseas people and offer a huge reward, but everyone refuses to help you.