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You find a wallet on the ground. You open it and find out it’s a magic flip wallet, except every time you flip it, it reveals the contents of a random person’s wallet. You flip it through a couple of times only to discover a photo of a close family member with cross marks on his eyes.

Everyone has a psychic power that is regulated by the government, but you haven’t manifested. Agents experiment trying to bring out the ability but, decide to execute you instead when this fails. This awakens a latent ability that allows you to possesses the body of your killer when you die.

Humans have long feared the apocalypse. Little do they know, they are the apocalypse.

Your dad always had a rich sense of humor. On his death bed he tells you “Son, there’s a joke in just about everything.”. A few years after his death you’re adjusting the living room clock for daylight savings. You drop it, shattering the frame. Inside is a note that reads “Take your time!”.

You've become a very successful surgeon, asssisted by an ability you've kept to yourself: with one touch you get a mental image of the inner workings of people's bodies. You've just shaken hands with someone and it's left you speechless. He says, "Now you know. We need help."

A totalitarian government I.D's and installs tracking chips in it's citizens to better control them. Your chip malfunctions, and you become somewhat of an urban legend in your efforts to bring them down undetected and untraceable. They call you citizen #404.

The end of days has come. You and three buddies revamp different types of forklifts to run on alternative energy. You all wander the wastes and help others with seemingly impossible tasks. You are the forkmen of the apocalypse.

You and your date hear a voice in your heads, "Fellow earthlings please listen, we need your energy now! Raise your hands up. I beg of you, there's no time left!" You immediately raise your arms but your date isn't too keen on the idea. It's your job to convince her to help save the universe.

You wake up as your 13 year old self. You learn that for half a year you've been in a coma and have hallucinated all of the adulthood you thought you've experienced. Now growing up for real, there are some key differences in adulthood comparing to your hallucinations.

In the near (or distant) future, people are able to rent out control of their bodies for certain periods of time to renters with highly advanced neural interfaces

After an alien race enslaves all humans on earth, they run a global lottery to let one human live and treat them like a king for the rest of their lives. You happen to win the lottery.

When a belief in a god dies, that god materializes in physical, mortal form. This can be a difficult transition so you've created a self-help programme for them called God's Anonymous. You're chairing tonight's meeting when a surprise newcomer enters.

A 30-foot copper mirror was found in the bottom of the Dead Sea and was displayed as an exhibit in a museum in New York. All of the visitors who stood infront of it to see their reflection were either terrified or intrigued. The mirror reflected who they were in their previous lives.

Some people call your "superpowers" pretty lame, but admittedly useful. The power to stop pandemics. To regrow burned-down rainforests. To remedy psychological trauma. Even to heal terrible relationships people have with family, friends, coworkers, etc. You actually have your own TV show...

Humanity has survived for billions of years and colonized a large part of the universe. The Old Earth has become a distant memory. One day, your excavation team discovers the remains of an ancient spacecraft on an empty planet, Voyager 1, and on the ship you find the Golden Record.

Humanity has always thought itself very smart for figuring out how to ride a giant explosion into space. Turns out there's a much easier way and the rest of the galaxy thinks we're insane.

You’re immortal. And your body has ceased aging. However, the only part of your body that will continue to ‘age’ is your brain.

In the post-apocalypse, you have a radio station, and regularly talked with a person at another radio station who you believe was the only other survivor. One day, that person stopped responding. Years later, your radio crackles to life and you hear: “Sorry for not responding, but I’m back.”

An adventuring party has been hired to travel across dimensions and stealthily retrieve an artifact of great power. All they've been told is that it secured in a museum of a vast city known as New York.

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