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You've been online dating for a while now, but you have an ace up your sleeve: a magic mirror that morphs your reflection to look like your date's ideal partner. One night, however, as you are getting ready for your next date, you stare into the mirror and see your reflection unchanged...

Your pointless superpower is that you know how many people’s lives you save with your actions. One day, at a Subway, you tell the cashier you want your sandwich on Italian bread, and you’re suddenly informed that you just saved five billion people.

You were born with the ability to slow time, and have really only used your power as a means to avoid having to try. One day, as you are walking through a practically frozen world, you see someone moving at normal speed, running out of a bank with an armful of money.

It's a little girl's time to die and Death comes walking up to the front door. Little does he know Chris Hansen waits in the kitchen.

They're smarter, they're faster, they can perform complex tasks. Write the story of a zombie trying to escape the human apocalypse.

It is day 43 of the zombie apocalypse. Your supplies are dwindling and it’s time to move to a new location. On your way out of town, you spot an open garage, so you take a peak inside. You find two fully tuned up bikes: a road bike, and a full suspension mountain bike. You can take only one.

The literal woman of your dreams is sick of you leaving her every time you wake up, and enacts a plan to keep you with her forever.

When a starship is decommissioned, its sentient AI is downloaded into a human body and released into civilian life. After 500 years in an elite battlefleet, you have just been stripped of your ship and made human.

You've spray painted ridiculous messages across the school campus. You were just trying to be funny, but people start abiding by them and taking your messages to heart.

the normal car you’ve owned for years isn’t actually as normal as you thought

Every time a new superhero emerges it's your job to make them public enemy # 1 so the government can justify arresting them and studying thier power. A new superhero with a unique and powerful ability has shown himself but he's so righteous it's making it hard to do your job.

The wealthy use dragons to protect their money. Of course dragons are overly protective so the dragon themselves is often traded with the wealth it protects. You are a lawyer working with two companies and one of the strangest dragons you've met in a huge deal.

Hundreds of years ago, you were a great warrior and leader of armies with tales of your exploits. Now, you're just one of hundreds of lowly skeletons in a, frankly incompetent, necromancer's army.

"Aren't genies supposed to grant 3 wishes?" "We do, but you already used one to erase some of your memories."

: A man comes to your house, with a machine that can tell you what impact you've had on people's lives, whether good or bad. He says that only you will ever see what's in the machine and you can never tell anyone, but you have 48 hours to use it.

A demon and a genie talk about the hubris of man by sharing stories of the wishes they've granted over the millenia.

Scientists create a portal to another realm. Rather than attempting to enter the portal in an attempt to seek out other life, the leaders of the world decide to first: dump the entirety of humanity’s trash into it. You are one of the trash men working closest to the portal.

You're hiking through the woods when you notice some movement off the path. When you investigate, you find your best friend alone, bent over and working on something. You're about to call out to them when you realize they're hiding a dead body.

One day mankind develops technology to review people's dreams when they wake up and everything is fine except when people keep reporting very strange things in the backgrounds of their dreams. Inhuman things.

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