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You're a demon inhabiting a vessel who's awaiting exorcism. You've faced countless men of faith, reveling in the torment caused as they've fought you. A hooded man enters the room with book dripping ichor, they draw near and in their eyes you see madness. . . You've never known terror till now.

You gained immortality by absorbing thousands of souls. They have gotten used to it and act like Twitch chat watching a livestream of your life.

You having always loved adrenaline, pushing boundaries, living on the edge, girls loved you, but you never felt true love Now you stand before a gun. You turn away quickly to scared to look death in the face. You see Death, and she wasnt expecting that. Feeling truly in love, time stops.

you don’t know who or what the enemy is. You were given a gun and some protection and told to fight. So you fire into the mist like everyone else does every time someone hears a noise past the frontline. The fog clears, and you finally see what you’ve been shooting at.

The number of people who would heroically sacrifice themself for the greater good is decreasing over time due to natural selection.

Beating your heart became manual one morning. But just like wiggling your ears, not everyone figured out how to do it.

You’ve been having terrible luck on Tinder- everyone so far has ghosted you; even when the convo seems to be going great... but your confusion is quickly answered by the knock of two detectives at your front door. Turns out... every single person you’ve matched with has turned up dead.

An amnesia patient has made an honest and quiet life for themselves. All is well, until they meet somebody who knew who they used to be, and understands how dangerous they really are.

You run a medical clinic for vampires. You’ve saved many immortal lives, and it’s been two years. They’re starting to notice you’re human.

The Swarm used an EMP to disable the artificial intelligences of everyone's space fleets. Only the Humans were primitive/paranoid/crazy enough to have manual backup controls.

You're a famous pizza chef. One day you create your Magnum opus dish. However, someone shortly after comes up to you, points a gun at your head, and whispers "no one out-pizzas the hut"

every night you awaken to the same thing, the sound of drums. Each night you can swear they’re getting louder and closer, tonight you awaken to the sound. It’s right outside.

In the not to near future, geneticists have created "immortal" people, who are more or less a global council of rich jerks. They have one ridiculous, mortal weakness though, that keeps them in check.

The high priest has chosen you for sacrifice. You're forced onto the altar and watch as he prepares the knife. Out of the corner of your eye, you see a glowing figure shouting at him, "For the last time you sadist, we don't want human sacrifices!"

Your daughter's favorite toy is your ancient Nokia cellphone. One day she comes bounding into the room, yelling "Mum, it's for you!" Humoring her, you accept the lifeless phone and hold it up to your ear. "Hello, it's Mum." Then you hear, "God, I missed the sound of your voice."

you have recently died in a car accident, as the grim reaper approaches you, he says "you weren't supposed to die now, come with me, we will have to talk with upper management."

You're a psychologist but there's one very peculiar thing about your area of expertise. All your clients are dead. Vengeful spirits might be scary and dangerous but most of them suffered a trauma that binds them in their current form and prevents them from moving on. You are here to help them.

It started with a heart, a live, beating and beautiful heart lying in your front door, you kept it and told no one, then the other parts of a body started appearing at your door, all of them extremely beautiful, alive and moving, and today the last part showed up.

In a world of superpowers, you have manifested the ability to freely trade consciousnesses with other minds. On a whim, you try to swap minds with a tree, only to discover that, somehow, every single plant in the world shares a single gestalt consciousness.

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