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Kanye North, Kanye South, Kanye East, and Kanye West are the four Kanye's of the apocalypse. Unfortunately West has gone rogue and lives as a human, to the consternation of the other three.

you dreams almost every night. in a dream, there is a person shouted at you: how can you forget me?! when you wake up, the person comes into your mind and you remember that you dreamed about him two years ago

An institute project rewired ant minds for far greater bandwidth and covered their bodies into a combination of computronium and utilitronium. It's only been several years and already reports are coming in of sighted tiny UFOs that can apparently also teleport.

You get on a plane and fall asleep after takeoff, but when you wake up, everyone has mysteriously disappeared and you are the only person on board. No one is flying the plane.

The government has been assigning everyone a schedule of their day since the year 2028. Every hour of every day is predetermined, and is always 100% accurate. One day, your schedule shows up with one free hour, around 1PM, labeled "Time to Die"

It's the year 2130, and countries are run by corporations for profit. You are a fledgling company willing to do anything to make it big.

The apocalypse has finally come, and you’re all prepared! Unfortunately, you were prepared for the wrong kind of apocalypse.

After the shooting, your new CEO smiles and says "It's the caliber of a management that makes the difference"

You are a serial killer driving around midnight in search of a victim. Suddenly you see one person asking for a ride. U smile and stop your car. Unknown to you, the hitchhiker is also a serial killer out in search of a prey

You control probability. That's it. You can manipulate the probability of anything.

You are the owner of a magic backpack; every morning you stick your hand in and it contains exactly what you need for the day. One morning it contains a gun.

A villain dies and reincarnates as the hero’s child. Slowly, they’re regaining memories of their past life all the while seeing first hand the vile destruction they’ve caused.

A new test is released which can determine your moral alignment with 100% accuracy. You and your spouse have the standard lawful good alignment, but soon discover your 4-year-old daughter's: chaotic evil.

In the near future, automated systems provide for the needs of everyone. No one lacks for food, clean water, medicine, clothing, entertainment; the best creative minds drive the planet forward. And then there's the other eight billion.

All that's left has been split in two - divided by a wasteland. A renegade trucker with a rolling fortress does freelance jobs across the quarantine zone.

The university you just started attending has a history course called “Arcana Studies”for incoming freshman. The professor jokingly puts spells on the board during the first week and encourages volunteers to attempt one. You raise your hand, pick a spell, and say the words. Somehow, it worked.

You ride your horse through the English countryside. Clad in shining plate metal and sword at your hip you pass peasants toiling in the fields as you make your way to see the local lord. It's been a year since Brexit.

You get warped back in time tp 5000 BC with nothing but a small Bic lighter in your hand.

[WP] After waiting in the endless line in Purgatory, you are assigned to the job of Grim Reaper. Today is your first day training and your instructor is Judge Dredd

You tell your not so tech-savvy grandmother that she needs to turn the internet off and back on again. Now she is at a server farm in the middle of nowhere with a dozen Molotov cocktails, and bolt cutters. You can only watch the live CCTV while she does irreparable damage.

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