uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu fuck i n eed some new friends

bros... what does it mean when your best friend puts their Minecraft bed next to yours bro...
what does it mean....

Mental health on main but god I'm fake

uuu i cant wait to have my first night's sleep in my first apartment

uuuu its hard to be active on here i stg

Friendship ended with x86, ARM is my friend now

gonna be real with ya chief but i'm tired of x86 man I'm sick of this shit architecture

Food tier posting but Wendy's fries is better than mcdonalds fries dont @ me

shaking my smh my head to be tbh honest

Video that I think about a lot to be tbqh quite honest

Tried to give myself a "dont program for this entire weekend" break but literally all my other hobbies touch programming or something I am programming a thing for how do i HERNG stop it

Gonna be real with you chief but some people's art style and subject matter screams "Im horny and go to 4chan and say slurs" and sometimes they have 15k followers and follow each other and draw hex maniac Like That™ and like a heart beat they all draw "recently relevant character that we will all be horny over for a few months" and quote-reply "triggered sjws" to militarized their following and inevitably celebrate getting blocked by

My Art clout: (posts pixel animation, cute girl) +500 followers
Video clout: (posts video) +1000 followers
My Programmer clout, the clout that I actually care about: (posts thing I made) 2 likes, maybe 3, -4 followers

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