(Since I'm Mister Grumpy today) Why can't anyone seem to make a good dark theme where everything is easily readable?
Does anyone know of a good Xfce theme editor? Oomox isn't doing it for me.

Google's "Don't be evil."

"the slogan was "also a bit of a jab at a lot of the other companies, especially our competitors, who at the time, in our opinion, were kind of exploiting the users to some extent"."

In a perfect world, when a captcha pops up demanding you prove you are a human and tells you to select all the pictures with a car, *everybody* picks all the pictures that don't have cars in them. That ought to freak the little non-human AI out.

(Yes, I just spent about 5 minutes doing this and eventually got to a screen where all of the pictures had the requested palm tree in them.)

I'm talking to you , and / announce mailing lists.

New SIM Card Flaw Lets Hackers Hijack Any Phone Just By Sending SMS

"As a potential victim, it appears, there is nothing much a mobile device user can do if they are using a SIM card with S@T Browser technology deployed on it, except requesting for a replacement of their SIM that has proprietary security mechanisms in place."


"An estimated 600,000 GPS tracking devices for sale on Amazon and other large online merchants for $25–$50 have been found vulnerable to a handful of dangerous vulnerabilities that may have exposed user's real-time locations,"


Made in Japan -> made in Taiwan -> made in China -> made in Vietnam?

Google Pixel smartphone production to shift from China to Vietnam

This article has links to the studies that bring Google's and other profiling advertisers practices in the open.
"This isn’t the first time that Google has used disingenuous arguments to suggest that a privacy protection will backfire. ...it’s an attempt to persuade users and policymakers that an obvious privacy protection—already adopted by Google’s competitors—isn’t actually a privacy protection."


WARNING — Malware Found in CamScanner Android App With 100+ Million Users

'"It can be assumed that the reason why this malware was added was the app developers' partnership with an unscrupulous advertiser," the researchers said.'


Google feeling the heat and trying to deflect it without actually changing what they do.

"Google has introduced Privacy Sandbox, an initiative to develop a new set of standards that will be more consistent with users' expectations of privacy, while providing a secure environment for personalization." 😣

BTW, this is not possible: scientificamerican.com/article

In monumentally important breaking news:

"Google announced that Android Q will not get a dessert nickname."

"Google also talks about how some of the treats they’ve used were not desserts or very popular in some regions."

And the Android robot's getting a new shade of green. You may have heard it here first.

Android 10 will not get a dessert name, Google reveals new branding

Just the last couple of days:

[USN-4100-1] KConfig and KDE libraries vulnerabilities
[USN-4102-1] LibreOffice vulnerabilities
[USN-4078-2] OpenLDAP vulnerabilities
[USN-4103-1] docker-credential-helpers vulnerability
[USN-4103-2] Docker vulnerability
[USN-4104-1] Nova vulnerability
[USN-4105-1] CUPS vulnerabilities
[USN-4106-1] NLTK vulnerability
[USN-4107-1] GIFLIB vulnerabilities
[USN-4108-1] Zstandard vulnerability
[USN-4109-1] OpenJPEG vulnerabilities

More DRM options for Android games. :yikes:

Mobile Game Protection brings Denuvo DRM to mobile games on Android

Everyone Is an Agent in the New Information
Warfare scientificamerican.com/article
'Playing into the “us versus them” dynamic makes everyone more vulnerable to false belief.'

"technology behemoths such as (...) must make more of their data available to independent researchers (while protecting user privacy)."
Not possible: scientificamerican.com/article

Update your Webmin.

Hackers Planted Backdoor in Webmin, Popular Utility for Linux/Unix Servers

"To exploit the malicious code, your Webmin installation must have Webmin → Webmin Configuration → Authentication → Password expiry policy set to Prompt users with expired passwords to enter a new one."

If you've been wanting to jailbreak your IOS device now's the time. (IOS in this group? Maybe friends or family members.)

iOS 12.4 jailbreak released after Apple ‘accidentally un-patches’ an old flaw

Don't do this, but look at how easy it is to create phishing pages, including one for ProtonMail. Certificate verification, making sure you've gone to the intended URL, instead of clicking on the link in the email you just got, or the link in the PDF, etc. are essential.

Easily Create Phishing Pages for Social Media Accounts & More with BlackEye [Tutorial]

Why is anyone still using Facebook?

Facebook paid third parties to transcribe users’ voice messages

"While this news is initially shocking, the more you think about it, the less shocking it becomes. In a statement to Congress in April of 2018, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the company does not use user audio for ads. He did not, however, disclose what the audio is used for."

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Ok. I can edit videos now.

Kdenlive is nice, but Olive is much nicer even in this early alpha with all its bugs.

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