And here's a list of games that weren't on itch that I enjoyed most this year:
The Last Guardian
Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
Little Nightmares
Lost Bear (PSVR)
One Way Trip

Setup a list of games on I played this year that impressed me the most.

I wonder if you could argue "i thought it was Just For Laughs Gags" if charged with resisting arrest in Montreal?

Well, 2017 isn't going to be a banner year for me gamedev wise. Made two tiny things and started something in Unity but no real progress. Perhaps 2018 will be better.

Found this at Pete's, thought I'd give it a try. Not sure if I've ever had a Christmas pudding before.

Christmas gift wrapping:
1. cut some paper
2. grimace at how ragged the cut is
3. wrap gift
4. get tape stuck to wrong part
if paper rips while fixing, go back to step 1
5. grimace at how badly and uneven wrapping is
6. remember the paper is going to end up in trash
7. repeat

Adventure Lamp is a fun game, playing it on Jump. It's like a friendly version of Super Meat Boy but with a hat.

It's December, will have to get my favorite games of 2017 list prepared

Will I have the time and energy for ludum this weekend?

One moment you're carrying a large bag of Christmas wrapping supplies down the stairs, then the next...

Oprah is not on my Christmas list Amazon, sorry. Hopefully she has someone to give her a gift this Christmas.

I'm at the point in life were I need to scan through facebook posts to figure out what the names of the really young kids in the family are.

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