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Actually...don’t just seek out doers. Seek out hurting people as well, and be compassionate.

Don’t wait until someone is a martyr for you to seek them out and affirm them as human beings.

Please seek out people who are trying to help people. Don’t just listen to those who tell everyone else how wrong they are.

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‪Straights during pride: wow gay pride is so inappropriate, why do gay people have to flaunt their sexuality like that‬

‪Straights during mardi gras: TITS 4 BEADS, SEQUIN BIKINI BABES, it’s tradition!!!‬

Want to show off today, so here’s a picture of me wearing a black coat and a dark blue shirt with an anchor/infinity symbol on it.


Listening to J Dilla’s, “Donuts” makes me appreciate the history of music in a way. It’s like with Danger Mouse’s, “Grey Album”, some of the samplings/mash-ups are so fucking good they encapsulate and transcend entire musical eras.

May Dilla rest in peace. Shame that the estate has been so shitty to his family.

So, next week I will be hosting a forum on the life of Marsha P. Johnson and the struggle of black queer folk on behalf of PSL (Party for Socialism and Liberation). I spent a night hammering out a rough draft of one of my speeches, and am even making a little flyer with the help of comrades.

I’ll show you folks the flyer later.

How have you helped someone today?

My partner and I tried to play, “Sonic & the Secret Rings” while high. It just made us angry, and one is not supposed to be that while high.

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You don't got to school for design to judge what styles are better than others. That's pure bullshit.

You go to school to learn how to identify visual challenge and use the appropriate solution to solve it. And the solution can literally be anything.

That's why we study, painters, illustrators, architects, etc. The more you know, the more effective you can be at finding solutions, which are more often than not, a combination of styles rather than just one.

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Elitism in design is the anti-thesis of good design because one is limiting their toolset based on a particular grouping of personal tastes. That is the exact opposite of what you want to do if you want to be a good designer.

But, as a dude that has 15+ years in the design and dev game, I know a lot of people don't want to be good designers. They just want to *appear* that they are. So they get into stupid ass convos about what they know rather than what works.

Because they don't know.

This is a great article on Mexican Indigenous leaders marching in the U.S. and in Mexico, fighting for their rights and self-determination: liberationnews.org/mexican-ind

If people are interested, I have mode a post listing my favorite movies and video games of 2017. It’s a rough post that I am making into an audio recording soon, so here’s a peek: patreon.com/posts/my-favorite-

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one last thing for goblin week! didn't do one for every day but eyyyy when do i ever do that for these art challenges

Currently reading, “The Archaeology of Knowledge” on and off since I got it months ago, like I do several other books.

I would wish I had more time to read and finish my books, but I’m also at a period in my life where I have to be on my toes, so I have to consume things bit by bit.

Made a post for my patrons a few days ago regarding an upcoming post. Now I want to show it to all of you: patreon.com/posts/my-favorite-

Please elt me know what you think of it so far. This is a work in development.

A friend of mine told me to, “Let it burn”, that I am not what lovers and friends have said I am anymore. I’m going by the advice of a person who probably just wants me to be happy and was trying to tell me stuff that would motivate me towards getting my happiness. Presupposing that happiness is something I can control.

I don’t know if I deserve that or not. I want to move away from deserving or earning things.

I’m in therapy for the first time in a long time. Feels nice to be doing something I’ve been needing to do.

Today, on Martin Luther King Day, there will be a prisoner’s strike in Florida. Please read this article on it, support it, and spread the word: t.co/9cDrRydbYn