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I still call the string of posts on Mastodon "timeline" but I think we need a term distinct from birdsite

May I suggest: toot chute

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So if you want to help gender and sexual minorities out of poverty, invisibility, and oppression (and you do, right?), please make sure you specifically list and include trans men. Examine why you might be disinclined to. There needs to be other avenues forward for trans men besides reluctant conformity to a sick society, but we need help and inclusion to build those with you. Thx and 💜. 3/3

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Many trans men carry the legacy of the misogynistic control, sexist career limitation, poverty, and self-effacement taught to many women. And transition to male threatens both family ties, and inclusion in programs designed to help women -- without guaranteeing any replacement support from men or the cis-male world.

A lot of us get stuck in limbo, not women but not able to be toxically male. And we're invisible there. Even to many gender-open allies. 2/3

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Gentle reminder:

Trans men and masculine nonbinary people also need financial and skills help, supportive interest, active inclusion, and boosting our voices -- just as women (trans and cis) and nonbinary people do.

Trans men don't just briefly appear out of women's spaces, pass quickly, and then shooting-star directly into privilege. That assumption makes the struggle harder and lonelier, especially for those trans men that did not begin their journey from a safe queer space. 1/3

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Android queen Janelle Monáe (for GQ Magazine by Pari Dukovic) 💖

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“In August, North Hollywood resident Jacob Swanson, 36, heard from his building’s property manager that rent for his apartment would increase from $1,850 to $2,000 per month...Eager to know the reason for the higher rent hike, he emailed the property manager to ask if repairs or upgrades were planned for the building. The reply he received didn’t mention any repairs; instead, the building’s manager blamed the increase on “the upcoming election.”

Well, this is scummy.


Look, in the entirety Devil Wears Prada, Nate is a fucking asshole and I will fight you on that.‬

‪I watched a lot of Ally McBeal, The Practice and Boston Public when I was a kid.‬

‪I’m kinda scared to revist those shows. My memories of them form a backbone of aspiration and respectibility related to then-contemporary issues. A nicer, less reactionary analogue to shows like Law & Order and Jerry Springer, but where the compassion for the marginalized only goes so far.

Maybe I’m wrong?

To anyone who is not out for whatever reason: I love you.

Shake Shack is just Fatburger for white people.

Comparmentalizing the sources for ones needs/wants is characterized as something only bad people do. Now I’m finding myself doing it out of the sake of my mental health and I see it differently.

Does this make me an asshole, or am I looking at it the wrong way?

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Explaining how to do basic stuff on a tablet to my mother over the phone reminds me that the slick UI’s adopted by our OS’s are based on a set of assumptions (essentially a grammar) that is actually unintuitive.

We think that it’s simple and obvious, but that’s not true: We are just accustomed to some UI paradigms (icons, windows, tabs, menus, swipes, etc.) that an outsider would find hard to learn because they are just a convention among us, and there is nothing natural or necessary in them.

There’s a difference between recognizing that you are not responsible for everything around you and treating yourself like a helpless person who is always made to do things beyond your power, including offensive acts.

As a survivor and as someone accounting for times where she has been a shithead, that throws all kinds of red flags.

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