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@Y3WTREE my personal suspicion is that some of this is intimately tied to the expectations of our societies' sick roles & their mutely prescribed limitations–mainly the expected exchange of sympathy for subjecthood. The pressure I constantly feel is that I can be ill, or I can be an agent who gets to name my own history & decide my own fate. We've assembled & maintained a fucked up silent contract where all sufferers are supplicants; if someone needs assistance they can't negotiate its terms.

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In other news, Battletech looks fucking rad.

Why does every discussion about mental health make one fear crossing some line between honesty and exhibitionism?

Its as if sharing one’s experiences makes them manipulative and dishonest. It doesn’t. But we’re just not supposed to discuss that. And connecting them to material conditions of poverty is apparently even worse.

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Today is also Global Accessibility Awareness Day! Show more

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the nicest element???? its gotta be Nicetrogen

Also, I do apologize for my stuttering during the presentation.

I hope that people have learned a lot from this forum, and of course I will share material about this provided by the PSL.

Here is a link to the livestream, in case people are curious: Facebook.com/sandiegopsl/video

So, soon I will be hosting a forum on Russiagate and it will be recorded/livestreamed. I’ll provide a link to it soon.

Some of what what we discuss is based on the Liberation News article here: liberationnews.org/past-point-

This week I’m going to be hosting critiquing a media reporting about and around Russiagate, on behalf of PSL, with the help of California’s Peace and Freedom congressional candidate Jordan Mills. It will be in San Diego this Friday.

I’ll give updates on this event as it goes, and also provide a video recording of the event if possible.

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‪I dunno if this is me being chauvinistic or a coward, but I’ll take imperfect, dirty local action leading to solidarity and solutions over online performative radicalism that, in the guise of encouraging critique and giving direction, turns praxis into a contest of who is the most correct‬.

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image is actually SFW but, u know, just in case

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I'm garbage at #introduction posts but here we go!

I'm Catherineese and I'm an illustrator, fiber artist, and a practitioner of witchcraft 🌟

I'm currently working on Altar of Pine, a comic about a fisherman and the accidental descent into his own occult practice. The comic is NSFW 18+ , so expect gore,nudity, and sexual content!



I'm going to try and be fairly active here on Mastodon, but you can also find me on Twitter and Instagram:
instagram.com/catherineese/ mastodon.art/media/ybrrALQ9veb mastodon.art/media/lF-Z2ljMO2K mastodon.art/media/Mo14AveZjnD

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I’m going to be changing my website soon from Long Pale Road to...something else. Not sure what.

Speaking of which, I want to do highlights but I’m scared.

Wearing makeup in public should not be so fucking fear-inducing. Though part of that is just me being afraid of doing it wrong and ending up on some, “makeup gone wrong” listicle or video.

Anyone else read, “Too Like The Lightning”? I’m digging it so far.