The largest functional processor:

Featuring a ton of LEDs--because everybody likes seen blinking LEDs!

In the Bash, pressing <Alt-U> will convert to uppercase the word starting at the current cursor position

It does not really answer the question asked in the title, but that article gives some interesting facts about the historical reasons behind the odd CD sample rate.
by Paul Maunder (

I must confess having learned that many many years ago ... to circumvent the password protection of some VGA video game. Actually, it was more fun learning how to break it rather than actually playing the game!

`make` is really a mythical tool in the Unix toolchest.

Many times criticized. Feared. Improved or imitated.

But still alive.

Tired of fighting against a bloated word processor when writing your latest report, novel, technical documentation or blog post?

Maybe that's the sign you ready to consider using a lightweight markup language. All you need is just a basic text editor, the knowledge of some simple and non-intrusive keywords and markup. And a processor to convert that text file to... well... whatever you want: HTML, PDF, LaTeX, ...

From `man 4 intel` on my Debian box.

Who catches the reference?
Reply with your favorite picture of Z.B ;)


Save time with Awk...

...and give your spreadsheet some vacations after having read that great article by the Free Software Magazine.

This is what a pool of entropy looks like in the real world.
Wait a minute, a "wall" of entropy...

A wonderfully clear and accurate article to understand Cryptography and Public Key Infrastructure, by Alex Wood

is great.
I like more and more.

How could it be to use them both at the same time?
by @keeganlow

Simple and clear article by Nick Congleton about cleaning the DNS cache, whether you're using `dnsmask`, `bind`, `systemd-resolve` or `nscd`.

Too often, updating a device firmware means booting on FreeDos to run a proprietary utility. But LVFS might put an end to that legacy practice in a near future.

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