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Yes, I Know IT ! πŸŽ“

Understanding the output of the `xauth list` command

is great.
I like more and more.

How could it be to use them both at the same time?
by @keeganlow

Display the first 5 lines of a file:
sed '5q' file

`join` is a standard tool to merge two text files based on their content.


Right-align text on 80 columns:
sed -E ':a /.{80}/!{s/^/ /;ba}' file

In AWK an action without associated pattern defaults to 1.
So those two commands are the same:

seq 10 | awk '{print}'
seq 10 | awk '1 {print}'

How could I have lived without knowing that?

# copy file to the :
xclip -sel c < file

In Bash the pseudo-variable RANDOM returns a pseudo-random integer in the [0;32767] range

echo $RANDOM

GNU sed has a nice 'e' modifier for substitutions:
sed 's/.*/date +%F -d &/e' << EOT

`ls -lt` will show files ordered by modification date β€” most recent first.

When you have to fight against tab completion trying to be smart:

touch a.zap
unzip a<tab>
\unzip a<tab>
unzip a<esc>/<esc>/

In the Bash, pressing "ctrl-x ctrl-v" will display its version informations.

I investigate Diaspora* as an alternate social network.
Anyone there?