You want to build a Raspberry Pi cluster?
So, let's talk about some low-cost options for the boards mechanical assembly!

`jq` is the tool to know for anyone having to process JSON logs or data.

If you like `sed` you will like `jq`!

With Bash history, `^str1^str2^` will repeat the previous command replacing `str1` by `str2`

echo 1223

The has the notion of "integer" variable:

declare A=1; declare -i B=2
A+=3; B+=4
echo $A $B
β‡’ 13 6

In Bash `~sylvain` is expanded to the home directory of the user whose login is 'sylvain'

I don't know if this works with other usernames though...

The sed substitution (s) command is by far the most useful. But did you know ALL these patterns:

In AWK a pattern without associated action defaults to '{ print }':
So those two commands are the same:

seq 10 | awk /1/ is the same as
seq 10 | awk '/1/ {print}'

`β€₯ | read β€₯` is not portable between and

Compare in both shells :
echo 1 | read X; echo $X

A quick reminder to myself:

β€’ x86 ≑ Original 16 bits architecture [8086βŽ‡]
β€’ x86-32, IA-32 ≑ Intel 32 bits extension to x86 [80386βŽ‡]
β€’ x86-64, AMD 64, Intel 64 ≑ 64 bit extension to x86 [AMD OpteronβŽ‡]
β€’ IA-64 ≑ Intel Itanium architecture

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