Too often, updating a device firmware means booting on FreeDos to run a proprietary utility. But LVFS might put an end to that legacy practice in a near future.

`jq` is the tool to know for anyone having to process JSON logs or data.

If you like `sed` you will like `jq`!

You want to build a Raspberry Pi cluster?
So, let's talk about some low-cost options for the boards mechanical assembly!

There are basically three ways or running critical RT tasks with Linux:
* embed a dedicated RT board in addition to the main board running Linux
* Use virtualization to run an RT OS and Linux together
* Use a PREEMPT_RT enabled Linux kernel.

But that last solutions require your device drivers to be prepared for that...

A must-see for every aspiring web developers (and for the other ones too:)
by Jeremy Thomas

Not the most recent article on the topic--but still a good reminder of the power we now have at hand...

...for good or evil!

"I want to learn Linux. Is Kali right for me?"

So, tired of the sterile controversies, I decided to forge my own opinion:

Three different ways to catenate files scattered through several levels of sub-directories.

But maybe do you have your own recipe to do that?
Don't hesitate to post your solution in the comments!


How to open a Linux Session over Bluetooth part 2 -
The 1 minute missing demo:

"How to log in with the app"

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