`curl` is the swiss army knife for querying remote services using the , , , , , , , or protocol (and many more!)

Here is a tutorial by Himanshu Arora showing 5 basic examples:

`chmod +x` will make a file executable. If you ever have written a shell script on Unix/Linux, you know that. But what does that `x` means for a directory?


vlc -Idummy -Vcaca "Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977).mkv"

Play as it was originally intended by @GeorgeLucasILM back in the 70s

If you like writing your JavaScript code in a functional style, you may already know the `Array.map` and `Array.filter` methods.
But is there a way to combine them? And will this be a more efficient solution?

The Executable and Linkable Format (ELF), is a standard file format for executable files used on many Unix-like x86 operating systems.

Part.1 blog.k3170makan.com/2018/09/in by Keith Makan (twitter.com/k3170Makan)

You basically have three strategies to tune the Linux Kernel vm.dirty* settings:
1. Decrease the cache (low dirty_ratio)
2. Increase the cache (high dirty_background_ratio)
3. Increase the spread (dirty_background_ratio and high dirty_ratio)


An instructive article if you need to fine-tune your system or if you want to know more about the process management capabilities of Linux.


I'm not into gaming, but apparently, Linux is gaining shares on that market too.

I'm not sure though if it is about games developed for Linux. Or about running Windows games on Linux.

I'm a regular used of `hexdump` to view an hexadecimal dump of a file.
But I wasn't aware of the `hexcurse` hexadecimal *editor*.


If your work is even slightly network-related, you should know how to use Wireshark .

Take a look at that tutorial to learn more:
by Chris Hoffman (twitter.com/chrisbhoffman)

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