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The blogosphere suddenly became aware of the existence of Intel ME "spying at you" to paraphrase some catchy titles. If some authors seem to discover that technology, the truth is it is here for almost 10 years!

So, in order for you to make your own educated opinion, I tried to summarize the facts concerning Intel ME and the current state of the community knowledge about that technology.

Avoid using /dev/urandom, or even /dev/random:
Use that pool ... I mean "wall" of entropy instead!

Converting a text to uppercase from the shell? Is that so simple? Yes, but...

You've probably noticed from my accent (pun intended), I'm a French native speaker. So, in this video I show you several classical ways to convert characters to upper case from the shell. And most important, I will explain how and why they work--or don't work--with characters outside the ASCII range.

VERY interesting reading for those who are looking for facts and figures about the Linux kernel development. This report covers about 14 months of work, mostly corresponding to kernel version 4.8 through 4.13.

"2017 Linux Kernel Development Report"

Pay special attention to "Who is reviewing the work" p20. More than 20% of the Kernel patches are reviewed by people working for Red Hat. Good or bad thing? I let that up to your interpretation.

Install NodeJS from the sources on your Linux box. Useful if you need a very specific version of NodeJS (or simply, if you want to try out the latest cutting-edge version).

That's also a very good way to make your first steps in installing software from sources! Aspiring developers will even be happy to make their first change to the source of NodeJS, to impress their peer with a customized version message ;)

Since I discovered Docker, I no longer install any server bare metal on my development computer. With containers, it's so simple to start, stop and restart a server from a clean state! Perfect for testing or experimentation.

In my latest video I show you how to create, start and stop a web server in a Docker container.

Don't hesitate to share/like/comment the video!

In a pattern without associated action defaults to '{ print }'
seq 10 | awk /1/ is the same as
seq 10 | awk '/1/ {print}'

Type the same command in all you `tmux` panes:
tmux setw synchronize-panes

echo $((RANDOM%3))
is a way to produce a random number between 0 and 2 -- albeit a *biased* one

In Bash `~sylvain` is expanded to the home directory of the user whose login is 'sylvain'

seq 10 | awk '{ print > "OUT." NR%2 }'
head OUT.?
Split a file in two parts based on odd/even lines

In an action without associated pattern defaults to 1
seq 10 | awk '{print}' is the same as
seq 10 | awk '1 {print}'