Type the same command in all you `tmux` panes:
tmux setw synchronize-panes

When using the find command, use `-iname` instead of `-name` for case-insensitive search

In Bash the pseudo-variable RANDOM returns a pseudo-random integer in the [0;32767] range

echo $RANDOM

If you ever had to connect to an Oracle backend, you may know how painful it used to be to set up an Oracle Instance on your test/dev host.

Thanks to @Docker, it is now several orders of magnitude simpler!


In your , the `type` build-in command shows how a name would be interpreted if used as a
command name:

type cd ls rm adb
=> cd is a shell builtin
=> ls is aliased to `ls --color=auto'
=> rm is hashed (/bin/rm)
=> adb is /opt/android-sdk-linux/platform-tools/adb

I'm not into gaming, but apparently, Linux is gaining shares on that market too.

I'm not sure though if it is about games developed for Linux. Or about running Windows games on Linux.

To leave with a non-zero exit code use `:cq`.

Useful to abort a commit or a `fc` command

A quick reminder to myself:

• x86 ≡ Original 16 bits architecture [8086⎇]
• x86-32, IA-32 ≡ Intel 32 bits extension to x86 [80386⎇]
• x86-64, AMD 64, Intel 64 ≡ 64 bit extension to x86 [AMD Opteron⎇]
• IA-64 ≡ Intel Itanium architecture

How could I have lived without knowing that?

# copy file to the :
xclip -sel c < file

I'm a regular used of `hexdump` to view an hexadecimal dump of a file.
But I wasn't aware of the `hexcurse` hexadecimal *editor*.


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