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taking photos of anything and anyone at any time

Enjoyed staying in inverness (two years ago) very much. It´s a very pretty little city and I especially loved the botanical garden and the walk back to town along the river. Even though I wasn´t lucky enough to find the cat, that lives in the garden :)

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I can't wait to hug all of you when this shit is over!

easter bunny? No, this is me, cosplaying the white rabbit from alice in wonderland...and hiding behind a hedge 🙃
the picture was taken at a small cosplay convention near my hometown last year.

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A friend's instagram account apparently got hacked, and their username, email and password changed.

Has anyone experienced this before? According to Instagram, the old email account should have received an email about that name/email change, which didn't seem to happen.

I can't make sense of how they managed to hack that account. Any pointers appreciated!

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I have a question for you:
Where do you get your energy in life from? What makes you happy?

Do you like fairytales? I really do. Sometimes I get the feeling, that they sink into oblivion more and more. 🧙‍♂️

Getting really strong evil (disney) queen vibes from the pictures I took in the forest a while ago. 👑

Well, I know there is no witch in red riding hood...
but when I look at these pictures....maybe there should be one ;)

Took these of my friend and her sister in our local forest :)

why did it take me 26 years to discover daft punks "something about us"?
It´s just so good and also makes me think of my boyfriend every time :3

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