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crazy picture lady 📸
taking photos of anything and anyone at any time

For my boyfriends birthday I sewed matching Tshirts and pants for him and his little nephew.
Best team ever 🧡

had the courage to buy 2 analog cameras at a second hand shop, expecting them not to work so I wouldn´t be disappointed.
Got them both to work, cleaned them up and I love them both very much ❤️

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Absolutely stunning shot of the Hotelturm in Augsburg, by the marvelous @YlBi.

analog photography always had a special place in my heart. Not only because I first started it with a pentax espio 70.
In the last months I rediscovered my love for film photography and it kinda gets addictive...

Took these detailshots when walking through the park next to my appartment. Wish I wasn´t living in the city, especially in these times...

I´ve been playing around with analog photography for a while now and I have to say: I love it! It´s very different from digital for me. I kinda feel more creative with my old cameras :)

since the start of the pandemic i´ve been exploring many new places. I´m so glad, that I´m able to do that easily. It gives me so much energy in these crazy times. 🌿

Last year I walked around my hometown with my friend and took these pictures of her.
She looks like a oriental princess to me here. Thanks, Bambi 🧡

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