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taking photos of anything and anyone at any time

In there is this wonderful tradition to let balloons (coloured in the towns colours) fly. With this the victory of archangel Michael over the devil is celebrated.
And it looks so beautiful :3
(btw. balloons are all made of biodegradable rubber)

and, of course, tiny traveldeadpool is coming along :D

Packing my stuff because tomorrow I´m off to the Netherlands. Yay! Finally :) Very excited :3

And another one of my pictures. This one is from a hike near Lichtenstein.
Little break underneath this plant :)

May I introduce to you: my travel deadpool. Always have him with me in my camera bag.
Here you can see him lying in front of the Neptune Fountain in Berlin.

When I was walking down the stairs at work today, I heard a grown man sing "let it go" from frozen. Wasn´t the best singer, but it made me grin broadly.
Go for it stranger! :D

this one is such a crazy but really lovely, cuddly kitty cat :)
fed him a few times while my friend was away.

love how a macro lense can turn regular grass into an abstract masterpiece of art 🌱
guess it generally does´nt hurt to look at things from a new perspective sometimes 🙃

shining bright colours through the night :blobaww:
being near a ferris wheel makes me feel like a little, happy child everytime.

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