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Yukari 🍉ゆかり丼Peerless✅ @Yukari@mastodon.social

I've been struggling, and feeling like crying under a blanket, and remembered this from Brene Brown (Sorry if this comes across like an ad for her book. It's not.)


Currently I'm smack in the middle of work, but once this is all done I will have space to take on new projects. If you wanna work with me, or want me to help you with a project - please let me know! Thank you.

Day 76/100
Happy Father’s day to all the dads, uncles, brothers and other father figures. I think of my dad every day. Miss you dad.

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第12回 セレブの死から考える メンタルヘルスと「弱さ」をさらけだす勇気  

bit.ly/Ep12-mentalhealt …

次回のエピソード「メンタルヘルス」に関して、コメント、ご質問募集しています。番組内で紹介させて頂くかも知れません。    patreon.com/posts/ci-hui-noepi

「男は泣くな」の思わぬ弊害 | ラブ&マリッジ研究所 etsuko.info/archives/115