Westword S4 E1 I felt pretty hopeful...looked more interesting than S3

Watching lots of tv and film this long weekend. Finished Stranger Things and just finished The King of Staten Island… so good

Happy July 1st! We walked to @ferncafeandbakery and it was a beautiful day. My husband looks super sketch though… 😂

It’s a long weekend so I intend to watch as many shows as possible- enjoying Loot, watched Joel Kim Booster’s standup show, and now watching Ms. Marvel.

this week I learned someone takes being blocked super personally. lol

【Ep. 212 Roe対Wade判決が覆った、ってどういうこと?】

Thank you Mastodon pals for making me feel normal for still wearing mask and not going to movie theatres and thinking pandemic is not over.

There's a big speedrunning event going on for the entire week, but it is also in person. They seem to have some COVID policies but I'm sure it is insufficient. As a human who lives with other humans, this does not seem worth it. As someone with #MECFS, I can say, very few things are worth risking getting long covid (my guess is they're more or less the same thing)

Working on work assignment on Lightyear - really wanna go see it but it's theatre only :(
Just finally got to see Doctor Strange MOM last night on D+.
Waiting for Everything Everywhere All At Once to come to streaming somewhere

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