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@Naf Paypalの購読ボタンとは??

Was re-watching Eat, Pray, Love on Netflix. The scene Richard from Texas talks about his kid...gets me every. time. cc: @GilbertLiz



トラウマからいかにして立ち上がるか。Option Bの感想文 bit.ly/OptionBbook

Today's Beach : Island view beach, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

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today seems like a particularly good day to donate to Trans Lifeline if you're able to translifeline.org/donate

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This takes a lot of courage again. I haven't been talking about my Patreon for the past while, mostly because I've felt unworthy of any support. I had a down-spiral for a few weeks. very low on energy.
When you have to sell yourself to support yourself, and get sick so you can't. It's rough.
But, baby-steps I'm coming back.
Now with more qualitative mastodon work, and more streaming in general. best of two worlds?
Please, consider $1 in support / month

@pnathan That's a broad question. I immigrated to Canada from Japan like 20 years ago. I like it. Everyone's nice. Process takes about a year though.

I'm in favor of universal healthcare (medicare for all!) and higher minimum wages. I'm not in favor of the state owning all the restaurants and groceries.

On an unrelated note, we found a wallet at the beach last night. There was an ID in it so I contacted the owner and he is coming to pick it up today. But let me just tell you - check inside your wallet to make sure there isn't anything embarrassing in it if you lose it and someone goes through it 😂

Last night's sunset. McNeil Bay, victoria BC Canada

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Good morning!

Attended an old friend's memorial yesterday. So many people showed up...it just showed what a great guy he was. "Literally 'shirt off his back' kinda guy" many people said. I strive to be someone like that...

@gemlog @uaa That's exciting :) Immigration process is long...I've been there