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Yukari 🍉ゆかり丼Peerless✅ @Yukari@mastodon.social

@Yukari I ain’t been able to upload any pics on here for a while now

Ok so I cannot upload new profile pic from my iPhone. Been trying since yesterday but no luck. Times out. Any idea why?

Don’t get me wrong, I grade a lot of Marvel movies and love them but don’t you think it’s just out of control? Just saw the Infinity War trailer...man, I just can’t. Pretty sure we are still going to see it though...cuz Doctor Strange and Thor and Spider-man and Black Panther.

Received Braving The Wilderness @brenebrown quote I ordered from The Marble Jar. Will have to frame it but for now it’s on my office wall!!!! Love it.

So nice to be able to enjoy fresh maccha at home 😍Thank you @jagasilk

Friends! I am fundraising for the community radio station CFUV- I’ve been learning a lot about producing radio/podcast and just recently finished voice acting for an Oscar Wilde play. To make these training and creative opportunities possible, CFUV needs your help. Please let me know if you can help- there are variety of merch you can choose if you donate, but I’m also sending anyone who donates my hand painted card. DM me for details 😘

Victoria Events | The Victoria Tea Festival Revival 2018 shar.es/1Lv0Qb

映画に関する言い回し|ピアレス ゆかり @YukariP|note(ノート) note.mu/peerless/n/n6e87b606b7

So sad we've blasted through Mozart in the jungle...please please make season 5!!!

Anyone else experiencing long time to upload photos here? It doesn’t time out or anything but it takes about 10-12 seconds. I’ve been experiencing that for at least a month now

This month’s nail. Purple and gold marble

I got a set of shimmery paint in traditional Japanese colours at a stationery shop in Haneda airport when I was in Tokyo last month. Did the background with that paint... It's hard to see but it is shimmery!
Do more of what makes you happy - it's my motto.