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Yukari 🍉ゆかり丼Peerless✅ @Yukari@mastodon.social

Want a holiday card-hand painted, hand written, sent from Victoria, BC, Canada? $10 US will get you that :) PM me for details. If you just want a blank hand painted card that’s fine too. カナダから手書きのカード欲しい方はメッセージ下さい。10ドル。カードだけ購入も可です。

Still obsessed with wreaths. Don’t like the one of the right at all and tried to salvage it. The more I paint, the better I get the hang of what I’m looking for. If you’re on my Nice list you might get one of these in the mail :)

Sorry I’ve been away. Busy with work,(3-4 totally diff projects) lots of podcast listening. Started volunteering at local college radio station to learn about producing radio/podcast and pretty stoked about it!


サマータイムが終わって、すっかり冬っぽくなったカナダ。昨日はリメンバランスデー(土曜日)の振替休日だったので、今週はShort weekです。火曜日なのに月曜日気分。 

Loved Thor:Ragnarok...I work with a lot of tweets on films but that one had SO much positives ones. Now I get it. Taika Waititi is some kind of genius.

DMM英会話なんてuKnow? のアンカーをさせていただくことになりました。英語に関する質問があればぜひどうぞ!


All I want for Christmas/Hanukkah is for Instagram to show everything in chronological order.

I recently got to contribute to a lifestyle website about services in Japan and the article is now up: Japanese Spirit bit.ly/2hXuFxV

TONIGHT is the last chance to bid on our online silent auction! Check out the wonderful items here-gobid.ca/auction/890

ロビンライト姐さんが見れなくなるのは寂しいけどワンダーウーマンでもブレードランナーでも強い姐さんだから心配はしてない。>Netflix Cancels ‘House Of Cards’, Says It’s “Deeply Troubled” Over Kevin Spacey Claims deadline.com/2017/10/house-of-

‘There’s nothing wrong with your essay per se, it does what it sets out to do very well, but I’d like to see you engaging with the text in other ways. Psychoanalytic readings are really valid and useful, but they aren’t the Key to All Mythologies.’ mastodon.social/media/AgrVH126

Our fair is over, but you have until Nov5 to bid on our online silent auction! Check out the wonderful items here-gobid.ca/auction/890

"Not saying anything" thing HAS TO STOP.
Here, I pledge NEVER to be silent when I witness injustice. twitter.com/JustJOSH_ingYa/sta

TOMORROW! Tastes&traditions of Japan at 18th Annual Japanese Cultural fair @EsquimaltRec FREE family fun! bit.ly/18thCulturalFair2017

This weekend I graded "Blade Runner2049" "it" &"Thor:Ragnarok". I hate scary movies and never thought I'd say this, but kinda wanna see "It"