I finished my 2022 Projects video, where I show what I’m up to with my games, music, and other projects! :D


@terry I wonder if your homeowner post would do well here again, haha

I might have had the camera dolly out a bit too far on this scene transition!

I've been working on this "2022 Projects" video for 4 months. Having fun, but can't wait to be done! Should be done in a week or two now I hope

What did I do since my last Toot?

• Wrote music for The Henry Stickmin Collection on Steam
• Posted the last Flash update of Mine Blocks
• Fully rewrote and released Mine Blocks in my Haxe game engine
• Also ported 11 of my old games and released a fancy bundle out of them
• Made 31 piano tracks in one month
• wetclap.com
• A bunch of progress in-between!

Now you're mostly caught up!
Got a projects video still in the works - I'd post a sneak peek if Mastodon's server wasn't so overwhelmed haha

Welcome (back) to Mastodon everyone!

Guess it'll take some work to make this as optimal as I've made my TweetDeck experience, but I'm willing to hang out here if you all are! :)

Here's my 2019 projects video, where you can see my plans and goals for the year!


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We made Fynnland winnable the night before we presented at an exhibition :D

In the middle of the... Earth? What a weird place for a lever!
What do you reckon it does?

In lieu of doing homework, I added an automatic normal generation for a simple directional light :D

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