@Wolthera Hey! Bertine suggested you as a person to talk to about color grading/LUT/HDR.

game where the NPCs are all billboarded sprites but you can freeze time to stop them rotating and discover the TERRIBLE SECRETS on their backs

I am also told that Brands and Celebrities have arrived on Mastodon. That's nice.

This is what I'm working on right now, teaching troops to jump straight to their deaths, er, be more CPU-efficient about boarding pathing. mastodon.social/media/V3mAKFWF

How you doing, Mastodon? Saw lots of Hot Takes on Twitter for a while, but that's calmed down now.

Yes, this is a setup for a Victorian planetary story with an all-female cast dressed in skintight suits talking in sign language. :D

But there are structural-geometrical problems in the crotch area. After the testicular rupture of the entire 3rd expeditionary force, it is decreed that only women will be selected for the 4th expeditionary force, causing an uproar. But the new force, communicating entirely in sign language because radio hasn't been invented yet, brings results.

1880: A portal to Mars opens in Hyde Park. Early exploration attemps using modified diving suits fail dramatically. A new approach: skin-tight, precisely tailored elasticated suits with portable breathing apparatus.

I wrote a personal/ranty thing about literature which you might enjoy: zarkonnen.com/the_art_and_lite

It's about going to school and basically being told I was a morlock because I couldn't insta-grok the literary canon.

So apparently you don't need to be a US citizen to sign this petition to free Chelsea Manning.

So I hereby require you to sign it. Yes. You. Now. No excuses.


So I'm helping organize Global Game Jam in Zurich, and I am completely flabbergasted by the new 18+ policy that just got handed down from above.

WTF. Half of the point of GGJ is to get people introduced to gamedev!

Cool, it looks like this is a thing we're doing.

I make artwork: lonelyfrontier.net/gallery/

I have also made a couple of games: aquanauts-holiday.itch.io/

I have my main blog where I sometimes write shit: lonelyfrontier.net/

I have a Patreon, if you would like to shove your money into the Art Hole: patreon.com/lonelyfrontier

This is a game @warpgate9 and I made for the Asylum Jam a few years back. I took creative commons photographs and modified them for use in the game (making them look older, adding artefacts, etc.), and did all of the writing, and Jaco did the 'making it into a game with magic' thing.


If you enjoy Lovecraft, this might be your kinda thing. :)

oh my hello! I'm Kate. I write about games and I really like it. Recently I've started making them, too!


Also I do drawings and doodles!


And I run a thing called Pleasant Subtwee - uhhh Pleasant Subtoots!


Hello ! I'm HeskHwis and I make small games ! Recently I've made The closet and the castle for the Game Jam : heskhwis.itch.io/the-closet-an
And my favourite game is My First Kishoutenketsu, a game I've made in May : heskhwis.itch.io/my-first-kish
And I'm currently trying to make a versus game with umbrellas and water cans !

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