oh, was it the fifth of november yesterday? I totally forgot.

Theory: you an probably determine the seriousness or delicacy of an online conversation by analyzing how many times people start typing, then delete what they were saying and start over; or how often they type half a thing, then delete it right after reading what someone else posted; or how often they type a thing, then just delete it.

Purging old shirts. Having a hard time parting with this snapshot of computing history.

Can we stop using “male” and “female” to describe plugs and connectors? Partly because, you know, Gender, but also because it’s so much more fun to call them “innie” and “outie.”

I love when design dark patterns are so obvious that they break out of design nerd circles and into pop culture. imgur.com/gallery/tIktiUC

Oh YouTube finally removed all the alt-right content?

The YouTube iOS app has gotten real bad at playing videos recently. But I’m sure it’s better at generating clickballs or eyetracks or whatever. Ship it!

Great thread about leaving and boundaries.

(Do I still need if it’s a tumblr post with screenshots of tweets?)


A train pulling into a station is a giant progress bar. Change my mind.

Great overview of some UI issues in the new Marzipan apps in Mojave. It’s a good reminder of why Apple hesitated to make touch Macs: the UI paradigms are just too different. benjaminmayo.co.uk/marzipan

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