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Finally, it looks like work on concepts in Clang / LLVM is picking up speed: github.com/saarraz/clang-conce


Finally a talk at ! HexType looks interesting, I will definitely check it out.
Thanks, @gannimo

200 people trying to get into #polyamory workshop, place seats 25 ... #34c3

Eine kleine Übersicht der wichtigsten Links zum 34C3
Updated: #34C3 Link Sammlung 27.12.-30.12.2017
* Schedule - https://events.ccc.de/congress/2017/Fahrplan/
* Self organized Sessions - https://social.hoergen.org/url/61616
* FSFE Sessions - https://social.hoergen.org/url/61464
* Social Networking „The Federation“ - https://social.hoergen.org/url/60796
* Lightning Talks - https://social.hoergen.org/url/61617
* Talk Guide http://c3talks.tumblr.com/
* Event Blog - https://events.ccc.de/
* Interaktiver Lageplan https://34c3.c3nav.de/
* Live Streaming - https://streaming.media.ccc.de/34c3
* Zum Nachschauen - https://media.ccc.de/
* Ticketexchange. Wer noch ein Ticket sucht oder abzugeben hat - https://social.hoergen.org/url/60568

Met a nice person on the train to . She asked for my e-mail-address. She had a . Neither of us knew how to add a new contact.

Free Software Free Society! Join the @fsfe assembly the next 4 days at #34C3, check our talks, sessions, workshops, games and sing-alongs: https://events.ccc.de/congress/2017/wiki/index.php/Assembly:Free_Software_Foundation_Europe … @3albers http://l.fsfe.org/BodzD8 #fsfe #FreeSoftware

After spending the last days eating unhealthy amounts of food, and before the end of the year which usually entails drinking unhealthy amounts of beer, is the chaos season which means unhealthy amounts of caffeine! 😁

And lots of nice people. And great talks.

@__h2__ That is not to say that it's not still a good show, but the political spin is really disappointing.

Various comments in the last minutes of season 3, like the sex worker's dialog, are probably meant to contradict this, but IMO just underline the otherwise conservative symbolism.

in one tweet:

Season 1:
"We must destroy corporate america at all costs ✊Ⓐ"

Season 2:
"It takes more than 5 people for a revolution – surprise 💡"

Season 3:
"We regret everything. China is the real enemy and anyone who resists is its pawn."

I have a new key with all the ECC goodness! Just in time for new encounters at .

EF56 F66A A683 3E32 CE05 3F55 6F9F 2E30 ECB3 7977

A prime example of modern and technological :



Published in the categories:
»why pets deserve shelter, but poor people don't« and
»how silicon valley will make life better for everyone«


| The - surprisingly limited - usefulness of function multiversioning in GCC
| hannes.hauswedell.net/post/201
| feedback welcome 😊

Are there official package updates for -stable nowadays or does one still have to use mtier?
I remember having read something improved in this area, but maybe that was syspatch(8).

Wow, you cannot quote tweets in @Mastodon?
Why not?

I wish! In the last 12 months I have reported errors in @gnutools, @llvmorg and @IntelSoftware's C++ compiler.

But, that's ok, all software has bugs. And compiler devs are usually among the best and quickest at fixing them.


Please direct your friends to joinmastodon.org or another instance of your choice like octodon.social, toot.cat or toot.cafe, etc. mastodon.social is "default" choice for a lot of people and it's getting kinda hammered right now.

Ugh I’m reading Tanenbaum’s book and of COURSE the programmers are men and the operators are women…

Like it’s not surprising cause like, yeah… but it’s kinda frustrating.

OK, maybe not. I thought people would mirror their tweets 🤔

Why do you not?

@chaosupdates @kirschner @t_grote @cbase @fsfe @__ths__ ...