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Finally got to sorting through the pictures from my cross-country skiing/splitboarding trip two weeks ago 😊

Bioicons - a library of 1632+ free, high quality science illustrations in vector format easily searchable and filterable specifically for the life science community. All icons are under permissive CC0 or CC BY license

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In this clip, you can see new lava flowing over the old lava and re-melting it. I found it quite fascinating to watch!

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Of course embedding your own video doesn't work. Youtube links OTOH are automatically turned into video widgets. 🤬

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This video shows the in action. Digital zoom is of course not the best, but I do think you get an impression of what was going on 🌋

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This is about as close as one can get to the "mountain" currently. They expect the entire valley (including all the places I took pictures from) to be covered by lava in two weeks.

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During an otherwise sunny day, suddenly a small snow-storm appeared and created this absolutely surreal moment.

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The lava-covered area around it seems cool, but most of it is hot underneath. And everyone once in a while fresh lava spills over the rest, re-melting it. Basically up to where you are sitting and watching.

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I did a trip to 's youngest on Sunday... and wow, it's really hard to explain what it feels like to be witnessing something like that first hand.

*A small picture thread*

It's already grown so much in its first week of life! It supposedly emits 20m³ per second.

Falls euch eure Enkel irgendwann mal fragen sollten, warum wir die Pandemie nicht aufhalten konnten, könnt ihr antworten: "Wir wussten nicht, wie wir das mit dem Feiertagszuschlag regeln sollten." 🤦‍♂️ #Osterruhe #Gründonnerstag

"It has been the scientists making up the rules, not the politicians. That matters. They know what they are talking about, the politicians do not."

We had some amazing here in Reykjavik the last couple of days.

The pictures don't do the reality justice, but I think you do get a good impression!

Played the second game of on Sunday. It took over eight hours, and we reached only 9 victory points instead of 10. But it was definitely faster than the first time.

Looking forward to trying the other factions soon!

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