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| Writing your first view from scratch (C++20 / P0789)
| Thanks to Eric Niebler & CoderCasey
for their patience with my questions 😊

mom: hey son I joined this new Mastodon thing
me: oh shit mom, I coulda helped you find a server, which one did you choose?
mom: well I liked the privacy policy on but then had the shortest ping latency so

This feels like an oversimplification, to an extent, but it's a good nutshell and shows the lie about Bernie et al being "socialists."

It's a sad state of affairs that the Overton window is so far right in the US that what would be considered normal social democracy in most of the world is seen as OMG COMMUNISM in the US.

Matthew Macy has now submitted a Call For Testing of #OpenZFS #ZFS native encryption for #FreeBSD 12-CURRENT users! Holy cow!


"Long pipeline my foot! I told them there's no way #Intel could beat us by 30%+ without cheating. I could double performance if I didn't have to worry about isolation." - A retired #AMD designer somewhere

#Meltdown #Foreshadow

During the end of fall, water melons (hence their name) usually migrate to the south for mating, it's a beautiful event to observe.

When you are worried they want $SHINY_NEW_LANGUAGE instead of ...

(even though $SHINY_NEW_LANGUAGE isn't as fluffy)

are off to an awesome start 🤘

They have their own newspaper here, oh, and also a river and mountains!!

"The lemmings supposedly committing mass suicide by leaping into the ocean were actually thrown off a cliff by the Disney filmmakers."…

😱 why would anyone do such a thing? And what else is Disney hiding?

"The future of C++" by Michael Wong of @isocpp's direction group.

Looking forward to attending my first @isocpp committee meeting as an observer next week!

Any recommendations for newbies to the meeting?

And the last vacation pictures, this time from Leipzig:

Blixa Bargeld

... And some pictures from !

I had never hiked in the Czech Republic before, but I can really recommend it for small trips -- especially since its not that far from Berlin.

The rise of the Elbe. Somehow less impressive than I thought (it's actually a small ditch on the left of the well!), but the view is nice 👌

So my major lesson learned from the #gpg/#pgp thing today is not to trust warnings by EFF in the future – while parts of their warning were factually correct, they were baiting for attention in annoying and unhelpful ways.

This culture of publishing exploits and issues in a publicicty focused way is disturbing. I had hoped the EFF was beyond this needless hyping of vulns. Apparently not.

Please cease using open source encryption and move to good, wholesome, silicon valley VC-owned encryption. They have your best interests at heart, dontcha know.

Have you heard of StreetComplete? It's an Android app that shows you open questions/issues with OpenStreetMap in your area, and asks you to answer them.

It's made for people with no experience with #OpenStreetMap, so it shows only very simple questions that can be answered very clearly. ("What is printed on this street sign?", "What's the number on this house?")

It's available on @fdroidorg, of course! #mapping #android #apps #recommendation

Leaving twitter behind as a legacy platform, being here on open platforms first and foremost:

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