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Finally got to sorting through the pictures from my cross-country skiing/splitboarding trip two weeks ago 😊

Wow, this site is scary:

'Hannes Hauswedell is the author of the book "The Art of War" '


I have fixed/updated the Unigine benchmark ports on . Heaven and Valley work again with the linux-c7 compatibility. Port for Superposition is on its way.

A really nice way to check drivers and hardware. Wish there were more games with this engine.

In case you are Europe-based and are suffering from poor performance of package installs:
* don't trust their geo-dns!
* choose the British mirror manually!

Speed was 0.2 - 2MB/s with frequent timeouts. Now 12MB/s which is the maximum I can get.

| Finding the index of a type in a pack or type list

| No recursion, no extra structs.
| std::is_same_v can be replaced with builtins on GCC & Clang.

Ein Kilo Blei ist leichter als zwei Kilo Federn.
Deshalb ist Blei nicht giftig.

quote of the day: "Shooting at people is the right thing to do."

(it's about activating more warnings, don't worry)

Is there a way to get a different linker on than lld? Like gnu ld or even gold? I couldn't find a package. I don't really care which one, it's just that lld from base fails to link my stuff...

Sometimes it's really hard to do basic software engineering on :blobugh:

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Anybody know of a way to get better syntax highlighting for than what lstlisting provides by default? 🙏

I really think colours help understand code more quickly and the listings package does a horrible job.

@__h2__ offered a 50€ bounty for proper Android TV support.

If that's of any interest to you, maybe you want to add to that bounty. Or maybe you want to implement the missing bits.

I finished playing by

Compared to when I was younger, video-games play a minor role in my life today, but this game is truly a work of art!

I can recommend it to anyone looking for something not off-the-shelf.

And it runs on w/o DRM.

Y'all are always so supportive so I thought I'd do a giveaway ✨
Win an enamel pin AND this original watercolor!
Boost & follow to enter
Ends on april 10th

You can also buy the pins here:

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