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Leaving twitter behind as a legacy platform, being here on open platforms first and foremost: twitter.com/fdroidorg/status/9

Oh reddit. "During the Cold War, Finland secretly smuggled more than ten thousand vowels from Czechoslovakia. That's why the Finnish have sentences like 'Älä rääkkää kääkkää kääkänrääkkääjä!' and the Czechs have 'Strč prst skrz krk.'"

| Writing your first view from scratch (C++20 / P0789)
| hannes.hauswedell.net/post/201
| Thanks to Eric Niebler & CoderCasey
for their patience with my questions 😊

Macros can be useful but I feel like we should ban certain people from touching them.

For example, imagine if someone were to use the C preprocessor to create an elaborate object orientation system for C, calling it GObject, and then create an entire graphics stack up to and including a desktop environment, called, say, GNOME.

I think that's the kind of person who should no longer be allowed to use the C preprocessor.

#Gitea 1.4 has been released! I'm thrilled to see the vast amount of new features, and will happily roll it out on @fsfe's https://git.fsfe.org soon :) https://blog.gitea.io/2018/03/gitea-1.4.0-is-released/ … @giteaio

TFW you decide to go hiking in Majorca (of all places) and are then busy picking icicles out of your beard 🤔🌨🌪❄

Introducing #Tor with support for #FreeBSD #Capsicum in the #HardenedBSD ports tree: github.com/HardenedBSD/hardene

Enable Capsicum support by setting "Sandbox 1" in your torrc file.

Note that security/tor-capsicum is compiled with CFI (w/o cfi-icall), PIE, RELRO, Retpoline, and SafeStack by default on HardenedBSD 12-CURRENT/amd64. Threat actors attempting to exploit vulnerabilities in Tor on HardenedBSD are going to have a really hard time. :)


#FreeBSD finally released their much improved Code of Conduct.


I'm very happy to see this. Assholes are actively seeking out orgs and events without solid CoCs.

⚠ lambda-1.9.4 released ⚠
· all-new, git-like interface with sub-commands
· auto-detection of many parameters
· faster index creation
· multiple fixed bugs
· github.com/seqan/lambda/releas


Finally, it looks like work on concepts in Clang / LLVM is picking up speed: github.com/saarraz/clang-conce


Finally a talk at ! HexType looks interesting, I will definitely check it out.
Thanks, @gannimo

200 people trying to get into #polyamory workshop, place seats 25 ... #34c3

Eine kleine Übersicht der wichtigsten Links zum 34C3
Updated: #34C3 Link Sammlung 27.12.-30.12.2017
* Schedule - https://events.ccc.de/congress/2017/Fahrplan/
* Self organized Sessions - https://social.hoergen.org/url/61616
* FSFE Sessions - https://social.hoergen.org/url/61464
* Social Networking „The Federation“ - https://social.hoergen.org/url/60796
* Lightning Talks - https://social.hoergen.org/url/61617
* Talk Guide http://c3talks.tumblr.com/
* Event Blog - https://events.ccc.de/
* Interaktiver Lageplan https://34c3.c3nav.de/
* Live Streaming - https://streaming.media.ccc.de/34c3
* Zum Nachschauen - https://media.ccc.de/
* Ticketexchange. Wer noch ein Ticket sucht oder abzugeben hat - https://social.hoergen.org/url/60568

Met a nice person on the train to . She asked for my e-mail-address. She had a . Neither of us knew how to add a new contact.

Free Software Free Society! Join the @fsfe assembly the next 4 days at #34C3, check our talks, sessions, workshops, games and sing-alongs: https://events.ccc.de/congress/2017/wiki/index.php/Assembly:Free_Software_Foundation_Europe … @3albers http://l.fsfe.org/BodzD8 #fsfe #FreeSoftware