@_edjw No, and that was Kranzberg's first law of technology, but for some reason people keep saying it is. last time i gave the talk, someone specifically told me that technology is neutral...

Where do you draw the line between "addictive" and just "easy to use"? Mastodon isn't ad-driven & doesn't profit from your engagement - would it be stopped from using infinite scroll too? Badges & awards: what about educational apps e.g. language learning? etc.

Not quite sure how to feel about this. I deplore dodgy "engagement"-craving tricks by the likes of Facebook et al, but feel like this could throw out a fair amount of baby with the bathwater, if not planned and applied v carefully.

"US could ban 'addictive' autoplay videos and infinite scrolling online"

So today I noticed the Sigur Rós store has moved to Warner Music and removed all their album digital downloads that were available, free and paid. So this is a reminder to everyone that international licensing deals just wipe music and art off the internet all the time with no warning. Own! Your! Music! Streaming services are nice for discovering new music but they pay nothing to artists, and it can all be taken away instantly unless you own and store the files yourself. #music

It's back—#jail4journalists under a new UK Espionage Act: theregister.co.uk/2019/05/20/e

Home Sec Sajid Javid proposes criminal sanctions for whistleblowers / theguardian journalists to stop any future Edward Snowden

What do the general public think about the internet?


We (BBC R&D) helped NESTA to explore what the general public think about the internet. It was during a bitterly cold day but me, Rhia and Vicky took to the streets of Manchester to ask the public in a series of vox-pox interviews.

The results surprised me, as it was clear most were concerned and have serious but


And when I say all devices let you set DNT, I mean you get presented with a choice when you first activate the device of whether you want to be DNT to be turned off or not.

This site has information about how to turn off targeted ads on loads of sites.

But few people know they can do this or have the time/energy to do this.

The website is a solution but it’d be better if everyone respected Do Not Track and all devices let you turn on DNT

Let me know what you do if you click on the link. Even if it’s just, “I looked at the homepage for a couple of seconds and then closed the tab.”

I made a website called Stop Targeting Ads at Me.

It helps you opt out of targeted ads and data collection for targeted ads for loads of websites, apps, and devices.


US red lines for digital trade with the UK cause alarm 

Online harms in the UK: the government is rattling ahead towards regulation of UK social media, and prefers a 'duty of care'. Whether this is provides balance, or undermines free speech, largely rests on the notion of risk it takes up.


#freespeech #dutyofcare #internetregulation

"Here are the list of emojis considered too similar to the verified checkmark to be permitted in Twitter names or bios:

✔️ Heavy Check Mark
☑️ Ballot Box With Check
✅ White Heavy Check Mark
🔹 Small Blue Diamond
🔷 Large Blue Diamond
🔵 Blue Circle
🔘 Radio Button
🧿 Nazar Amulet
💠 Diamond With a Dot
♾️ Infinity"

via blog.emojipedia.org/why-you-ca

There probably is cryptography out there that is good enough for online voting. Problem is, everything else that’s necessary isn’t: software distribution (what election code is running), key distribution (who is entitled to vote) …
Democracies work when there is trust in the elections. If you need a CS + Crypto PhD to understand why something is secure; it’s easy to make people fearful of «election hacking». In contrast, most people have a good understanding of the threat model for paper ballots

This is smart as heck. What better way to teach folks about the <details> element than using the elements themselves to structure the post?

Hopefully, this neat angle will open up a really handy and more importantly, accessible, native HTML element to those (including me) who would previously use JavaScript.

Link: codepen.io/jdsteinbach/full/GY


Bad news for the European branches of the decentralized web. Not only did and the pass EU Parliament, the Commission introduced new anti-terrorist proposals that would need you to be available 24/7 to police your network for "terrorist content".

It's time to make your voice heard in Brussels. Start with subscribing and following edri.org/ -- the reps for digital rights groups in the EU.

The two things that are tricky about outsourcing front-end development of personal projects is:
1) It’s hard to measure the ROI of these projects
2) Managing someone takes a lot of work and is a long term investment

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