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Using ASCII art to make the internet better

Electronics box getting pretty full with my camping prep
Hey fediverse, I am working on a hardware tuturial. What are your favourite quirky simple input and output devices?

I am thinking sirens, weird lights, big rotatory dials, slides that sort of thing. I want to include some playful devices for students to use.
Can anyone find a data sheet for this part?

This is close
Https:// sheets/1714740.pdf

But the marking examples are not quite right.
I have submitted a tutorial proposal to EuroBSDCon 2019.

The deadline for you to submit your talk or tutorial is fast approaching, submit while you can.

#eurobsdcon2019 #eurobsdcon
Before I read 100+ pages of usb spec, is there an easy way to tell if my controller support DbC
Startupjerks: “tj the ocean called, it wants its shrimp back”
Me: “well the jerk store called and t wants its jerks back”
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