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funny how the only vendor taking flak over #KRAK is #OpenBSD, for patching it. Not the vendors who left everyone vulnerable while they delayed and stalled for half a year.

1437 and dark enough to bring the street lights on

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As 's de-facto wifi maintainer, I first learned about this WPA problem in June. A simple patch was provided which I could commit with slight modifications.

The original embargo was already 2 months long, and then extended again for 2 months.

The generall public (you) were left in the dark about this for at least 4 months.

This is a very sad state of affairs. It takes the industry much too long to apply a simple patch.

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High Sierra is a buggy mess of regressions. Even switching between windows is much slower

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I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. I've seen malloc() crash due to SLAB allocation bugs in Solaris. I've seen Java programmers write a second god class because the first one ran out of memory.

All these memory leaks will be lost in time, like tears in rain.

Time to die();

Segmentation Fault
$ _

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This is pure gold marc.info/?l=openbsd-misc&m=96 - anyone have a cached copy of the nail gunned drive?

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- I found it! I know what we've been doing wrong
- What is it?
- Knowledge! We know too much about how we work! We have a deterministic awareness of ourselves
- What?
- You see, that's the things with humans. They've no idea how they work. They make it up as go along - a soul here, an ego there. They don't know -
- But -
- and that's where emotions, and ultimately consciousness, come from!
- From ignorance?
- Yes!
- Mainframe UbrdsXf4533: I think you need a service.

#writing #flashfiction

Three reads and one write difference between the atom paths in dragonflg ig4 and freebsd ig4.

Just having gpio load before the i2c driver didn't make any difference.

I think now I have to figure out how the z8000 datasheet differs from the current ig4 driver.


I don't need a screenshot button firefox why would you add that to my toolbar?

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when you go to school for CS or SE is there eventually a class where they just train you to sit and work silently instead of saying "ohhhh. oh, fuck." or "wait, why does it... WHAT?" or throw things?

or is that more of a time and cubicle use thing?

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patrick@ has committed an initial version of bwfm(4) to , a wireless driver for Broadcom FullMAC devices.


Still lots do to...

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when am i finally going to get to use 280 characters on mastodon


With detach now working for the gpio driver I have to work on a different driver to have work load to test the next set of features it needs.

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@_tj this is totally procrastination, but it is hard to feel bad

Starting today poking at a kernel panic

Woo! gpio control from userspace working. Next tidying, adding interupt support and porting a version of gpdfand

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