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Waiting for a build I forgot to add -DKERNFAST to and watching the local feed go by

man twitter is such a different place, here I get responses from strangers and friends alike and they are insightful or funny.

There I get random strangers making light of serious things and taking jokes seriously.

I must remember to stop also tweeting from my phone

iOTA 360

What's a £99 notebook like? (First in a series of posts.)


Also available on the peer web with Beaker Browser: dat://ar.al/2018/07/19/iota-36

Apple beats the xkcd phone to version XX

Drafts SHOULD be implemented and MUST NOT have bugs

90% see no reordering and we blame that on wifi. Blame everything on wifi

So I completely forgot that August is still school holidays and booked my #BSDCam travel without having somebody to take care of the kids... oops!

actually, systemd is the name of the inventor. you‘re thinking of systemd‘s monster.

Cyber beer is unhappy with the human races impact on the environment

Elsevier isn't really out to make friends with their spam