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I wrote all my experience with getting running on the Pro down. Feel free to comment, help out, etc

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So, whoami

I am working for a large German hoster/telco and heading a security team there. A fine team of skilled dudes.

I got into Linux at school (mid 90ies) and immediately loved it. My first was 2.5 and I run that for a while. Over the years I experimented with and finally stuck at where I am also a committer.

Nowadays, my business systems have to run Linux while all my personal devices run . Our wireless support In Dfly sucks :/

Last month, members of CCC testified in German parliament about the importance of anonymity tools in technopolitics: "Encryption & anonymization services such as Tor are fundamental for secure communication & protection of information from unauthorized access. For people affected by repression or surveillance, it's essential that encryption methods and anonymization services are neither weakened nor provided with backdoors."

Read the full statement here:

I've written a note about setting up a #WireGuard® VPN on an #OpenBSD machine with routing domains to isolate the VPN from its hosting network:

Probably the coolest, most nerdy frontend to OpenStreetMap:

$ telnet

(Use arrow keys to move, and a/z to zoom in/zoom out)

More info at

@josch Thanks to you and some others, who inspired me at the #36c3 to write this.
I have put Japanese/German/English versions up on my website:

I never did psychedelics.

Heck, I don't even use syntax highlighting.

I was gifted something awesome: the original of the 6.0 release art by Katherine Piro.


German cider (Äbbelwoi) from the Odenwald region.

I was asked for a list of all my five-star books – it's a weird mix, but here you go:

I made some adjustments to my sandbox applications on article.

* Mention {cron,at}.deny to disallow cronjobs and atrun jobs for unprivileged users
* More on disk space limiting
* Upstream abandoned xodo, so I cloned the repo and linked it in the article

Do you like the new darker #xenodm login widget colors and the new default background ?

Maasai Mara national reserve can be fascinating with locals major economic activity, livestock keeping being one of the tourists attractions inside the reserve.

:flan_announcer:​ I have posted a patch to add 11n Tx aggregation support to the #OpenBSD iwm(4) wifi driver.

As explained in my message this patch still needs some testing. Please help with testing if you can :flan_smile:

Go ahead! Do it! :flan_whip:

As usual, feel free to comment here or via other communication channels.

I might change the article later on so have a look at the date at the bottom.

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I wrote an article on how to set up a VPN on using the new, native implementation.

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