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I wrote all my experience with getting running on the Pro down. Feel free to comment, help out, etc

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So, whoami

I am working for a large German hoster/telco and heading a security team there. A fine team of skilled dudes.

I got into Linux at school (mid 90ies) and immediately loved it. My first was 2.5 and I run that for a while. Over the years I experimented with and finally stuck at where I am also a committer.

Nowadays, my business systems have to run Linux while all my personal devices run . Our wireless support In Dfly sucks :/

"This burger restaurant in Toronto named their burgers after office supplies so you can charge them as expenses"

This is the international day of backups \o/

Like every other day of the year! \o/

We just upgraded one of the hosts to 6.9-beta to test with veb(4)/vport(4).

If you would like to help (stress)test go book a VM and add a note "veb(4) testing".
This will be available, and for free, until 6.9-release and might reboot without prior notice.


Nice. I just switched to dhcpleased on latest -current and there is no longer a delay when the network comes up. 👍

Kudos to @florian for writing it!

Please vote and retoot!

I'm looking for an affordable braille display because I'd like to get one to make to help reporting usability issue for people relying on braille.

I'd emphasize on OS installation, shell usage and command line tools. I may even use the computer screen-less :flan_think:

If it would be considered a bad idea, tell me.

Boost appreciated :flan_thumbs:

I finally released dhewm3 1.5.1 RC3, the hopefully last release candidate for 1.5.1:

Some changes since RC2:
- Fullscreen improvements, support nvidia DSR/AMD VSR
- Updated Mod DLLs incl. the newly added LibreCoop and D3: Lost Mission
- Several Bugfixes

Please test - thanks in advance! :-)

On I can change the font in the UEFI loader with "machine video".

However, the chosen font is reset to the default as soon as /bsd is loaded.

Any chance to have the same font for the loader and the console?

"thank you to the open source community for allowing us to use your amazing software" -- NASA team lead for EDL camera system

If you want to help a really cool project, test the upcoming Version 6 of .

Compared to nearly all other screen lockers, xscreensaver hasn't suffered from (trivial) lock bypass flaws. Its author, jwz, puts a lot of effort into secure design. Check his blog for some detailed blog articles on the topic.

The new OnionShare is out!

It adds a bunch of great features like tabs, anonymous chat that never logs anything, and better command line support.

Here's the blog post:

Download OnionShare 2.3 from:

Install it on a headless server:

`pip3 install --user onionshare-cli`

Read the amazing new docs that are translated to a bunch of languages:

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