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Wow, after 25 years of Unix experience, I learned that you can filter output in .

Press ampersand (&) and enter a regex to show only lines matching the regex.

Press ampersand (&) and then exclamation mark (!) to apply an inverse filter.

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I wrote all my experience with getting running on the Pro down. Feel free to comment, help out, etc

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So, whoami

I am working for a large German hoster/telco and heading a security team there. A fine team of skilled dudes.

I got into Linux at school (mid 90ies) and immediately loved it. My first was 2.5 and I run that for a while. Over the years I experimented with and finally stuck at where I am also a committer.

Nowadays, my business systems have to run Linux while all my personal devices run . Our wireless support In Dfly sucks :/

Windows 10 running Ubuntu 21.04 running Windows 7 running Mac OS 8.5 running Windows 95

Out of curiosity, I set up an roadwarrior VPN on -current. The last time I did this was many years ago.

All worked out of the box and the server's config is so short, it fits in this toot:

ikev2 'vpn' passive esp \
from any to dynamic \
config address \
tag "ROADW"

The devs made some pretty impressive changes in the last year!

Writing lots of python on vim? use `:set cursorcolumn` to see which column your cursor at:

#python #vim

Xenocara on SiFive Unmatched under #OpenBSD #riscv64 ...
Still a bit of hack though.

Important: A significant flaw is present in June BIND releases 9.16.17 and 9.17.14

>> If you have not yet updated to the 16 June releases, we ask that you hold off
on any plans to install 9.16.17 or 9.17.14 until replacement releases can be
prepared and tested. <<

Photo of thousands of Crows atop of snow covered trees, illuminated by street lights underneath.

I've got a good one;)

Imagine that for one year you can have only one of those. Which one would it be?

P.S.: you know what to do to get a better result 🔁

#mobile #devices #laptop #tablet #smartphone #phone #poll

So if a CDN got taken down because they didn't pay on ransomware would that be...

(fuck, I'm sorry for this y'all)


Minisign, by @jedisct1, is a dead simple tool to sign files and verify signatures; it is portable, lightweight, and uses Ed25519 public key signatures

In 2015, a new hiking trail was opened up in the Passerschlucht gorge between St. Leonhard and Moos in #Passeier. Spectacular metal walkways lead over river rapids and deep abysses and past waterfalls and steep slopes.

More on

#SouthTyrol #hiking

You can now register for the virtual EuroBSDCon 2021 for free!

The program is published @

We are proudly sponsoring the virtual edition this year to stay safe and healthy. Hopefully IRL next year!


If you want to try #dlang on #OpenBSD using the reference DMD compiler, I posted a port on openbsd-wip:

If you try it, let me know how it works out for you.

Average distances from the Sun:

Mercury: 57 million km
Venus: 108 million km
Earth: 150 million km
Australia: 150 cm

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