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Awesome read about Meltdown protection, crazy kernel stuff and the collaboration between , and

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Wait, Facebook is literally pushing a VPN solution that claims to "protect" you?

A VPN that sends all your traffic through facebook's servers

How dumb do they thin... 33 million installs... Okay they might be right about how dumb people are

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Interesting bits noticed in the AsiaBSDCon video dump are the Project Updates sessions, here's the relevant parts for : (2016)

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you ever make an internet joke so good that literally the entire nation that you live in knows it

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2.3.0 is out! 🎉

- Search your toots
- Download your archive
- Intelligent thumbnail crops
- Pinned toots
- Profile media galleries
- New landing page
- No more ugly media URLs in toots
- LDAP, CAS and SAML integrations
- and many more things!

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Ten Forward is now on Mastodon v2.3.0.

One of the biggest user-facing features this time is full text search of "toots you've written, boosted, favourited or were mentioned in". This is not set up on this instance at this time, I am still exploring options for the Elasticsearch setup.

Other features include account archive download and federated reports.

For more details:

Chinese Wall in reverse. Blocking whole access subnets from CN to avoid script kiddies and infected desktops :)

... including the statement "Bitrig OS was merged back into OpenBSD".

Is that true?

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Thanks to Theo Buehler (tb@) et al. syspatches will be available for the last two supported releases, meaning.. 6.1 has binary patches again, hooray! 😀

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The AsiaBSDCon 2018 PF and networking with OpenBSD tutorial is in progress, slides are live too at

Just packing my stuff for the upcoming Skiing trip to the Swiss Alps.

Hell, I cannot wait until I hit the slope.

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If your org’s site is blocked anywhere in the world, if you're calling out injustices, sharing suppressed resources, or want to provide better privacy and security, creating a .onion version of your site should be your next step. source:

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The list of accepted talks for @BSDCan 2018 has been announced: full schedule to follow soon.

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In Gesprächen, bei denen es um mehr #Datenschutz, #Datensicherheit und damit verbunderner #Privatsphäre & #Intimsphare geht, wird häufig unbedacht der Satz „Ich habe doch nichts zu verbergen“ genannt. Gepaart ist er meist mit einer Haltung die vermittelt „ist nicht so schlimm“ oder „Du übertreibst“. Hier ein Blumenstrauß an Möglichkeiten, wie Du in einem Gespräch, in dem dieser Satz vorkommt den Wind aus den Segeln nehmen kannst...