Let's be friends in Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 6919 8942 9925!

We have this water filter / carbonator in the office and it’s model name is “Firewall” but it’s for water?

What idiot called it a “summer party” and not an “estival festival”?

Dear friends working on Mastodon clients:

Please expose “via NameOfApp” wherever you can. It’s so neat to be able to learn what apps are out there by clicking through on that.

I don’t use a conditioner, I’ve never used a conditioner, if I wanted to use a conditioner, yes, I could probably go out and get one, because my shampoo is what? Thickening.

macOS VoiceOver is definitely chattier than its iOS counterpart.

Debugging VoiceOver with my headphones on. It’s really like I have voices in my head. SHUT UP VOICES!

Friend: “Can send me some of your ab workouts?”
Me: “You want my Core Data?”
Former-Friend: “...”

« Il arrive que le monde autour de toi ne te comprenne pas mais ce n'est pas un souci. Tu as du caractère et tu n'as pas peur de dire aux gens ce que tu penses. Cela peut plaire ou agacer mais au moins, tu ne regrettes rien. On dit parfois que tu en fais trop - mais nombreux sont ceux qui seraient déçus si tu en faisais moins. Tu détestes suivre les règles et préfères les fixer toi-même. Voilà pourquoi on t'adore ! »

Pokémon GO is so frustrating. First I have to evolve my Magikarp which took 400 candies and now an excellent curveball throw? Why!?

OH “They’re in an open relationship.”
You mean as opposed to a fileprivate relationship? 🤓

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