The Dutch are undoing the mistakes of their past generations โ€” building highways inside cities. Cities are NOT meant for cars. Itโ€™s insane to think that everyone can travel in cars inside a city. When will the rest of the world follow suit?

I weigh more because I weigh myself more often?
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We have more Cases because we do more Testing. Itโ€™s Lamestream Media Gold!

Are you in ? Have you downloaded the Alert app yet?

To turn on exposure notification on the goto settings -> privacy -> health.

How and why are twitter employees able to tweet from accounts. This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. And to think that this is the platform that the POTUS uses actively. Imagine they got access to that account. Seriously dumb engineering design.
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We detected what we believe to be a coordinated social engineering attack by people who successfully targeted some of our employees with โ€ฆ

Ontario plans to build more long term care homes. This is essential as the pandemic has exposed the inadequacies across the long term care home system โ€”

Stocks rally as Moderna makes breakthrough in early trials. Larger human trials have begun. If this works mRNA vaccines for other diseases could be on the horizon.

This is so true as we deal with the . Do you think this crisis is an opportunity? What are you doing to turn this crisis into an opportunity?

Classical Indian twist to Mozartโ€™s 40th symphony by @samadipta



Checkout what happens when everyone wears a , and when most people donโ€™t wear a mask. Daily infections rise 5 to 8 fold. For us to beat this , Everyone must wear a mask and this must be the norm worldwide.

India is the second-largest investor in the UK. Beating Germany and France. Just think about that for a second. think this is part of a broader trend โ€” according to the Global Wealth Migration Review, 2019, as many as 5000 Indian HNWI left India.

Soon US citizens will be able to arrest suspected illegal immigrants. ICE is offering training to select citizens in firearms so they can arrest and detain suspected illegals. What do you guys think about this? Are vigilante arrests ok?

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