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chachi: I will never welcome a dog in this house. if you ever bring one then you should know this that he will not be loved by me

my chachi now:

A senior NCP leader once told me โ€˜We are a aloo partyโ€™.
I asked him โ€˜What does that mean?โ€™
He replied โ€˜Like aloo can go with matar, gobhi, pyaz, anything for that matter, our party can also blend with any partyโ€™.

Now, I understood what he wanted to say !

How-to think like a Boomer?

18 โ€” I need a car
25 โ€” I need to marry
26 โ€” I need kids
30 โ€” I need to buy a house
50 โ€” I need to buy another house for retirement income
60 โ€” I need to enjoy; erm.. wait I need to retire

20 years and still without proper status. This is what modern day slavery looks like โ€” at-least in the Middle East you donโ€™t pay taxes and take all your savings with you if you have to go back โ€”

Never goto Goa for New Years and Christmas. Itโ€™s jam packed. Thank me later!

a cervix dilates from zero to 10cm to deliver an 8 pound baby then returns to its normal size but you think your 4 inches could do this?

Impeached and removed from office, impeached but not removed from office. Impeachment vs removal โ€” what is all this? โ€”

Itโ€™s not a country โ€” more like a continent. Once the permafrost melts and climate change makes the north more inhabitable, there could be longer stretches of road and more inhabitable places.

From one end to the other, the distance is comparable to travelling from Calcutta to Berlin.

We often underestimate the scale of Canada. It is continental in size. Just getting from one end to other end of Ontario is 2200+ kms. In comparison, that is like travelling from Kanyakumari to Agra (2500 kms). That is insanely big!

Free advice 

I studied Sanskrit for a bit in school. Never thought it was a big deal back then.
I am a Muslim. I always scored 90+ in Sanskrit during school days. I somehow enjoyed the language. There were many Hindu students who struggled to get even passing marks in the subject. Our Sanskrit teacher Miss Sayyada was a muslim too.That was our childhood !

Boost if you agree Education must be free for all

Passengers walking to the station after Hyderabad Metro had a short circuit between ameerpet and madhuranagar. Metro services have been hit for over an hour.

โ€ชFor the nth time, incitement to violence doesnโ€™t seem to violate Twitterโ€™s rules. Only when such incitement leads to actual violence, only when @jack has blood on his hands, will Twitter take this seriously. And who knows that day might not be far. โ€ฌ

People! Newslaundry is hiring!!

If you are a techie who can work in a fast-paced environment, have enough knowledge of HTML/CSS and Javascript, we're looking for you!

Send your applications to


-How to use ReactJS to build a front end application
-ES6 functionality, including concepts like promises and async/await
-Git and Version Control
-Knowledge of working with APIs
-Understanding of backend structures

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Drive safer โ€” we will reduce your premiums, let us track your driving.

Eat safer โ€” we will reduce your premiums, let us track your eating habits.

Etc etc...

Finally one day: No vitals โ€” no insurance premium, let us track your vitals.

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