My partner and I are playing The Witness together. Grid puzzles like Sudoku have never really captured my interest, but The Witness has completely captivated me. It's impressive how the game cleanly combines the various puzzle rulesets while letting the game environment break through the 'fourth wall' of the puzzle. Each puzzle is like a tiny labor of love.

Confession: I love GIMP and have loved it for years, but it needs a new name.

I am genuinely excited about the upcoming Mastodon support in Twidere.

Yo yo yo! Remember I promised to write about scaling to 43k users? I did it!

Deleting my LiveJournal this morning, a huge wave of nostalgia washed over me. It was a space that angsty young adults could share without brands or the overbearing presence of the social network itself packaging up our lives as a product to sell. I'm cautiously optimistic that Mastodon or something else can bring that back.

I really enjoy walking along the paseo. When the weather is nice and everyone is out, you really have the feeling that you are sharing it with the entire city and all of its diversity.


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