Left: the northern Blazing star. Celebrated, cherished, considered a treasure.

Right: knapweed. Reviled, and depending on where you live, it's considered an invasive weed.

It's nice when your very very very very first interaction on a chat room is to have someone say something about how you don't belong there

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Incredibly grim notes in this British WWII propaganda short from 1940, before USA had entered the war.

"They know that thousands of them will die. But they would rather face death than kneel down and face the kind of existence their conqueror would impose upon them."

This show is very committeed to the idea that a nose is a corner of 8x11 paper jutting out of a persons face

What's not awful is that Facebook watch has a handful of real shows that are basically free: Limetown, The Birch, and Sorry For Your Loss.

Limetown is solid. The conspiracy is really generic I thought, but atmosphere and acting was great.

The Birch was cool. It's kinda genre bending in that it's very young adult in some ways but very gory and violent at other times. It's fun if you just accept how absurd it is.

Facebook Watch, tasers 

Facebook watch knows what its users want: a lot of reality TV and violence. The first thing I saw when going to the Watch page was a video showing off how tasers subdue people.

I guess it's supposed to be raw red meat to people who get off on toughness. All kinds of practiced one-liners from the Tough Guy Cop that of course made the final edit for the video. awful

it only ends when Bob asks Hexadecimal to please undo the curse, because she won't have any more chaos and conflict without it. she agrees.

That's it. Thats how they solve it.

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while it's closing in, he locks eyes with Enzo in his last moments and enzo watches as the dog turns to stone

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the dog, brisket, runs for its life from the grey, stops when he sees it in front of him, and then his ears go back in despair while it closes in from all sides

then it cuts to commercial break after panning back from the city, showing every inch of it frozen in grey death. not even a hint of hope that anyone can do anything to escape

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and one by one it does a freeze frame on every character trapped in a frozen world, consumed by the grey

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jesus christ. the baby dropped their toy to the ground, and the camera slowly zoomed in as it got enclosed in grey. how was this a kids show

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A parent picked up a baby who was crying scared because the grey was closing over the walls and coming to get them. And this was a kids show!

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