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Just learned about ! Awesome, this occupies a badly needed decentralized space, for an instagram alternative.

Still needed: something that does whatever stupid stuff snapchat does (be weirdly different and hip I guess), and a decentralized reddit.

Honestly, I think you can already do a decentralized reddit by treating hashtags as subreddits, favorites as votes, and replies as comments. And whatever reddit you see depends on who you federate with.

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Ok so out of stuff using #ActivityPub, #Mastodon replaces Twitter, #Pixelfed replaces Instagram, #PeerTube replaces YouTube. What is there that replaces SoundCloud? #askMastodon

hey atheists, if cucumbers are so cool how come CERN doesn't use them to cool its superconducting circuits!?

GOT EM (I say as I high five my dad who approves)

Dorito cool ranch cucumber edition

I go to and see the page LITTERED with Privacy Badger icons, blocking all kinds of sites.

I go to mastodon... it's as clean as a cucumber.

(that's a saying, right?)

Today is world day of combating drought and desertification

So if we could just get that all squared away today that'd be great

Happy no orange clothes day

Can't were a single thing made out of orange peels (humorous misunderstanding but also technically true)

It's global wind day. Make sure that there is a lot of wind around flap your arms and shake your feets a windmill will thank you

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it's finally here

pickle juice.... for men

not very anticapitalist of me, but Audible has a sale on audiobooks right now. Anything worth getting?

I got My Brilliant Friend and Seveneves.

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via #FrozenTrout on Slack

I couldn't not repost this here.

Happy own your share of America day

Happy weed your garden International forgiveness awareness appreciation Day

I'm actually not entirely on board with this concept, so I'll say I'm personally observing happy put extra awesome weeds in your garden and welcome them and put them everywhere like your seed bombing like a renegade gardener day

Now it's National crowded Nest Awareness Day

Which I guess means you have to move out now

We'll see how the weather app or anything like a plan I think it's the best thing that's happened with your recent change my password but it is a little switch it up to the store to buy the car is in a good way of saying I have a meeting in transportation to the gym today but will get it done this weekend but will do so in my opinion I would love a copy to the gym today but will try Tilde to get the kids together for the next two quick things to be in a good way

I guess you can have corn on the cob today cuz that's what day it is that's the holiday of today great job have a good holiday enjoy your corn

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"you said an hour and it's already been 36 minutes"

Happy ballpoint pen day.

I guess you can bring that up today if you have absolutely nothing to talk about and you're paranoid about offending people. Like if you're talking about politics at church but also going over your personal finances and the issue you're dealing with with your in-laws while adjusting all of the thermostats.

If all of that's happening that's probably the only situation where this is a good way to release some tension