Okay, I'm completely out of the loop on whatever the latest drama is, which I guess is a good thing. Only seeing parenthetical type comments going "gee, such drama!"

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i am playing an unregistered version of the world we live in

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we're seeing hijinks levels at about 100%

(100%) ■■■■■■■■■■

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What if… Follow Friday (), but you only promote accounts with Fewer Followers than you?

I'm using Simplenote for notes at the moment.

I like the idea of prefixing some tags with a hashtag, so they show up at the top of my notes list. But is there anything I can prefix notes with so they show up at the bottom?

this could also just be a thing where I'm wasting time thinking about it too much.

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Everybody.... Yeah! Rock your body, (yeeeeah)

I'm thinking about instapaper vs pocket. And using one as a free infinite bookmarks thing (as opposed to pinboard which costs money).

And maybe using one as something else. Like for long reads?

Or maybe I'm overthinking it?

(taps mic) Been a while since I've said much. how is everybody?

i enjoy "liking to swim"" and try of beach!!

today in useless nutrition articles that are my top google results 

Can you guess which of these are pokemon and which are vegetables? It can be surprisingly hard!

1. Squirtle
2. Carrot
3. Wartortle
4. Lettuce
5. Onion
6. Blastoise
7. Mega Blastoise
8. Broccoli (leaves/stalks)
9. Brussels Sprouts
10. Broccoli (florets)

Just finished . Mixed feelings. I enjoy the characters and the kinds of scenes they have together.

But at least on Gone Home you ARE one of the characters, so the story hits you a lot more. In Tacoma you are just observing other characters who you are not even present with. And they lead layered lives, and it's cool. But that real connection to characters isn't there. And this is a story where you WANT that, like a lot.

(whichever of those is correct)

wtf is this? Bad Notes, go to your room.

I just wanted to make a numbered list, manually without your stupid help that gets things wrong in every possible way. If I go back in my list to add something new, it doesn't correctly re-number items further down the list.

It somehow indents wrong and force-indents whatever you are typing even if I didn't want that.

Just don't do that. Don't touch. I'll make my own lists. You were almost perfect! Almost!!!

Take the nearest green thing and put it in your mouth. Chances are you just ate a vegetable!

This is an important health tip! Bye.

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annoying federation stuff 

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Hello, all -- looking forward to a federated platform (again). Some friends of mine wrote status.net, and I miss the feeling of a social net that's just made up of people, not companies. Looking to connect with some friends who've mentioned Mastodon and see what it's like.

Big fan of retro technology, BBSing in the 21st century, film and digital photography.


More likely what will happen is AI will be used to execute some small gimmick effectively before giving birth to, or "solving" entire genres.

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