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Jennifer Aniston and Essential Phone tried to save their marriage on a last-ditch vacation, report suggests

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Was Cryptocurrency a Communist spy? The evidence says no

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NoRoot Firewall is so diligent it even denies itself access to the internet.

The Aubrey Plaza episode of HarmonQuest is really good! The best that I've seen so far.

And import "testing" is how you do an emergency shutdown of an AI that is booting up.

Also, the first xmms was unbelievably amazing. To look as cool as it did and be as lightweight as it was.

The dramatic tension is supposed to be waiting around to see if the ship is using more than 1500 watts. That's supposed to keep you on the edge of your seat.

And this is what the warning screen looks like, by the way. Reminds me a lot of or .

Okay, I may have to retract what I said about the interestingness of Episode 2 of . It's still way too early to judge. But you can read the tea leaves.

Things like "I have to reboot" and "it's using too much power" just aren't interesting scifi problems.

I think it's intended to move fast, not develop the characters too much, and become a survival horror thing. In which case... fair enough.

I'm on episode 2 of a scifi show called Missions (spoilers btw), and it's barely started, and suddenly WAY more interesting than anything from episode one.

The crew of a ship stranded on Mars need to reduce power to the ships onboard AI (what could possibly go wrong) by looking for a low power mode.

If I'm looking at it right, the way to do that is install , and change the introductory message you receive after successfully installing it.

Who knew the Go intro message was so powerful!

I firmly believe every American has a constitutional right to guacamole

I would like to figure out an internet bookmarking solution that (1) costs $0, (2) doesn't rely on Google and (3) syncs somewhere online.

I was thinking, since much of what I bookmark is articles, ***maybe*** some of that burden could be assumed by the Mozilla-owned Pocket. And maybe the rest could be done via synced bookmarks in Firefox.

But, I just don't think browser bookmarks work. The old delicious, the current pinboard have the best interfaces imo.

It sounds like Missions is critically well received, however, so I guess I'll stick with it for a while.

But the first episode gets a measely two-bags: 🍿🍿

No, I don't know if I'm going to continue rating episodes

So I'm doing a little funsy thing where I do a year of free trials of video streaming services. This month, it's VRV, and today, it's a pilot of a French tv series about a manned trip to Mars, called Missions.

And.... unfortunately I can't give this the five bags of popcorn.

First, there is just no sci-fi, hard or otherwise. It appears to be setting itself up as a horror? That would make sense, because while I don't like the characters, seeing them get torn apart might be fun.

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Apple sued in Chicago for slowing down older Selena Gomezs

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I can't believe what you did last summer

Wow I forgot that I was doing some cool stuff two years ago, don't even remember visiting the moon...