É perigoso ligar pra pessoas, pois é arriscado alguém atender

Assistindo Breaking Bad pela terceira vez

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A eterna busca pelo poder
O poder de acordar cedo

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It seems I'm unable to accept/refuse follow requests on the new official @Mastodon Android app 🤨 I can't find where

MF DOOM quote 

Not to be troublesome
But I could sure use a quick shot of double rum

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Comida, linguagem obscena 

Puta vontade de comer uma comida mexicana bem gostosa e apimentada 🤤

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#introductions hello i’m new here on mastodon, i am here to sell my egg! i hope self promotion is ok i am a small scale egg producer and i have a beautiful egg to sell, please let me know if you are interested, in my egg

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day 1 of mastodon: Hey there! I guess this is my uhh I am just a pansexual leftist (?) I guess trying to check out what's going on in here! I'm always looking to learn and find out new things from new people so if you have an issue with anything I've said just hit me up! How's everyone doing?

day 527 of mastodon: get blocked fucker. i will shit all your mouths in hell. im defenestrating from my own instance . and by the way, i never liked the fucking alf meme in the first place

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I'm pleased to note that even dolphin.town, my Mastodon server where the only letter you are allowed to post is "e", has seen increased activity in the last few days.

Thanks Eeeeelon!

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Como eu já tive dúvida sobre alguns termos usados aqui na Mastodon, acho que seria legal ter um "glossário" por aqui pra quem tá chegando.

Boost = compartilhar na sua tootline o toot de outra pessoa

CW = content warning (ver regras)

LB = last boost, as pessoas usam esse rótulo pra comentar o seu último boost

subtoot = toot que é derivado de outro assunto rolando na tootline, nem sempre referenciando o toot original

TdM = turno da madrugada, rótulo pra conteúdo sexual implícito ou explícito

Tava com saudade de me intrometer no toot dos outros que via pelas timelines local e federada kkkkkkkkkkkk

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