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"jsg@ modified want.html: The following types of machines with graphics and serial would be helpful for drm development. A pre Ryzen amdgpu APU (Carrizo, Bristol Ridge, Stoney Ridge) Skylake or newer Intel Core system Intel Braswell/Cherry Trail system"



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https://stopthemingmy.app/ highlights the 9 billionth reason why the GTK/GNOME ecosystem is fundamentally broken and why I should really switch to KDE already
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Note that it is not possible to download two files at the same time; only one, three, or more than three files can be downloaded at the same time.

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Can anyone take this sweet dog?
My parents took him in temporarily so his owner wouldn’t kill him (ugh), and have taken care of him for a while now.

Unfortunately, they sold their house and are moving somewhere he cannot go.

He’s submissive around people and other dogs. When he met our 4 dogs, he just rolled over to show his belly.

If you can take him in and give him a permanent home, please let me know.

We are in the Dallas area, but will gladly drive a few hours to meet up with someone.

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How mature is the field of software engineering? We're still benchmarking ls.
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Beck asked me to "stop bragging" unless I'm comparing with rsync. Here are the results, though the invocation has changed to connect to the localhost with ssh (rsync otherwise goes into local-copy mode). First column is patched openrsync, second is rsync. So... roughly the same. Yay!

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Fun with OpenBSD's openrsync! First we have the current speed when synchronising two random 4 MB file. Then we have the speed when using hashtable lookups of "fast" hashes. (Patch soon available.) And last, with the hashtable and a rolling hash computation. Yay maths!

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Hi. I'm Alex and I'm a cwm & tmux-oholic.

I control media, volume, mic input, webcam, mpd, etc via scripts invoked by cwm hotkeys.

Those scripts all end with 'tmux refresh-client -S' so correct status is reflected in tmux statusbar.

To make matters worse, I have different tmux configs for local workstations and remote SSH sessions.

The statusbar also shows CPU/mem/temp/email status.

Please share your neat cwm / tmux things.

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OpenBSD is now supported on Sourcehut 🎉 the barrier to testing on BSD systems is getting lower and lower. man.sr.ht/builds.sr.ht/compati

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I've just synchronised OpenBSD's openrsync with github.com/kristapsdz/openrsyn and added in a portability shim for compiling on other architectures. I won't officially endorse any other system til it has the security measures ported, but there ya go.

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> The embargo is over after nearly a year and RIDL, Fallout, and MDS are now publicly disclosed.

How comforting.
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when does the pinebook pro launch? I am ready to put my x62 to pasture. not that I don't love the power and form factor. it's just...I don't run VMs locally any more. I want USB-C power...and really...

...I press the left click button with my right thumb and from that angle (and that angle only) it makes the most obnoxious plastic on plastic screech I absolutely can no longer stand.

time for a pinebook pro and a gpd 2

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Anyone have ideas on monitoring disks in a zfs pool on #HardenedBSD.

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Hey Fediverse! Wir sind Canta Noctem, eine Folk Metal Band aus Wuppertal.

Da wir gehört haben, dass alle Metal Bands jetzt auf metalhead.club sind, wollten wir dem Trend folgen!

So klingen wir: 🎶 youtube.com/watch?v=PxuvYEO5uj

Und so sehen wir aus: 👹


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Hey UK friends! I have some fairly narrow questions about Tesco Express for my novel #terrapinSkyTango.

(Specifically about the real narrow one at Westminster Tube Station, but I'm good with answers from generic TEs.)

1) I assume TE has coffee. Is it machine, or pot-brewed?

2) Blunt instruments. I need blunt instruments. Stuff you can pick up and use to brain the one you loathe. I have chip bag rack, glass drink bottles (what notably "blunt instrument" brands would they have?) What else?

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Red: Advertising
Yellow: Junk that I don't care about
Green: Content that I was looking for

So basically this news would have fit into two Mastodon posts.

#advertising #
junk #trashYourWebsite

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