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RRR has an interesting (22-minute) interview with veteran Melbourne post-punk/minimal synthpop musician Karen Marks, about the early-80s scene and her recently rereleased 1981 EP “Cold Café”:

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Teenage Engineering has a record label, but you’ll never own a copy of anything they put out, as it’s Spotify-exclusive:

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I didn’t realise @pixelfed registrations were open again.

Anyway, I’ve given up on telling people to join Pixelfed, what with the whipsawing registrations and all. And telling them to join (no, you don’t need to speak German, and yes, I’m sure you can follow me across instances) is no answer. I now tell them, if you have a RSS reader, use that.

At some point, if the loneliness gets to me, I’ll cave and rejoin Zuck’s Video Ad Casino, where the cool kids are.

Playdate: a new handheld video game platform, created by software publishers Panic; includes a rotary hand crank controller, and will have 20 games, from creators including Keita Takahashi; Launches in 2020, for US$149:

San Francisco electronics repairman goes on 9-hour trip after repairing an old Buchla synth which, at some point in its history, unbeknownst to him, had apparently been dipped in LSD:

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Is Komar and Melamid/Dave Soldier’s “The Most Unwanted Song” proto-vaporwave? Discuss.

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our meme generation neural network student is getting towards the end of his masters thesis and the results are absolutely a riot

Slide presentation on writing a (2D shooter) game purely functionally in Haskell:

30+-year-old source code to several commercial Commodore 64 games put on Github:

Interesting to see the toolchains used for development, which were initially BBC Micro-based and later PC-based, with custom hardware interfaces

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Life hack for cyclists riding on hostile roads: strap a pool noodle to the back of your bike, claiming a car’s width of space:

Did you know that in Australia, it’s a federal crime to advocate boycotts of Israel (or other countries on friendly terms), as of the Sedition Act 2006?

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Fun fact: The arctic used to be a Lovecraftian experience for Renaissance era explorers.

The terrain made no sense to their minds: It was just vast, featureless ice. Unpopulated. Shifting, temporary geometry that in some cases made little sense.

The Renaissance method of describing a place by what it contained broke down in the arctic. The place flew against their way of thinking, literature and self expression.

This was an alien world that they were completely unprepared for.

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