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I still can't get over how good a motto "anything worth doing is worth doing poorly" is when you're suffering from executive dysfunction or physical disabilities

Like, of course it's awesome to thoroughly clean your place once a week or biweekly but if the mere thought of it is causing you to break down, vacuuming for five minutes is so much more than doing nothing

It's the best piece of advice I got in what feels like forever

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halloween is basically a dark version of easter. there's candy...special outfits...people coming back from the dead...

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David Lynch Made a Disturbing Web Sitcom Called “Rabbits."

It’s Now Used by Psychologists to Induce a Sense of Existential Crisis in Research Subjects

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Monotony is the enemy of learning.


Pablo A. Celnik, M.D., professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine:

“What we found is if you practice a slightly modified version of a task you want to master, you actually learn more and faster than if you just keep practicing the exact same thing multiple times in a row,”

If a repetitive exercise bores you,
most likely you're not learning.

Change it up each time.
A little bit of chaos is good for the soul.
And apparently, also good for learning new things thoroughly.


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Heaven takes care of children, sailors, and drunken men.

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jeff 'bez' bezos founded amazon in 1994 after his band the happy mondays split up the previous year. however, he never lost his passion for dancing and playing the maracas, and still practices for two hours every day.

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Stuff I can think of:

1. Never use the app, only use the browser.

2. Use the Firefox Facebook container (or some other way to keep from being tracked).

3. Find a "river of news" surrogate to use instead (e.g. Metafilter, an RSS feed, Kotke, etc.)

4. Identify how you plan on using FB up front, do *only* that and log out when you're done.

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Only listen to the music you're supposed to listen to Otherwise, people will think you listen to music for reasons other than to demonstrate fealty. They might think you listen to music that is meaningful to you, not music that shows you're part of a group.

Does all that sound strange to you? Are you quite, quite comfortable being the outsider? You'll find yourself crossing paths with fellow outsiders when you JOIN...

the Church of the SubGenius


A Samuel Smith’s pub reopens with a new rule, mandated by the brewery, specifically banning anyone wearing steampunk attire. It’s not clear whether the rule applies across the entire Samuel Smith’s chain, or is specific to the Widow Cullen’s Well in Lincoln:

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Still trying to sell my copie of CODEX SERAPHINIANUS
Called sometimes the Strangest Book ever

Pure #Pataphysics!!! :cbhb1:

Slack for SLACK!

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I haven't even played the goose game so maybe this is explicitly referenced in there, but still, wow (from Armstrong, Edward A. “The Symbolism of the Swan and the Goose.” Folklore, vol. 55, no. 2, 1944, pp. 54–58. JSTOR,

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Today’s : Dancing Banana. Some of you will remember this chap from message boards

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i heard something someone said about possible alien communications that gave me chills and it would make an excellent prompt for a sci-fi story

we finally get a message from aliens. "Stop broadcasting, you're in danger."

and then: silence.

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