Unfortunately, this is a one-off art object and not a product:

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Nice to see that Stockholm has a full-sized Muji. Now do Daiso next.

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Concrete Science Fiction Riot: Why Do We Ignore The 70s French Underground?, or, on the as yet nameless avant-garde progressive music moment of post-1968 France:


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In our universe, England is named after a Germanic tribe called the Angles. The language of England is called English and speakers of this language are called Anglophones.

In another universe, Sexland is named after a Germanic tribe called the Saxons. The language of Sexland is called Sexish and speakers of this language are called Saxophones.

There appears to be an open-source reverse-engineered implementation of Apple’s AirDrop protocol that runs on Linux: 🤔


Journalist from Berlin moves to Houston, Texas, attempts to get around by public transport, with predictable results:


(For Houston, you can probably substitute anywhere in Australia, with the exception of patches of inner Melbourne and Sydney)

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Thinking on prepare some event here in Almería
to welcome the New Patahpysical Year 147 (in our vulgaris calendar: next 8 sept. Nativity of St. Alfred Jarry!)

maybe some bulldada new videos (working already on IT),
maybe new zines
some HYPNO-spirals

black leather neon lights?

Anyway any day is a good to practicse the 'Pataphysical Sciencia


Hong Kong protesters use phonetic romanised spellings of Cantonese slogans to evade (mostly Mandarin-speaking) Chinese loyalists:

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the existence of shitlords implies the existence or an entire shit feudal system, complete with shitvassals and shitserfs

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Why I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bandcamp - their articles goes into deep subgenres and niches with links to songs that you can BUY. Seriously the idea that you can buy DRM free stuff instead of renting it by the hour is revolutionary in a late-stage-capitalism (oof depression-sentence right there)

Like this one titled: "Eight Artists Making Music Built on Buchla Synthesizers" with art made from 1980's to now on that specific synth


The nice thing about being in a country that once colonised Iceland: skyr is a perfectly normal breakfast food you find at railway stations:

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“I don't practice what I preach because I'm not the kind of man I'm preaching to.” - J. R. “Bob” Dobbs

:jrbd: SubGenius.com

I’m on the sleeper train to Malmö, awaiting its departure from Stockholm. Tomorrow, I’m crossing the bridge and going to the Pipilotti Rist exhibition at Louisiana and then spending some time in Copenhagen. On Sunday, the original plan was to swing by the IKEA Museum in Älmhult and catch the train back, but that is somewhat up in the air due to a fire near Hässleholm having shut down the entire line for a few days.

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