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i'm a trans female science fiction author and artist. my world, THE AUTOMATIC SUBJECT aka Okanverse, is a place of multiversal travel, starfighter combat, political intrigue, cyberpunk technologies, and gazelle babes.

you can find info about me, contact details, and links to my other hangouts on the net on my Carrd:

(2nd pic is not actually inside her ship, just for reference of what Fumi looks like)

I wanted to do the full series of this in my pinkscale style, but I just haven't had the energy lately so this is kind of a hodgepodge. Pic 3) is the oldest of the bunch, and lacks a lot of detail I want to include next time: zero-gee cityscape hanging between the cylinders on cables, more varied architecture, graffiti and other art

1. Exterior of the urban asteroid during heavy space traffic, showing Saturn ring-shaped cooling fin and sunlight focusing mirror.
2. Caverns between 0-10km below the surface. Centrifugal habitats cling between two boulders, while city sprawls overhead. Heat pipes in distance.
3. View into the central cavern, or 'gravity balloon'. About 10km below the surface, the weight of rock in low gravity pressurizes a vast sphere of air.
4. Inside an individual urban "spindistrict" as seen in 2) and 3).

the federated timeline is mankind's greatest invention after the furaffinity frontpage

my roommate / landlady moved us to another place in the city and now i live on top of a hill, which is pretty cool.

it's just, like, immensely annoying to watch people preening themselves over how Moral they are for liking the secretary dog from animal crossing in a chaste way

fans of popular characters with an 'innocent' personality come in 3 varieties: people who like them, people who are horny for them, and people who virtue signal heavily about how the people who are horny for them are bad and should feel bad for contributing to the moral degeneracy of the fandom, unlike themselves

something that sadly very few people seem to understand is that estrogen hormone therapy does more or less nothing to your face. i don’t mean this in a ‘you’re ugly and nothing will ever make that untrue ever’ way but rather in a positive one. if you’re mostly paying attention to peoples’ faces in those corny 'before and after hrt’ posts it basically comes down to different presentation, hair and makeup, which is also how it is for cis women… not hormones. your face is fine.

most discourse is always about some microscopically petty bullshit but there are some things people yell about online that really scream "100% made up, manufactured bullshit for people to get mad about" to me. the most recent example i can think of is "people replying with 'oof' or 'F' to things instead of typing out a longer reply is good actually / no actually it's bad" and it's like. this is a thing that actually happens? people give a shit about this?

i wonder if people still care about wallpapers these days. i haven't heard anyone talk about them for many years

being a real socialist means that every other socialist who has an opinion you don't like is a petty-bourgeois middle class trust fund baby whose class interests make them inherently an enemy of the true revolution

Someone just redeemed a THIRTY SIX year old coupon at my store 😯

made a fursona for a friend cause she didn't have one yet and, well, y'know!

#furry #furryart

thus, society comes to be seen first and foremost as a collection of relationships between people who own commodities. because exchanging commodities assumes an act of will on the part of the owners, people in capitalism increasingly come to understand the transaction of objects by individual will as the ultimate basis of social relations - this is called "fetishism" - and to seek the roots of all problems in individual responsibility, the hunt for debtor-criminals who /must pay/.

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