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i'm a trans female science fiction author and artist. my world, THE AUTOMATIC SUBJECT aka Okanverse, is a place of multiversal travel, starfighter combat, political intrigue, cyberpunk technologies, and gazelle babes.

you can find info about me, contact details, and links to my other hangouts on the net on my Carrd:

every time one of those memes with the big text over the picture expressing a political opinion comes up on the dashboard it comes across exactly like a stereotype of a youth pastor. like.. you can just say the thing you want to say

sorry, but political memes are always embarassing, no matter who is making them.

Art, Solar Collective worldbuildy stuff 


it would be nice if this fucking place just let you edit posts! nobody's going to stop being shitty just because they can't edit posts lol

had to redraft because i forgot the tags this time! oops


it’s my ref sheet for my fursona, erin fukawa! i’m very satisfied with it. those leggings were painstaking to do with a mouse!

important facts

- girl testosterone!!
- very cute
- Toriel irl!!

style experiments:

1. orbital movement and political sphere of influence display
2. book cover i might develop for another story set in okanverse's near future during late 21st century climate change. "blue skies' end" refers to the side effects of emergency climate geoengineering

she’s a therapist for a mind uploading firm in the near future, helping her clients acclimate. it just so happens that her clients happen to have their hands in all the big things going down at the end of the 21st century


sorry, redrafted cause i forgot this site doesnt have twitter autocrop lol

in my head i have a cool music video about okan spidey swinging with her grapple hooks away from baddies to 70s funk

i am not female because my problems can just be reduced to the same things cis women go through. like i do not want you to “avoid defining me by having a penis”.. the real problem lies in the idea of bodies as having essential gender. i am female BECAUSE i have a cock. you are your gender BECAUSE you are you

which means we’re still taking the same framework at face value! and we think that’s now progressive because we can frame ourselves as more “normal”. but the problem is, normality is violence. we’re still framing ourselves as aberrations against womanhood / femininity this way - “tainted by masculinity” - just tragic aberrations instead of outright predatory.

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