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3 years to the day since I converted my semi-abandoned game development blog on into a host for a series set in .

It didn't really take off until I got bored during 2020.

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Trying to figure out why SNMP traps aren't received on a remote server that I don't control. SNMP traps are not reliable by design

Never thought I'd find something I hate more than frontend web development.

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After going to my local pub, I decided to put my Dad's face onto a photo of a glass of Moretti

Timelapse of myself filling in a cowboy/warlock + Wild West from Timesplitters 2 OST =

Here's a painting of some characters from a fantasy/Western novel I started working on recently. I know, they don't exactly look like cowboys...or witches/wizards, for that matter.

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Aceade hides with because the long weekend is inbound.

Discovering that one of the local breweries in does deliveries was one of the best things I've learned over the last two years

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Everything you need to know about the faddishness of modern JS

Typos in config files have to be the single most annoying in . Two weeks of pain with SNMP because I put the wrong port in...

Finally got around to setting up my old drawing table, so I decided to fill in The Snekish Inquisitors.

I still don't know where I got this idea.

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Ten-fifteen minute sketch: Nobody expects the Snekish Inquisition!

I don't know where that idea came from either

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@kev It's a misunderstanding based on the definition of the word "passionate". You don't have to be passionate to do a job well. Passionate about working at a cash register? Give me a break.

Passionate about art, waxing lyricals after hours? Okay.

But you can be "dedicated" - to good service. A woodworker can be dedicated to quality, without being passionate. So can a programmer.

The problem with the quote is "programming is not for you". No, good work doesn't require passion, just dedication

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