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Thought you should see this -- a really enlightening twitter short thread.

What is the meaning of these wacko extreme right, civil war dreaming people using Aloha shirts and prints?

No, it's not only despicable BAD Taste in attire. Read it.

Yay! Finally supports @letsencrypt wildcard certificates, that should make life easier for people running any public facing services on their boxes (who does that?!!)

Rescued a beer barrel BBQ from the street, needs some work but looks like the perfect size for the terrace..

It's hard to appreciate on a photo from afar, but some of these cruise ships are staggeringly huge, dwarf nearby tower blocks in nearby Gibraltar..

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"Welcome to My Garden is a platform allowing citizens to put their garden freely at disposal as a rudimentary #campsite to travelers. It's a not-for-profit initiative set up by a group of citizens."
" you can only reach the campground by foot, bicycle or public transport. Getting there with your private car is forbidden"
"This is not Dour Festival"
#camping #biking #belgium #cartography

RT @thenewoil: Wacom drawing tablets are spying on every app you open, and sending the data back to Wacom

One of my favourite fruits, look forward to (loquat) season every year, the first of the summer fruits which grow on trees all around this part of the world (Spain)

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So next time your LED light bulb "blows" it's probably just the thermal(?) fuse inside that has blown, the rest of it likely works fine, so all sorts of low power lighting hacks possible (at own risk if you don't replace the fuse!)

If you're ever considering keeping some silkworms as pets for your kids, think very carefully before keeping the eggs they lay... Lucky we have local hungry blackbirds who can help us out with the excess!

So in the end, at least 500g of peel but the fruit part is good and...well lemony!

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So they've managed to "implement a workaround" to the electrical problems we've been having, we're now 1 phase short into the house, no problem, just wire the upstairs circuit to the downstairs one. Jobs a good 'un!

Megalemon! Let's see how thick the peel is on this one...

And the worst of it is that the root of the flickering lights/power isn't even in our flat, it's upstream or in the flat downstairs so when that'll get fixed, I don't know!

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So been having a few issues with the electrics at home recently and it's like....😱

Well we can see what people have been up to since lockdown...

I guess I'm one of the lucky ones, looking forward to a day off work tomorrow after 11 days straight (ok not full time!).
Some (mostly online) businesses are cleaning up during the COVID19 crisis, our client is one of them struggling to meet surge in demand...

Ok so it turns out it was a type of synema globosum - Napoleon's Spider

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Saw this on the allotment earlier, looks like some sort of black widow but yet to get an I'd to match, S Spain coastal region, anyone know it?

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