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They taste of nothing more than a hint of cumin! Spain, you are a pussy when it comes to hot food!

So I'm up for seasonal festivities and good times but, but...there is something about Xmas carols that really riles me up, especially nearly a month early.
Am I mad/sad or just a miserable old Grinch? (Or all three!)

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When your mobile provider gives you 60Gig data compensation for an outage but you typically use less than 1Gig data per month...

How to grow monarch (and other) butterflies (in Spanish)
C贸mo criar mariposas monarca

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Polite reminder: Earth is a tree planet with some bacteria. Everything else is just the extra stuff that lives here too.

So at this time of year in Spain they go mad for eating "polvorones" and "mantecados" which are basically pork lard cakes!
Basically pork lard and sugar.
They are trying to kill us.

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"If The World Was Created By A Programmer"

The last panel had me in tears 馃槀


RT @BuBu: @kat @Gargron Element (and forks like Schildichat) app on F-Droid don't use FCM.

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And we got hungry grasshoppers on the allotment, not sure they are quite locusts but they eat the leaves very effectively!

We got buttafliez! Got the caterpillars from the esclepia in the garden (before the blackbirds eat them all) then fed them more leaves before they metamorphosed into chrysalis and now a week or so later, hello Monarch butterfly!

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Looks like #gravatar has a bad day. Yet again people hording personal data lost control over it by accident. For something "as simple as an avatar service" that is a bit of a mess.

Maybe check if you want to use #libravatar which is not interested in any profile data and if you feel especially majestic, you can just selfhost it, like I do, with not more than nginx and a shell script that uses imagemagick.

So our client did a web shop system migration last Friday and guess who is the only person left still able to access the old system and all it's current live orders...

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