REVIEW> Hepler-Smith on von Hippel, 'The Chemical Age: How Chemists Fought Famine and Disease, Killed Millions, and Changed Our Relationship with the Earth'

CFP> Deep Times Journal: Call for Submissions. "Sacred Wisdom, Sacred Earth" is the central topic of our next Deep Times Journal which will be released in September.

"Fossil fuel air pollution causes almost 1 in 5 deaths globally each year"

Meanwhile many people be like:
But cars are so comfortable.

Reality check:
The consequences are far from being comfortable. It's just that if you have a car, you gain private benefits, while if you don't you still get all the collectivised risks and damage.

Attack cars of others. Drive less. Borrow car instead of having your own. Disrupt car traffic.

REVIEW> Godart on Mackenzie, 'Asian Religious Responses to Darwinism: Evolutionary Theories in Middle Eastern, South Asian, and East Asian Cultural Contexts' #BuddhistStudies #evolutionarytheory

"Low carbon thinking" = wilful ignorance of the unfolding disaster. I hope the next, Scottish, government has a plan for how to shut down such projects. : Katy Heidenreich, Oil and Gas UK’s supply chain and operations director, said: “The UK offshore oil and gas industry is changing and applying low carbon thinking to all its projects, including the Shetland-based Cambo project, to support the transition to greener, cleaner energy.

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