I really hope Apple makes some change to make developing for their iDevices easier. When MBPs were super popular, it was more common to see companion iOS apps for various things. Now it requires a dedicated Xcode machine, which is a bit hard to swallow.

Even having Xcode on iPads would be a big step.

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when you find out your daily lifestyle is actually called "quarantine"

I think it is a hard UI to design in part because different people want different things from it, but I can't believe how much faster and lighter the old UI feels. I must have completely missed the point of the new one.

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GitHub's new notification UI never became comfortable or even particularly usable for me over the past week or two, but I assumed I was just being grumpy and the old one wasn't good either because it's a hard UI to design. So I went back to the old one, and... it's so much better!

I’m struggling to convince myself to not be excited by PinePhone.

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Nim and Nix users, there is a Nix flake for automagically building Nimble packages. Any comments or criticisms are appreciated.


#nim #nix #nixos #nimble

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I'm finding git.sr.ht to be quite slow for git interactions via ssh, and browsing via the web (until a page has been recently visited, at which point caching kicks in). Is that likely something I have configured weirdly on my end, or to be expected?

Something I find surprisingly nice about nix is /not/ feeling pressured to open a PR when fixing something with upstream software.

Sometimes just carrying that patch around for your own installation is enough; no need to figure out how it meshes with upstream's priorities.

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The two hardest problems I know of are going to bed and getting out of bed.

The Haskell opencv package is nicely done. At first I felt the typical user frustration at needing to worry so much about the types, but it quickly became apparent that the choices of what to make static are actually quite sensible.

Back at the DARPA we sent legged robots into tunnels to have a look and find scavenger hunt items as a simulation of search and rescue activities. Here's what the robots saw:

Pretty remarkable how universally negative the reactions to Google's Stadia announcements were. Also entirely understandable, it seems that there are very few people for whom that deal makes sense.

I've been poking around with haskell-ide-engine again, and I am really struggling to appreciate the decisions made by the brittany formatter. Thankfully, it is configurable; unfortunately, the configuration is entirely (?) undocumented.

Tempted to try to trick clang-format into working on Haskell.

I thought I'd been referring back to web.ift.uib.no/Teori/KURS/WRK/ forever, but apparently it's only been 10 years?! It sometimes feel like mathematics is combinatorics over that page's contents.

Put a spinning LIDAR on a platform that shakes a lot and you've got a gnarly motion model to figure out. Mechanically damp your motion, kids.

Using emoji in log messages is probably the dumbest ~substantial improvement to my low-brow programming workflow in years. It really is a pleasantly effective way to distinguish messages.

I wish I knew better how to leverage nix to replace docker. I basically want nix to execute a Dockerfile and provide its own caching.

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