ads baked in to their operating system
documents, preferences, and DNA checksum sent to the NSA every second
getting worse with every mandatory update
so shitty and intrusive that it borders on being malware
software bugs intentionally left in to maintain backwards compatibility with decades-old shitware that nobody uses

has never seen an advertisement in their life
literally undetectable by the government, DNA can't be traced because they don't have DNA
gets better every second with linus torvalds streaming new kernel versions directly to your hard drive
the only operating system to be legally classified as godware
last known bug was patched seventy years ago

god damn, did anyone else see bernie hooping? he was popping off

day 28

He climbed up one of the taller rocks to get a better view of his surroundings, but there were only more rocks as far as his sensors could reach - except for that unsettling signal from out west he had picked up yesterday.

if u have more than one set of armor do u keep them in a polyarmory

Following yesterdays theme: Tess Asplund stands in front of a nazi demonstration with a raised fist - 2016

Second image, same event from another angle

Apparently the answer to the question 'what would I draw if I didn't have to draw anything' is I just wouldn't draw anything

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