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this is belle. she's a fallen angel who wears her former halo around her neck. she also loves stickers and video games. #ocs #mastoart

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An interior for the house :D
I should probably animate it, but I need a break from staring at this thing.

#pixelart #ドット絵 #mastoart

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Process gif of how I draw figures from imagination - first a gesture sketch to establish pose and proportions, then skeleton, muscles, fat, lines, and finally rendering.

Have some speeder designs! Started with a bunch of silhouettes, picked the one you see bottom center, then designed all these sketches based on that.

Which one is your favourite? Which one should I work on further?

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Did fanart of Popcore over on Twitters OC Lemon! Shes adorable. I kind of changed my art style over night... So sorry about that lol
#illust #illustration #mastoart

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I would not be a teenager again for all the money in the world though. Nooooo way.

Another set of rock sketches. The variety you can find in nature is mind-boggling.

Worked some more on the speeder - now it has surfaces and a few basic colors. Working this way in VR feels very natural and I love the results.

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Did a request from my patreon to draw my favorite fictional character in a environment that is totally out of their element. So here's Hannibal Lecter in a sickeningly cute diner with veggie junk food and the servers are fantasy creatures? Yep, my brain fried but I like how it turned out and this is the most pastel thing I've ever colored ♥


#illustration #digitalart #art #hannibal #mastoart

I'm on day 7 of adaptation to a sleep schedule (triphasic), and let me tell you holy shit am I tired rn.

I need more art in my TL people, hit me up with your favourite fediverse artists pls. Anything goes.