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Grayscale studies from life, painted for Dice Tsutsumi’s and Robert Kondo’s Schoolism Class “Painting with Light and Color”.

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Streaming live on in 15 minutes, coloring lines and shading today. Making some good progress here.

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@indecisivetwat Please give me a quick shout once you've watched it so we can arrange a new deadline. :)

📹 New art video live!📹

Vimeo staff has removed the ban their spam filter has put on my account by mistake, so you can now view the feedback for @indecisivetwat's first assignment on there.

Lemme know what you think and have fun with the next task.

I'm live on twitch with some sketching for an hour, come hang out if you feel like it! :)

@indecisivetwat I apologise for the low resolution, I recorded with the wrong settings. Next time I'll work it out better, hopefully Vimeo has unblocked me by then.