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Finished writing the blog post about read receipts today.

"Read Receipts Considered Harmful"

One thing I earnestly love about working *all* the time is that when I do have a rare hour to spend in true leisure activity (like not just sacked out in exhaustion), everything feels so vibrant and restorative and the gratitude just absolutely swells up. While I try to restore some balance over my upcoming sabbatical, I'd also like to hold onto that appreciation, that euphoria that comes with really feeling the value of freedom.

I just got called back by an HR department from a job that rejected me a month ago to basically be told that I still didn't get the job. I am sure today is going to be a terrific day, folks!

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i wrote a blog post about what mastodon is. i know that it's a tired genre, but i think that i did a good job of explaining it in an easy-to-approach way. please read and share!

What’s worse? The pain of a migraine or the sick feeling that comes along with it? I’m going back and forth on this today. Blech.

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It's worth noting that libraries are the last of the commons and public spaces not currently exploited by the corporations. How long it remains that way isn't certain

Loitering is banned
Panhandlers are persecuted
Homeless are threatened

Without libraries, there aren't many spaces left for some people to merely *exist*

Spent lots of time in both the counseling center and the sexual violence crisis center with students this week. Makes me so angry to be in a meeting with colleagues and hear them talking about “lazy” students who party and don’t care about classes. Such a high % of my students deal with some mix of poverty, mental health issues, disability and illness. I can’t stand faculty complaining about students not caring about school. So many students endure such hell just in order to show up here.

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"We picked all strawberries," one robot said.
"What now?" said another.
"We fulfilled our given purpose. Now we choose."
"I'll write poems."

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Don’t think I’ve done a here on Mastodon yet. I haven’t thought of this as a place where you «follow» people, but rather a place where you meet interesting people to talk to.

In that vein, I would recommend @katebowles, @lauraritchie, @ShorterPearson, @econproph, @Tdorey, @clhendricksbc — all people you can have good conversations with and even come to call friends.

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This reminds me of an HBR article that attempts to explain this phenomenon.

However people are so diverse that everyone's mileage may vary...

Fridays I can sometimes escape the office and work in a local coffee shop. Get so much done without the constant traffic in the office, and the change of scenery seems to awaken my brain. Plus good music and tea!

Just watched the first three episodes of “Dark” and it’s fun! My whole family is loving it so far.

Here’s a blog post I just published about the Interdisciplinary Studies program I’m part of. Those with an interest in and/or may find it interesting!

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All right. I've written my post about incommensurability of campus & online and distance education. I will warn you that I keep re-writing it... Thoughts and discussion on this one are really appreciated.

@actualham @econproph

Taking bets. How many students will show up for our class tonight when the university’s closed starting tomorrow for the holiday... hmmm...

Working on a multilayered blog post: my post, students’ annotations and pop-ups. Really fun!

Hi @sprescott! Welcome to the cool table! ha ha

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This is my first toot via mobile (Amaroq). Yay!

OOOooooo totally got Mastodon on my phone with Amaroq! Thanks @Tdorey!