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Wish I'd thought to use this platform at . Sigh.

Seriously, you have to count your blessings when the prepping of syllabi is not just tolerable, but honestly exciting. I am counting them, counting them!

What's the difference between a federated and local timeline? TALK TO ME LIKE I DON'T UNDERSTAND THE TECHNOLOGY COMPUTER THINGS. Thanks, !

I am working in a secret location near my office but not in my office. Sometimes I have to leave work to get any work done!!!

When I was on Monhegan Island for a few days, I read May Sarton's "Journal of a Solitude." I was fascinated by her descriptions of living with depression, gardening, writing, being an introvert. The perfect read for a slow island week filled with sun and flowers, crumbling rustic cabins, ocean cliffs, lots of walking and porch sitting. Re-entry is proving difficult, and faculty days start up this week...

“I will be the gladdest thing under the sun! I will touch a hundred flowers and not pick one.” ~Edna St. Vincent Millay

Headed to DigPedLab Vancouver tomorrow, and taking a day before it starts up to walk around Stanley Park with my dear friend Karen. The only plan is to look at nature and sit in a cafe and talk. I am inordinately excited about this, and it seems the perfect prelude to a rather high-speed track that we've got shaping up for DPL. I'm also hoping to channel some of the calm of that day and see if I can infuse it into the electric vibe of digped to keep myself reflective throughout. Feeling hopeful!

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Hey tootville, if you're queer and want a more sedate, curated federated timeline and close-knit community, sign up to

We're newish and need active community members to build our town. Please boost this toot! Gettin tooty with it.

Headed to a small island off the coast of Maine later this summer for a few days. My mom's been ill, and between taking care of her and a bunch of book projects and teaching, it's been tough to catch my breath. I think there is some wifi on the island (though even electricity is not easy there), but I'm planning on going totally unplugged, which always restores me. I love the cut-off feeling of an island. I wonder if that's the introvert in me? Or bc I live so much online the rest of the time?

Anyone else get home from graduation and fall into a bodily exhaustion so intense, you wonder if you'll ever crawl out of bed again? Makes me wonder what the hell kind of stress I am storing in my musculoskeletal system all year long. But anyway, it's joyful to celebrate my students who managed-- despite some pretty long odds-- to make it to today. I always try to take a moment to think of the ones who didn't, most often through no fault of their own... Sending summer <3 to y'all. xo

@econproph Just catching up here, and wanting to send a hug. Your words resonate, on so many levels. Hope the summer brings you some rest, dear friend. And so grateful for all you brought to the table this year.

Trying to see my own guilty feelings as part of a more systemic dynamic. Makes me feel a bit more compassionate towards myself. 😊

As I read the new studies about service and gender, I realized that I am feeling intense guilt over stuff that many of my male colleagues have been doing quite naturally for years. I still parent well, and I still serve on more university committees than average, I think. Even so, I feel the weight in guilt of having taken so much time for my "own" work. So even when women don't do more service than our male colleagues, we may still feel the effects of these gendered expectations. 2/2 + 1 coming

Reading some of the totally unsurprising findings about how women do more service in the academy, and how our research agendas suffer. Yah, old news. But a couple of years ago I got frustrated with service at my uni and drew back, started working very intensely on scholarly and activist projects across state and national borders. What followed was gratifying in many ways, but I suffered from lots of guilt in two areas related to being so busy: my family life and my university service. (1/2)

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Glad @actualham mentioned tenure as shielding her from some of the risks inherent to #OpenPedagogy. There are some of us in the #ContingentAcademicLabour market who try to open up not only our own practices but some of the relationships between academia and other parts of the community. We have the freedom of #FreeAgents, but hit a wall with institutions.

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So for all you folks that know much more about this pedagogy stuff, this is what's bugging me lately. We talk about education. The verb is 'to educate'. But educate always makes the student the object or recipient. We the teachers are the subjects doing the verb.
What verb do I use if I want to make the student the subject, the actor? Learn?
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Successful studs get that community & identity often, but it's a byproduct of what the uni tries to do. Uni tries to control & deliver "knowledge" and "educate" them.

What if we focused first on creating connections & micro communities about some desired learning - forget whether it's a "course" or not. Let's build the mini communities, let's connect them. Content's only a tool to forge connections.

To begin the list, my contribution would be Dry Tortugas Natl Park off the Florida Keys in the U.S.

What's the most beautiful place you've traveled to? Not so much by general country, but by specific town, trail, geographical feature, etc. Maybe especially under-the-radar places? Looking to reinvigorate my bucket list.

Getting some weird errors as I try to post. Hm.