Shocked by the huge exhibitor hall at this library conference. If you used it to extrapolate on the future of libraries, it would be terrifying. I thought I’d see at least some open access commitment, but besides a couple of university presses, everything is for-profit crap totally disconnected from big picture mission. Leave the swag on the tables. This matters.

So pretty out the back window on this crisp morning!

Check out all the newspaper articles #OpenEd18 people wrote!! Very impressive...I had much less success getting participants in that very conference to edit wiki several years ago. Kudos to Amy, Katie, Bonnie. … cc @mackiwg @cogdog @actualham @Downes

I’ve taken my phone and my dog out into a sunny, wind-swept field on a hill. I’m watching from here, trying to keep the whole world from closing in on me. Christine Blasey Ford— and Anita Hill— are brave and heroic beyond what I can even imagine.

@actualham I think part of the movement must involve moving our professional organizations to a recruitment model rather than a members benefit model.

Hard to push open access when all our top research organizations need the journal revenue to survive.

Instead move everything to the open and get people to join for the mission rather than material

Every time I am invited to go and talk about something somewhere, I immediately start down rabbit holes about the most basic terms. You want me to talk about libraries? What the hell do we mean by “library?” About agency? Learning? A chair? A toaster? What even are these things? Does anything have a meaning??!? Thank you for coming to my TED Talk. Talk? What is a “talk?”

When I unsubscribe from your email list do not email me to say you’re sorry to see me go.

I told the car repair shop that my bill was $320 too low based on an error they had made. I just wanted to do my part to not contribute to the cruddy, unethical climate of this particular historical moment. Hurts the wallet, but I’ll cling to it as I scroll the foul stench of American Twitter tonight. DOING MY PART. Will also vote and stuff.

I am cooking chicken wings tonight. Probably the first time I’ve cooked meat in years. It’s honestly just so horrifically gross to me. I’m dreading opening the oven in 10 minutes. My freezer is full of meat my mother and local farmers give us. I’m going to have a meat yard sale. Meat giveaway. Cuz I am so not cooking any more of it.

May Sarton’s journals are just flowers, depression, poetry, dogs, and her women friends. I AM DOWN FOR ALL OF IT.

My last sunset on the island. So grateful for my time here.

Remote drizzly hike out to Squeaky Cove on Monhegan. Just me and some big sea birds and huge surf pounding off the cliffs!

It’s pouring rain, and wind is whipping, and there is a loaded, twisted apple tree right on the edge of the choppy water and it’s literally pitching its own apples into the sea.

Ate my first dinner alone on the island at the lobster shack. Ordered two fish sandwiches and they came out on two trays—huge sandwiches—with chips. The seagulls are looking at me like they want to know if I have a date coming. I just finished my second one and it was so much better than having a date!

I’m taking a week alone to read and write and reflect. It’s almost overwhelming me with gratitude. Sometimes I worry about my introversion since it feels like I’m often having to overcome it to live the life I want to live, but ultimately I feel lucky to find myself at mid-life (or past) and so truly happy to spend time alone with myself!

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