One of my favorite shots from the event in Paris.

Well, flight to Paris was cancelled. Hours before takeoff. No explanation. They gave back my money. Seriously, air travel is ridiculous. Just shocking. I rebooked for tomorrow at huge extra cost. I wonder what travelers are doing who don’t have the ability to pay this much more? Especially those who have been left stranded and can’t get home to France? Norwegian Air. Just wow.

I am headed to Paris today. Through the course of one year, I’ll have been on three continents and in six countries. I didn’t have the chance to travel much at all when I was growing up, and I think being lucky enough to see the world through this work I’m doing now has made me such a better human and teacher. I feel blessed every minute.

Here’s my keynote address for the “Making Knowledge Public” colloquium at Simon Fraser University last night. It focuses on the future of the public missions of universities.

Yes, many start on and then find an instance more reflective of their community. Importing and exporting users gets to be a pain.

But you can make your own Domain your Fediverse instance with a bit of work.


The thing I did, that made mastodon homely for me, was to start by curating a home timeline of people I wanted to follow. That turned out to be more diverse than Twitter: @dadegroot posts about blacksmithing and @RussSharek is a clown and @paralithode is an artist and writer, and my world got bigger.

When people followed me back then I had a little community of back-and-forth at a scale that was comfortable for me.

So if you have a mastodon account, you should be able to follow me even if you are not on this instance. AFAIK the only reason for multiples is if some of them are closed to syndication/federation or whatever you call inter-instance messages. Am I right?

RT "Open Ped suggests that we really want students to interact with knowledge and shape the world that they’re going to graduate into, not just train for it." ~@actualham

Here’s a transcript of my keynote address at the eCampus Ontario technology seminar and showcase in Toronto today. The talk is called “A Human Framework for Institutional Innovation.”

I’m taking a MOOC from my own university called Reconciliation Through Indigenous Education. I’ve done a couple of recent blog posts on videos we watched.

On Lisa Jackson’s short film Savage: (film about Indian Residential Schools in Canada)

On Susan D Dion and Thomas King:

Hi fediverse!

I'm teaching a class on technology ethics from a future perspective next week and want students to discuss real-life cases of tech and ethical questions in small groups. Does anyone have good suggestions for cases, especially beyond obvious ones like Cambridge Analytica?

#technology #ethics #future

Here’s my keynote from today’s Pennsylvania Library Association conference. It focuses on the intersection between libraries, technology, and the public good.

Shocked by the huge exhibitor hall at this library conference. If you used it to extrapolate on the future of libraries, it would be terrifying. I thought I’d see at least some open access commitment, but besides a couple of university presses, everything is for-profit crap totally disconnected from big picture mission. Leave the swag on the tables. This matters.

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