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I have criticised
the diversity
that was in
your conference
and which
you were probably
putting off til later
Forgive me
it was terrible
so white and
so male

Anyway here is a guide to help doing better in the future:

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Just accidentially autocorrected myself into self-confidence.

The WeeChat slack interface is sooo good! A really nice way to connect without tanking my low powered work laptop.

reminder that any thievery you do pales in comparison to what our bosses do to us

This is my favourite tech mystery story!! The case of the 500mile email,

RT Hot take: tech conference swag should be bath bombs and face masks so we can all do some self care while were on the road.

Trust me, dudes are into it.

Or they can give it to their kids/ lady friends... just like we have to do with the current sh*tty swag 休休


Since it's election soon I too would like to remind USians to *reads smudged writing on palm* vore

Sorry I haven't done an Ada Twitch Tech talk in a while. Anxiety got me not feeling very creative. Are there any topic you would love to hear me speak about?

re: last boost, "a phonecall is just a private podcast" suddenly phone calls are a lot more approachable now.

I would love to go to but I can't make it. If you are from an underrepresented background in tech and want to go in my stead DM me.

I literally screamed when this happened!! My heart fell out of my chest!

"very lightweight (meaning very parsimonious in its use of system resources)" thanks wikipedia.

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