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Ada Rose Cannon

I'm gonna try be a bit more active on my witches town account that way I can enjoy mastodon more and keep this account and twitter for tech.

My kingdom for some moisturiser and spf50 sunblock.

I forgot to do my skin routine this morning. Feels like my face is gonna crack and fall off.

Sorry for the birdsite cross post. But leaving it up because it is important.

Keeping politics out of tech, is trying to exist in a world that does not want you, will constantly question your validity and will kick you out if you complain about it.

When you say 'keep politics out of tech', you mean 'your politics', you don't feel the existing politics of white supremacy and misogyny because you are so used to it you can't feel it anymore or you are actively contributing to and benefiting from it.

Trying to maintain a status quo which is built on racism, misogyny and homophobia is only beneficial to those who hold those values.

There is no 'keeping politics out of tech' tech is not apolitical most of our job constructing models based off our own world view.

You can't "both sides" an issue like this Google. A politely worded letter stating that women should not be in tech is more violent than the most vitriolic retort.

There is no middle ground where one person is arguing that you should not exist.

🚨 a new lawsuit against Google. A former engineer claims he was fired for criticizing James Damore's memo and for posting politically ~liberal~ content…

Wow Samsung Internet has reached half a billion downloads!!!

"Everything Sucks" on Netflix is super good. My gay heart was at 110% the whole time. It's set in the 90s was amzing to be reminded of my youth.

Kinda bummed because I was really happy with behaviour but if it doesn't work then. ¯\_(⌣̯̀ ⌣́)_/¯

The orbs do look pretty cool though but have to think of how to either explain the metaphor better or come up with something smarter.

I may make them just giant clickable buttons.

It'll work in any headset with a controller such as a GearVR or Windows Mixed Reality.

Just realised that my link traversal demo based upon the Vive lab orbs is totally non-obvious to most WebVR users.

I need to come up with a new metaphor.

Here is a link to the current demo if you want to try the current state:

This is how I would dress if I wanted to be femme all the time.
Black dress

Kinda want a work laptop with more RAM and better Gfx than my telephone but it is so convenient building VR on a device where I can garuntee it will have better perf on mobile.

Sometimes it's nice to relax, lie back and watch the clouds (burn)

Verlet Integration is my fave physics toy, cheap, simple can be run in a worker and surprisingly powerful!!