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Ada Rose Cannon

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Just accidentially autocorrected myself into self-confidence.

I'm going to need a lot of bubble wrap!!!

Whenever I post a new article, it is so hard for me to carry on working I just sit and refresh my notifications page hoping for those retweets.

Happy Friday!!

I just posted to medium "Isomorphic ES Modules", sharing code between Node and the Browser using ECMAScript Modules.

This post is about using the same source JavaScript files for node and in the browser (including npm!), without bundling.

I love seeing old music videos which are effectively phone adverts, so you keep seeing people flashing their Nokia feature phones at the camera!!

Someone FINALLY did a good tutorial on how to install RAM

The dangers of making myself a pot tea in the morning is that it is 30 minutes later and I have drank a whole pot of tea!!

(Yes, i use a coffee pot for tea, it's larger)

Ah! Corrin, Niles and Tharja are in FE Warriors.

Are there any queer main characters on switch, aside from Bayonetta??

I just realised, i only care about Harvest Moon or Fire Emblem of I can get gay married in them.

The new harvest moon for switch has no gay marriage :(

Also the music is so good. I need the sound track for this!!

The way Splatoon 2 Octoling Expansion plays with the mechanics off Splatoon reminds me of Portal 2.

There is so many areas I want to cover in more detail but have to gloss over to focus on the topic at hand.

I just finished writing the first draft on an article for using ES Modules in an Isomorphic fashion, sharing them between the Node Server and the Browser.

It got pretty long, an 8 minute read so far, now my brain hurts.

I've been thinking about community recently and came to horrible conclusion. I am Britta. :(

My Web Hell:
Search results forced into a Chrome Tab rather than my default browser,
Delivered via AMP,
With TWO (2!) App install banners!!!

The 5th of July is a Thursday it will be at 6.30pm BST. But I can change the time if that is to awkward.

Pencilling a date for the next Ada's Twitch Tech Talk for the 5th of July. Probably something CSS or PWA related.

Having a deadline will encourage me to plan a rough outline about what it is going to be on. I will update the website with something, once I have done that.