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I have criticised
the diversity
that was in
your conference
and which
you were probably
putting off til later
Forgive me
it was terrible
so white and
so male

Anyway here is a guide to help doing better in the future:

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Just accidentially autocorrected myself into self-confidence.

Ada at Christmas time:

and Myrrh


Genji: I need healing.
Me, playing Moira: Don't care, I'm the DPS now.

I started playing yesterday I don't understand it but I have a team of pretty girls does that mean I win??

Cheated with a bit of:

dialog[open] ~ main {
filter: blur(5px);

Whoops just realised it's a feature behind a flag anyway :-/

CSS peeps, I'm looking at using backdrop-filter for a dialog, but it's only being applied to the left region of the element!

It happens on both ::backdrop on the dialog (right) and just on a big transparent element. (left)

Any thoughts on what I may be doing wrong?

Deleted that JS Date tweet, It's not helpful or positive.

On the otherhand this is handy:

l.setMonth(l.getMonth() + 1)

will work even in December, it loops round to January the next year.

Fuck the JavaScript Date Object.

l = new Date()
l.setYear(l.getYear() + 1)

This does not do what you think it does.

Correct: l.setYear(l.getYear() + 1901)


Wanting to display some data which semantically would be a table but I want to style it with flexbox. Had to tear myself away from using divs/spans to make styling easier and just bite the bullet.

Omg they had overwatch pop tarts at the local Tesco in England. So of course I got them.

In what kind of hell world do I get the BA safety video recommended to me on YouTube?!!

Is there no escape?? Does YouTube think I am not doing enough flying?!

Facebook going down for a day is what I call a good start.

Which came first, Ada or the Web?

Ada, by one week.

On one hand I am glad I confuse the system on the other if I'm going to be made to watch ads at least show me something I care about.

Capitalism thrives off subverting the causes of those who would oppose it by commoditising their cause it and selling it back to them but ad networks seem totally stuck in an old school way of thinking.
No amount of clever machine learning can fit a round peg into a square hole.

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