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Ada Rose Cannon

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Just accidentially autocorrected myself into self-confidence.

I'm about to make my first ever controversial toot.

I'm going to lose followers over this...

Pineapple is my favourite pizza topping.

Margaux is complaining her part time job is keeping her up late.


(Her part time job is salmon run on splatoon 2)

I am so happy. One of my favourite manga of all time, Bloom into You, has been green lit for an anime adaptation!

I'm so sleepy. Jet Lag sucks.

I keep closing mastodon then reopening.

Just me or is every Internet of Things developer platform / library marketed terribly? Every one I've come across so far has just said they are "for IoT", as though that's enough of an explanation. Where are the use cases? Case studies? Why should I choose this over all the others? It's all just buzzwords & architecture diagrams. Tech for tech's sake. This whole industry needs to take a class in User Experience. On the plus side: could be a big opportunity for anyone who wants to do this right!

What is going on?! I have never completed a banner before.

Finally "fixed" an irritating bug `systemctl suspend` would crash the laptop (dunno why) so closing the lid would crash the laptop rather than suspend.

But `pm-suspend` works great! so I disabled suspend on lid close and made an acpi listener for lid close to call pm-suspend.

Dunno what the bamfdaemon does, but I am glad my computer has a bad ass mother forking daemon in it.

Yay I got the cutie!!!

Back in Blighty. Hopefully see you soon SF.

About to fly back to London, hopefully will be back in the bay area in June.

Heading to SFO in 2 hours. Enjoying the sun in Yerba Buena.

purposely prevent the conversation from growing to the point where we can get results and have nuanced discussions.

And someone goading me to argue is not going to have their mind changed. The best thing I can do is block and move on.

When someone replies to my post on how to improve diversity with some basic shit like:
"what about just picking the best candidates",
conservative beliefs are a form of diversity", "this is just reverse racism"

I will assume you are purposely saying idiotic things just to...

"I don't like being referred to as guy or dude"

15 seconds later: "bye guys"

Women: It really irritates me when guys do [annoying thing]

Men, immediately after hearing this: *does annoying thing (sometimes ironically, still annoying)*

Love this photo of the team!!