Very pleased to share Per Million, a website and protest tool by @gordan and I about the most defining number of our time

There are two entirely different shows happening: one in the media and one in reality. See it for yourself until Sept 25

Now with ≈5% more (or less) faces
🟦 summer upgrades

This is a miniaturized (12MB) preview of a new 9N235/210 object detector developed to help locate evidence of cluster munition usage in Ukraine
(Tip: Use nn for mobile, sm for desktop)

"We get enough energy from the sun in one hour to meet the full energy needs of the entire global economy for a full year"

"To pay by selfie is also to invest in facial surveillance futures." New essay for on selfies, front-matter, and biometric data

A potential major issue w/the FFHQ face dataset (NVIDIA) is that it includes real names and biometric data in the form of 68-point facial landmarks.
In the class action lawsuit against IBM DiF this type of data was included as evidence of a BIPA violation.

According to one valuation metric used by Microsoft’s Trove experiment, each photo in the MS-COCO dataset use could be worth approximately $0.50/ea or $165,000 for each use of the entire dataset.

The clearest example of Creative Commons exploitation was the MS-COCO dataset, which did not provide any attribution. Though the most significant privacy violation was YFCC100M, leading to IBM DiF, MegaFace, and countless other face recognition datasets…

As accountability efforts in Ukraine continue to grow, computer vision will provide helpful relief to those collecting/analyzing endless footage. In June, will launch first of a series of new CV models specific to war in Ukraine, to detect 9N235 munition

"War is the worst theatre of technology. However, this shouldn’t discourage its use in the humanitarian, civic, and peace sector where it is becoming an increasingly important tool." Interview for newsletter:

Most important feature missing from Mastodon is still more people

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