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I'll put content warnings wherever I feel may be necessary when I'm putting something on the public timelines but I don't always do so for Unlisted or Private posts unless I'm talking about spoilers. I guess I just feel that certain kinds of posts come with the territory of following me. That said, if you want to follow me or already do so and have concerns about that, feel free to send me a direct message.

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I have a bunch of friends from Twitter joining Mastodon tonight so I made a quick guide to how the site works. Making it public so anyone can see/boost it if it's helpful. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

I'm not accepting any follow requests here since I'm not active on this account anymore. Please follow

I guess I forgot to make a post about it but I wanted to let my followers here know that most of my tootin' will be from for the time being so if you haven't already you may want to follow me over there. I haven't set up account migration because I don't plan to totally abandon this account here. So you can keep following this account if you want but I'd recommend also following the other one if you want to see most of my toots. Thanks everyone

Yo, if you see that all of the chairs are up, and you take one down to sit on it, fucking put it back up again when you're done...

I guess my question is, if I set up account migration, is there a way to undo it later? Or is that meant to be a more permanent solution and it's more effective to just link to another account in your bio/metadata if you're not planning to completely abandon the one you've been on?

I'm thinking about swapping around which account is my main. Not sure if I want to set up "account migration" though because I still plan on using this account fairly often. I feel like migrating implies that I won't continue to be active here.

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I switched back to the glasses version of my avatar for this account. My other account will have the version I had before.

@revenant's bio says "demoscener" but I misread that as "demonmancer" and I like that more sorry

I want to try posting from this account more since I realized that the majority of my toots are art-related in some way, even if it isn't my own. And I was thinking it might be good to not separate my more general thoughts from my art so much, because of course my art is influenced heavily by what's going on in my head.

Some lady just came in and ordered a "frozen hot chocolate" and my brain completely shut down trying to wrap my head around that concept. I just stared blankly for a few seconds before repeating back "frozen?" in a confused tone. She settled for a regular hot chocolate, one that was hot.

Weird pen doodles. Haven’t used these pens for years so the top two drawings are just me trying to get a feel for them again.

Maybe I just have unusually varied tastes, but I've been able to find something I enjoyed in just about every genre of everything, even if it's it's a genre I typically don't care for. If I were to just stick to one type of thing, I'd feel extremely trapped, so I can't really understand why anyone would do that.

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It makes me a little sad to see that someone is sort of stuck in one genre. "I only read sci-fi books", "I only listen to hip-hop music", "I only like dark anime", "I just like romance movies", etc. I mean, it's fine and good to have a favorite type of thing, but I've always felt it's good to explore stuff outside of that as well.

So, the way combat in has been described, it's basically one hit kill for both enemies and the player character, but you've got to continually attack in different ways to create an opening for the finishing move. That sounds super awesome and exactly the kind of combat I'd want in a samurai/ninja game.

My favorite mastodon meme is taking traditionally negative memes and editing them to be positive

The proper way to experience Detroit: Become Human is watching Kizuna Ai's let's play.

I'm up way to early, considering how big of a day I have ahead of me (as in I definitely didn't get enough sleep) but weirdly I feel kinda great. I guess this is what being a "morning person" is?

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