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finally a good alternative to and Machine Translation API. 100% , no limits, no ties to proprietary services. Built on top of .

“I never guess. It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.”

– Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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It was likely blocked for the same reason mentioning Signal was blocked on some platforms- the idea that it has "sexual and other content".

Basically the idea that with a platform you can't control, people might say things you don't want them to say.

Do you know the PGP song?

"So go say what you want to,
Of love or war or hate,
Kinky sex, or dirty words,
Or overthrow the state.
Nobody can stop you.
Speech is really free
When everybody's PC got the PGP. "

now it is possible to mention on
it was bolcked for some unknown reason

if you have a Facebook account to annoy your friends about why they shouldn't use Facebook etc, take the opportunity to let them know about 😁

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This bird is not rare, but it is difficult to photograph because it is small and does not stay still.

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It had been so warm recently that the icicles had collapsed.

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e-mail is a nearby-technology with planetary-scale connectivity, in a *socially* decentered way. Hold together by bubblegum and sticks. There is no project in sight that could "replace e-mail" (tm). We suggest to embrace and amend. Yes, it's a mess but it's also fun :)

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Outlook/ have been a bit out there on Mars, measured by more earthly e-mail standards. We just landed a PR that will bring users from these martian servers into Delta Chat orbit, to be released soon (tm). Congrats with all the landings today! :)

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Today it was raining again at @fdroidorg – 47 updated & 12 new apps. Highlights from the latter:

* InstaLate: an online dictionary seemlessly integrating with your workflow
* KeepOn: QuickSettings tile to keep your screen on for a defined period
* Krita: a professional painting app for tablets
* Rview: a Gerrit client
* Tsacdop: Podcast client
* Wrotto: Journaling/Diary

Updates eg have FlorisBoard, OsmAnd and more. Enjoy your (3362) #foss #Android #apps at #fdroid :awesome:

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Note that we consider us to just begin to get rolling and are still evolving the Rust/JS/Java/Swift/Python coding, translations, testing etc. We are aware of several shortcomings and are trying to address them. Any help welcome! or

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Last month 32K installs happened through Google Play, another 70K installs from other counting stores plus many uncounted ones from F-Droid and direct apk downloads ... OMG, our servers are choking!1!! Just joking ... there are no Delta chat servers, and there is no spoon :)

Arctic bell-heather, shown here in Norway, also grows on Ellesmere Island. BJØRN CHRISTIAN TØRRISSEN/CC BY-SA 3.0

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To be clear, we welcome these other efforts and startups. They all contribute to a lively e-mail ecosystem. It didn't all end with GMail :) There is a wild variety and diversity around e-mail. But please press for interoperability to avoid lock-in schemes and sustain competition!

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Each of come with their own apps *and* servers. By contrast, Delta Chat apps use the e-mail server of *your* choice and have provider-independent e2e-encryption through - implemented also by other e-mail apps.

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